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Cheryl’s brother Andrew sentenced to jail for 6 years
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Cheryl Cole, Andrew Tweedy

Cheryl Cole’s brother Andrew Tweedy has been jailed for six years for his part in an armed robbery.

The X Factor star is said to be shocked by the severity of the term, which was handed down at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday, 11 March.

The 30-year-old was found guilty of planning the theft of a Newcastle post office branch in May last year, which netted the gang of five £2,000. The court heard how an imitation gun owned by Cheryl’s brother was used in the robbery and how the other men hid out at his home after the raid.

Tweedy was arrested just days after the incident and when police searched his home they found balaclavas, a machete and a fake firearm in the loft. Prosecutor Gavin Doig said at the hearing: “He provided the gun to the robbers and his home was both the meeting point before the robbery and the hideout after it.”

Cheryl’s brother has a long history of law-breaking with 30 previous convictions, including being sentenced to six years in a Young Offenders Institute at the age of 17 after stabbing two people.

As previously reported on MTV, the Promise This singer had recently vowed to help her brother get his life back together after long struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Hope Cheryl is ok about this and I’m sorry to hear that her efforts of trying to help him didn’t work and he betters himself when he finishes his sentence.


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