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Cheryl feels more alive and relaxed in Los Angeles
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Cheryl Cole

The British singer is currently living in America – where she is recording new music and getting ready for a rumoured role on the judging panel of ‘The X Factor’ when it launches Stateside – and though she doesn’t completely feel settled in California, she is enjoying the sunshine and relaxed attitudes of people.

She said: “I found it a bit overwhelming when I first came here. Everything’s a bit spread out and you have to drive everywhere.

“Also, the mentality is really different. It takes a little while to adapt.

“London is still home though, and I haven’t set down roots here. LA is mainly for work and recording.

“But just to have the sunshine, it makes you feel alive. Everyone is a bit more relaxed here too. They just throw on shorts and shirts.

“Nobody really cares that much about how they look because the sun makes you feel so relaxed. You feel a bit out of place to be too put together, but being from England it’s in me naturally to want to dress up a little bit.”

While Cheryl insists she wouldn’t soften her North East England accent, she admits she has had to alter the way she says some words and phrases in order to be understood.

She explained in an interview with Glamour magazine: “I kind of have to change the way I speak. I used to hear British people and think, ‘Ugh, why are you saying “take out the trash?”’ But I had this thing the other day because I’d said ‘quarter past one’ and they didn’t get it.

“They don’t say ‘quarter past’ or ‘half past’, they say ‘1.15.’”


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