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Exclusive Liz Magazine interview
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LIZ MAGAZINE has sent Cheryl Online an EXCLUSIVE interview with Cheryl. Check it out below! The interview is a Google translation of the interview so this is not 100% accurate. Please do not post anywhere else, link back to Cheryl Online or the Liz Magazine link below.

Your first solo album is titled “3 Words”. Can you define the new in three words?

I would say “fun”, “pop” and “dubstep”. These are the three things that make up the album.

Why have you chosen to name this new album “A Million Lights” (“A Million Light”)?

I felt like that the disc feels like a pop album. It does not aim to be deep and dark, it is simply supposed to be good. “A Million Lights” seemed like an appropriate title because all the work was bright and punchy. Visually, much can be done with this title. I will soon go on tour and I could do a lot of things with “A Million Lights”, including playing on the sense of wellbeing, spark …

In your opinion, is it your best album?

Absolutely, and it’s not just my opinion because my label and all those who listened seemed to think the same thing.

During recording, did you specific examples for the musical direction you wanted to borrow?

Producers with whom I worked have brought new sounds and tried new things. They were inspired by the studio environment. I do not think the album is reminiscent of a particular artist, it just sounds fresh and new. I mainly worked with Alex da Kid, Calvin Harris. I also worked with Jim Beanz who was the author of Timbaland for several years. Lana Del Rey also wrote a song.

One recognizes the tab Lana Del Rey on the title “Ghetto Baby”. How have you encountered, both?

In fact, I have not met Lana in person. I had this model of it before it released his hit song “Video Games”. So I have known Lana as a writer before meeting her as a pop star. This is a fantastic author.

Have you an idea of ​​the next single?

This will be really difficult to choose the singles because I like all the songs for different reasons. The second single will be “Under The Sun”, a title of Alex da Kid, which opens the album. “Screw You” could potentially be the third single. We’ll see …

The album cover was made by Ellen Von Unwerth. How did you choose this photographer?

She is amazing and really talented in photographing women. There is some difficulty in the act of photographing a woman while making it appear very feminine and fashionable. It’s hard to find somebody who knows these things, especially for the cover of a pop album. So that was the person to whom it must turn to what I wanted. She is very talented.

On this cover, we see that you have tattooed hand. How many tattoos do you have in total?

I have four.

Check out the rest of the interview HERE

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