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Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl’s LA getaway
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Kimberley Walsh was out in LA with Cheryl last week for a little holiday, well Kimba is home now and she talks a little about their week together in her OK! Magazine column.

I’ve just had five fab days of sunbathing in LA – it was wonderful to go and chill out completely and Cheryl and I spoilt ourselves with massages and cocktails and nice meals out. We met up with Derek Hough for a catch-up over dinner and we even managed a night of clubbing, incognito. We had a bit of a dance and discovered coffee-flavoured Patrón Tequila – it makes you a nice happy drunk, so it was our girls’ holiday drink of choice!

The only thing missing was a bit of shopping, but it was too hard to organise as Cheryl Cole gets hounded out there by the paparazzi – it was terrifying. We braved them a few times but they were insanely psycho – climbing over people’s property and people had to call the police to get rid of them. It made me realise what it is like for her, I get scared for her in the madness.

It was tough to come back. LA is a such a mad world, it’s nice to dip in and out of, but I wouldn’t live there. I missed my boyfriend – and I kept getting texts with pics of my baby nephew, saying: ‘Come home Auntie Kim!’


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