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Louis Walsh: “Cheryl’s heart wasn’t in The X F...
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Cheryl Cole reportedly never wanted to be a judge on The X Factor USA, with her former XF co-star, Louis Walsh claiming “her heart wasn’t in it.”

Speaking to Closer magazine, the Irish music mogul has claimed that Chezza “never felt comfortable” Stateside and that despite receiving the sack from the US series, she is happier now.

Walsh revealed: “I actually think Cheryl didn’t really want the show. Her heart wasn’t in it and she never felt comfortable there, in my opinion. She did the right thing coming home. She’s happy now, so that’s what’s important.”

Louis went on to say that he misses the Girls Aloud star on the UK version of the show, stating: “I miss her drama. There was always some drama around when Cheryl was on the show – and I mean that in the nicest way.”

He continued: “There’d be something happening to her puppy or some kind of wardrobe thing going on.”

Walsh also addressed Cheryl’s apparent decision to rekindle her romance with ex-hubby Ashley Cole, giving The Flood singer his blessing.

The 58-year old admitted: “I always said they’d get back together. I saw a side most people didn’t – when they were together and the cameras were turned off.”

He added: “You could tell how much they loved each other. I honestly think Ashley will change this time for her and she will tame him. She just wants to be happy and in love.”

Oh Louis, when are you going to learn? Keep that gob shut!


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