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Meeting Cheryl at the StylistPick Signing
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So basically, I’m going to remember as much as possible, since everything went so quickly and almost too perfect it’s such a blur to me so the quotes are not exactly what she said but what I remember along the lines of. This was my 5th time meeting her. Here goes:

Cheryl recognized me straight away and said “Oh HI how’re you? You’re from the L’Oreal shoot! Charlie?” I don’t remember the exact words she said so this is gonna be a rough rehash. I asked her if she still has both my drawings I gave to her last year, she still has them and she said something along the lines of “You did this to me last time and now you’re doing it to me again, oh wow.” She didn’t take her hands off the drawing one bit, she asked about what I’m doing at the moment with school and I stuttered a bit about doing college and going uni next year. She said I should definitely stick to art and asked maybe if I could do tattoo design.

I asked for the photo to be taken and if I could get behind the table to be next to her so I don’t have the awkward over-the-table photos, as I stood next to her, Lily squinted a bit and asked “Are you Cheryl Online?” I was like yeah, then Cheryl turned round and said “OH YOU’RE CHERYL ONLINE?”. By that point I was starting to get all hysterically nervous since having acknowledgement of the site was the main thing I was really looking for, I asked if she knew about the site (Don’t know why I asked that) and she said “yeah, I tweeted you didn’t I? Thank you so much for everything.” Then I just thanked her for acknowledgement and said you have no idea how happy you’ve made me right now.

This is the funny part, she started taking the drawing and said “Maybe we should put it back in there…” and started moving it towards the folder. But then she stopped and said “Or do you want me to sign it or do you want me to keep it?” I was like eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr can you sign it? She pulled a sad/angry face sarcastically and asked where to sign and who to address it to. But it was either Lily or Garry did this but they wanted to take a picture of it with their phone before it got signed. Cheryl signed it and (To Charlie, You are insanely talented. Thank you sooo much. I love you! Cheryl x) As she was signing it she still had bit of a sad face on and I tried so hard not to cave into her being all puppy-eyed and gave her the drawing because I could tell she REALLY wanted it, because I really wanted to keep it.

I said I can’t WAIT for new music and asked if there are any surprise collaborations, she gave me a wink and said ssh, you’ll find out soon and she’ll tweet some lyrics. Then we said our thank yous, which we did twice to eachother saying the same things “Thank you soo much” “No thank you so much for everything.” “Thank you seriously.” Had our hug goodbyes and to Lily too as I walked out saying it was nice seeing her again.

I couldn’t thank Cheryl and her team enough for the recognition of this site, it was all I wanted and I’m completely over the moon. If you’re reading this Cheryl, the site will continue to grow, the support from me and the visitors won’t ever stop. I would like to thank Cheryl, Lily, Sundraj (supersonicpr), Garry, Lisa and the rest of the crew of StylistPick and Westfield for an amazing day.

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