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When it gets tough gotta fight some more
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I understand that this is a fansite and not a personal blog, but as a big fan of Cheryl’s I feel like speaking on this whole situation, you may agree or disagree and they may take away my professionalism on running this site where it provides news but this is what my thoughts are.

I personally think it’s inhumane, all that build up for almost a year, will she, won’t she have turned the UK upside down and worse for the fans and fans of The X Factor. When she finally got the job and it was confirmed, some of us were happy and some of us felt a little gutted as we wanted her to stay in The UK. She was happy on the first day of the LA auditions, really really happy and excited, a fresh start for her and she got great reception on the first day, everybody understood her accent and audiences have been saying she had been a sweetheart and was a good judge, nobody cared, NOBODY cared they didn’t know her, they got to know her.

Now this has come up, I can’t help but to get angry at Simon Cowell and FOX. TMZ reported it, I thought it’s just some lame publicity stunt, probably not true, and now things are confirmed to be true, it still doesn’t take away the fact that even if there was something wrong (I’ll go into that in just a second), they used the free ticket to create a super massive publicty stunt by not instantly confirming or deny it.

There was nothing wrong with her, nothing, critics who attended the tapings praised her for her warmness while having great chemistry with the judges, fans tweeted she was having a laugh and bantering with Paula and becoming new best friends with L.A. Reid. TV reporters were also loving her. So what’s the problem? Nobody had troubles understanding her accent. Is this the way you treat somebody you supposedly care about, Simon?

I know I may be jumping into conclusions as I know nothing about what went on behind the scenes, but I find it incredibly heartbreaking that they would do this to Cheryl, who wanted her American dream for so long, only to get it JUST to have it taken away instantly, that is incredibly cruel. I don’t believe she has quit herself regardless of any official statements (I think they would be coverups for real reasons), she would’ve never signed up for it if she wasn’t 200% sure she’s going to settle, which she has. She’s had to change her management team, leave her home, family and friends for this, all this for what? For her to be used as a puppet for a moral lacking publicity stunt for the show? And I’ve read they’re going to edit her out from the first 2 auditions they’ve taped already? That is absolutely disgusting.

I could go on and on about this but I won’t bore anybody who actually bothered to read this anymore. Cheryl should seriously take a break and not even go back to UK X Factor like they’re reporting right now.

There is no doubt she’s absolutely distraught over this, but I hope eventually she gets past this and keeps smiling. “When it gets tough gotta fight some more.”

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