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Joe McElderry: “Cheryl can do no wrong”
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Joe McElderry has said that his former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole “can do no wrong” with her fashion decisions.

The 2009 show winner and current Popstar to Operastar contestant was asked by Heat what he thought of Cole’s style on her short-lived X Factor USA stint.

McElderry said: “I think she can do no wrong – she could wear a bin bag and she’d still look beautiful, wouldn’t she? She’s absolutely stunning and it’s nice to see people in different styles.

“I think it’s difficult to have so many people watching your style, because you look in the mirror and you might think you look great, then you go out and everyone’s like, ‘What the hell are you wearing?’ It mustn’t be very nice, I think she looked great.”

Asked if he was still in touch with Cole, he added: “I spoke to her just before she went off to America. I didn’t know whether she was doing it or not, because even she didn’t then.

“But we were just chatting and she was like, ‘Oh yeah, everything’s going well’. And then I texted her before the first audition just to say good luck. We still chat a lot, and we’ve kept up a good friendship.”


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