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Launching The Cheryl Cole Foundation
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Cheryl has launched her foundation officially today with a brand new website:


This is the website for my Foundation and it’s where you’ll be able to find out about any events and fundraisers or the latest news about the charity.

When I started thinking about setting up a charity I obviously started to think about things that I had been affected by whilst growing up and things that I had seen affected my friends and the young people who lived near to me.

I was very lucky and had opportunities and family influences that stopped me going down the wrong road and making choices that could have easily led to a dead-end situation. I saw this happen to plenty of people simply because there wasn’t help at hand or readily available and nowhere to go to try and make a bad situation better. If I can, I want to try and help young people all over the UK and put money raised through my Foundation into projects like the one’s that The Prince’s Trust already runs. Projects which make it possible to believe in yourself again, learn new skills, build confidence and eventually get a job and make a new start.

In year one my Foundation will be helping The Prince’s Trust work with young people in the North-East. Next year it is likely that we will continue our work with The Prince’s Trust but I want to widen the net to include the whole of the UK and also work with other charities. It is difficult to know at this stage how much money The Foundation will raise which is why I’ve selected one area to begin with but if things go better than expected we will soon be able to set our sights further. Once we have made plans for future grant-giving beyond The Prince’s Trust you’ll be able to find out more here.

Love, Cheryl

The charty begins with a new event starting next week to auction off Cheryl’s dresses with you can always check back here for new updates on the exciting event, you can click above to view a brand new photoshoot of Cheryl.

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