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Second single “Craziest Things” an X-Rated track wit...
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The Mirror has new information on Cheryl’s next single, as reported back in January, it appears the information is indeed accurate and was planned as a second single.

The lyrics will be an “insight into Cheryl’s personal attitude to relationships”, according to a source. That’ll be a fun listen for Ashley Cole.

British producer Naughty Boy is working on the song, which will be on the shortlist for the tracks on her third album due out later this year.

Cheryl has worked with several times before, including her first performance as a solo artist in 2008 on the Black Eyed Peas star’s song Heartbreaker.

Here are some tweets about the song, more info in the paper:

And while everyone’s raving about Call My Name we bring you news of Cheryl Cole’s X-rated second single – which is a duet with will-i-am!

For those excited about Cheryl Cole’s 2nd single….it’s called Craziest Things. For lyrics/description read details in @deanpiper s column

All details are in the column today. It’s a great track!

It’s a great sounding track but hasn’t got the same club feel. More mid-tempo. But much better than 3 words!

Lyrics are in the column today!

Hmmmm. Prefer the beat of Call My Name but lyrics of Craziest Things


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