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The Daily Mirror’s Cheryl Day
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Calling ALL Cheryl fans – today is a day that you don’t want to miss because Mirror Celebs have got a whole day packed full of EXCLUSIVE treats.

Throughout the day we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with Cheryl, features, quizzes,and a music surprise to celebrate the upcoming release of her new new single I Don’t Care and album Only Human.

The X Factor judge and pop superstar doesn’t hold back as she talks to Mirror Celeb about X Factor gossip, her new music, why she’s become BFFs with Lauren Silverman and babies.

Part 1: VIDEO

On the surface, Cheryl looks like the same old Cheryl. But it only takes the smallest of scratches to realize the singer sitting in front of us is a totally different person to the one she was less than two years ago.

You might think one day everything is fine, and then the next you get the rug pulled from under your feet, the 31-year-old tells us.

“You have to reevaluate and reconsider, so living in the moment is the only way you can enjoy your life.”

That’s the theme of her new album Only Human, an upbeat mix of tracks, which she says are a message about living your life and not sweating the small stuff.

The singer’s perched on the edge of a sofa in an exclusive London hotel, dressed casually in ripped jeans and an animal print top but still looking like she’s stepped straight off the X Factor stage on Movie Night, naturally.

She’s glowing and wearing a huge grin – and has everyone reason to be. She’s about to release her fourth solo studio album, scored a number one with the album debut, is back in wowing UK audiences every weekend and is also now better known as Mrs Fernandez-Versini.

When asked if she’s thinking about starting a family soon with Jean-Bernard who she wed back in July, she smiles and tells us: “Oh god. Kimberley just had her baby, a boy who I consider as a nephew. I don’t need my own right now.

“I’ve got two… not so much in Lola, but I feel like I’ve got a little baby to take care of in Lauren on the X Factor, so I’m doing alright with 12 nieces and nephews, somebody on X Factor, and a baby with my best friend.”

When we play a game of word association (watch here) and ‘married’ pops up, Cheryl lets out a little laugh and that beaming grin turns into a megawatt smile.

But just two years ago it was all very different. She was told she had 24 hours to live after contracting malaria and not long after, in 2011, Simon Cowell sacked her from the US version of the X Factor after just one episode. When asked her about her lowest points, she jokes: “How long have you got?”

Continuing, Cheryl says: “Probably when I was sick to be honest. It puts everything into perspective when it’s your health.

“You can have anything in the world but if you haven’t got your health, nothing else matters. Even if you do have money and you’re fortunate to have money, you can’t always pay to be healthy.”

In her new single, out on Sunday, she sings the line ‘I don’t care and it feels so f**king good to say I swear’. But what does she care about now?

“That everything else outside of work is happy and healthy. Family, friends, loved ones, dogs. Not necessarily in that order, but I won’t say the other order as I might get in trouble,” she grins.

Part 2: VIDEO

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell bickering on our TV screens is starting to become a regular part of the weekend.

But despite the constant clashes on the show, the I Don’t Care singer, who returned to the X Factor judging spot after two years away, insists the music mogul could never really get to her.

“I think he stresses himself out trying to work out how to stress me out more than actually stressing me out, because no he doesn’t.

“He annoys us, he irritates us, like I think he does a lot of people in the country,” she tells us.

They see each other outside of work, and Cheryl says she’s grown close to Simon’s baby mama Lauren Silverman.

“She’s a real girls girl. She’s easy to talk too. We talk a lot her and I, and not always about him as he would like to think,” the 31-year-old jokes.

Speaking about the ‘Kermit’ outfit, she tells us she has no regrets about picking the design.

“Before I was called Kermit, I picked the dress because I loved the dress. It was a nod to the 80s with the frill and it was Lanvin, one of my favourite designers, so the second I take advice or a criticism to heart from Simon Cowell… I mean, you see what he wears, he doesn’t even bother to put on suit trousers – he’d rather wear flared jeans. The second that is offensive to me, I’ll reevaluate myself.”

Besides, Cheryl admits she’s used to criticism.

“I’ve had it for 12 years now, it’s not something new. People’s opinions I’m fine with. Hate I find hilarious because if you truly hate somebody you don’t even go on their account.”

A few months ago her husband Jean-Bernard wrote back to trolls who commented on her weight in an Instagram picture. Is she ever tempted to write back to her critics?

“I do. I have done! I’ve said I feel bad for you.

“Actually out of 100 people there’s maybe three or four that want to say something mean, but I feel bad for them or I click on their profile and that’s enough for me,” she says, laughing.

Cheryl also reveals what sort of collaboration she’d like to do in the future and who her money is on to win this year’s X Factor – scroll to the top to see what she says.

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