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Alexandra Burke on Cheryl’s US X Factor exit
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So, most of the X Factor bunch have remained pretty quiet about Cheryl – well, apart from Simon and Louis who can’t seem to keep their mouths closed – but now Alexandra Burke’s waded in with her tuppenny’s worth.

Speaking to Absolute Radio’s Sarah Champion at the Isle of Wight festival, the X Factor winner was reluctant to take sides but said she was backing Chezza for the US version from the start:

“I remember when the rumours were going around, who was a judge, who wasn’t a judge, and I always said Cheryl andNicole [Scherzinger] would make great judges”. Shame she’s not the one making the decisions.

Despite remaining close to her former mentor, A-Burke said she hadn’t had a chance to get in contact with her since the sad news broke but she did kindly say she’d give her a hug if she needed one. And nothing says sorry you’ve lost your job like a hug from Alexandra Burke does it? Ms Burke also assured us,

“She’s a fighter, I’m sure she’s going to pick herself back up”.

Well, she did sing that song about fighting and she does dress like a soldier quite a lot.


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