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 Ads has a 10-year plan to make Cheryl a global superstar
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If Simon thinks he has a chance of wooing Cheryl back then he probably doesn’t want to listen to her manager in full flow.

Music mogul has taken Cheryl firmly under his wing and seems to have become her personal cheerleader and life coach. And Simon doesn’t figure in Will’s big plans for her future.

“Cheryl won’t do X Factor,” Will says. “Why does she need it?

“Why are you going to make someone-else rich? Cheryl needs her own show.” It’s not surprising it’s a touchy subject – Will was the one who had to pick the humiliated Geordie up after Simon wielded his X Factor USA axe. Not that Will was about to let Cheryl give up on her Stateside dreams.

Since the X Factor debacle, Cheryl, 28, has a Hollywood film with Cameron Diaz under her belt.And her new album is expected to be out in March.

But it is clear the memory of Cheryl’s sacking still riles mega-wealthy Will.

He blasts: “Cheryl Cole was current on X Factor. She was the only one on the panel with musical experience of what it feels like to go through that process.

“That’s how she made it into the industry, by doing Popstars. Paula Abdul [a fellow judge] was an artist – but she wasn’t current at the time.”

But the conversation just keeps coming back to Cheryl. He says there is a “10-year plan” to make her a global superstar. And you definitely wouldn’t want to get between Will and his scheme to make her massive.

“Cheryl’s the best,” he says. “I was just hanging out with her on Tuesday, listening to her new stuff and getting her feedback on things and she has some really great tunes.

“The Cheryl that we know now is different from the one we’re going to know 10 years from now.

“It was 10 years ago that me and the Black Eyes Peas wrote Where is The Love?. I’m planning a future for Cheryl in that way.

“Madonna is Madonna. You don’t want Cheryl to be Madonna, you want Cheryl to be Cheryl.”

J-Lo is the latest, cavorting for him in a sparkly catsuit in his fab video for his new song The Hardest Ever. Will’s also used to sharing the stage with Black Eyed Peas beauty Fergie, as well as producing chart-toppers for Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and a certain dimpled girl from Newcastle.

So how does he get any work done hanging out with women like that?

“Cheryl is beautiful for sure,” he smiles. “But for me, my mum’s the most beautiful woman in the world. She is dope.”

And while he is staying in the UK for The Voice, is Will planning to sample some Newcastle Brown Ale with another British singing star?

“Cheryl promises to take me out in Newcastle,” he says.

“We’ll go with the people from Geordie Shore. Just kidding. But I can’t go out without my coat. Are you crazy?”


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