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Cheryl already house hunting
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Cheryl’s “people” have already viewed two properties in Surrey on Cheryl’s behalf, as she’s said to be eager to get out of the home she shared with Ashley ‘cos it’s now been tainted by his (alleged) dirty (alleged) cheating ways.

“Cheryl does not want the separation to be drawn out over a long period of time,” says a fixture or fitting close to Cheryl. “She wants to find somewhere quickly in order for her to gain stability in her home life and become settled once again. If she can’t find somewhere she likes to buy she will consider moving into rented accommodation in the short term.”

We doubt it’ll be a £60 a week bedsit in Croydon though, what with her earning £1.2 million a year for X Factor, £2.4 million in ad deals… oh, and she’s in some girl band or other too.

Of course, she and Ashley have also got to work out what to do with the house in leafy (stupid word, we refuse to believe there’s a town in the UK that doesn’t boast at least one leaf) Godalming.

“The house is really the main asset to be decided upon and Cheryl clearly wants to ensure she is properly recompensed in that regard,” says someone who sounds like they shuffle a lot of papers. “It’s a real shame as she did love that house and has some great memories there but of late they have been soured by what’s gone on and she firmly believes a new start is what’s needed. They will meet up and that has always been the case. But it’s not going to be a showdown of any sorts. There may be a few tears but at the end of the day, they just want to sort out their finances and the practicalities of how to divide up their things.”

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Cheryl upset by backstage revelations
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Cheryl Cole is said to be feeling “betrayed” after a Danish DJ told the media that she had “pranced around half-naked” after her first live performance following her split from husband Ashley, a report has claimed.

Danish X Factor judge Soulshock claimed that he “got an eyeful” of the Girls Aloud star backstage while Cheryl was filming a promotion for her album `3 Words’.

The music producer told a tabloid newspaper that he had spent an hour chatting with Cheryl in her dressing room.

Soulshock told the Daily Star Sunday: “She seemed in good spirits. She looked, well, fantastic.

“And let’s say I really did see exactly how good she looks. Wow. Yes she was very casual in her room.

“She wore a bathrobe – but what I saw was quite impressive!”

He added: “I’ve worked with other artistes going through private life troubles and they don’t cope like her. I was with her for quite some time and it’s not like she was being sad.

“Even in LA a week ago she didn’t look down or talk about Ashley. But she has her moments.”

However, sources close to Cheryl have said that she feels that the DJ should not have spoken to the media.

A pal said: “What goes on in Cheryl’s dressing room stays there. It goes without saying.

“She’s really annoyed that Soulshock chose to air her dirty linen in public, seemingly to try and score a few points at her expense.

“She hasn’t got much faith in men as it is at the moment. This has knocked her confidence even more.”

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Alex Reid: ‘Cheryl Cole should try my Emotional Freedom Techni...
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Alex Reid has been dishing out some advice to Cheryl, recommending that she make an appointment with his Emotional Freedom Technique trainer.

As the X Factor judge tries to recover from her recent marriage breakdown, Alex thinks that his EFT guide could help her work through her emotional problems and teach her a way to deal with the stress.

In his column for Star magazine Alex wrote:

“I have to say a special thanks to Dennis, my EFT trainer. That stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. He’s like a therapist and has really helped me deal with the trials and tribulations of my new celebrity life!

“I think Cheryl Cole could do with some of it. It helps de-stress you and sorts out your head.”

Nice to hear so many celebs supporting Cheryl.


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Simon Cowell is ‘there for’ Cheryl
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Simon Cowell has revealed how he has been supporting Cheryl Cole during her marriage crisis.

The X Factor Svengali told how he had been there for his fellow judge as her three-and-a-half year marriage has fallen into crisis.

Speaking to the Daily Mail at Sir Elton John’s post-Oscar party in Los Angeles, Mr Cowell said: ‘She’s a friend and you’re always going to be there for friends.’

Cowell, 50, went on: ‘She’s going through a hard time, but you know, she’s a strong girl. I’ve been in touch and I’m there for her.’

When asked if he believed the pop star and shamed Chelsea and England footballer Cole would split, he replied: ‘You’ve got to do what feels right for you.’

Cowell was not the only celebrity to offer support to Mrs Cole at the star-studded party.

Victoria Beckham, who became friends with Mrs Cole during the World Cup of 2006, also offered encouragement. Read the rest of this entry

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Nadine would love to duet with Cheryl
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Northern Ireland’s Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle has given the strongest indication yet that she hasn’t fallen out with bandmate Cheryl Cole — by asking the X Factor star to duet with her on her CD.

The singer also faces new questions about her weight. Following weeks of speculation of a rift between the local lass and Cole, Nadine has spoken out about their friendship on social networking site Twitter.

She has now quashed rumours that her relocation to LA is threatening to split the band by Tweeting: “I’m hearing stupid talk about Cheryl and I having a fall out. Def NOT the case. I’ve written a song I’d love for us to duet on.”


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Victoria Beckham has ‘so much sympathy’ for Cheryl
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Victoria Beckham poured out her sympathy for Cheryl. Which is a good thing, since Cheryl was recently reported subsisting on peppermint tea alone.

The petite pop star ditched her football star husband Ashley after a sex-texting scandal ripped their marriage in two.

‘I have so much sympathy for Cheryl. My heart goes out to her – both as a woman and as someone in the media spotlight,’ Beckham said at an Oscars bash thrown by Elton John to raise funds for his AIDS foundation. ‘I feel for her so much, it’s a horrible situation but she’s a fantastic, strong woman and she will be fine. David’s not a Premiership footballer now, so I can’t relate entirely. But I do sympathise.’

Cheryl could find a friend in the fellow UK wife of a footballer and star celebrity should she make the move out to Los Angeles.

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‘Everybody Hurts’ Alternative Video
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Check out a second version of the video for the Haiti charity single “Everybody Hurts” featuring Cheryl and other artists singing in a studio whereas the first version it was just footages of them recording the song. HQ screen captures are here

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Cheryl will return to America
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Cheryl is reportedly planning to return to America, as she recovers from her marriage breakdown.

Cheryl sang her hit single ‘Fight For This Love’ at the Danish version of the X Factor last week and reportedly told one of the judges that she can’t wait to go Stateside again.

Soulshock – real name Carsen Schack told The Sunday Mirror:

“I had a good chat to Cheryl for about an hour before the show.

“She didn’t want to talk about Ashley. She was speaking about LA and how she really wanted to get back there and start working on new songs.

“Cheryl is using her work as a real focus at the moment. She’s a very ­professional artist and there is nothing that will get in her way.”


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