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Cheryl spends Easter with Ashley
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Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole

It was reported, and spotted earlier that Cheryl spent Easter with Ashley Cole at his mother’s residence in Essex. Apparently paparazzi were there so we’ll wait for more evident prove.

Story developing.

UPDATE: Check out two pictures taken by fans who live in the neighbourhood, Cheryl is wearing the same dress from 2009 when she went on vacation with Ashley.

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Cheryl still has feelings for Ashley
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Cheryl and Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly told a friend that she will never love anyone the way she loves her ex-husband Ashley.

According to Heat, the singer was in contact with Ashley days before she travelled to Cape Town to celebrate the New Year with her alleged new partner Derek Hough.

A source told the magazine: “Something seems to have changed between Cheryl and Ashley. It’s taken a while, but she did wish him a happy New Year when Derek had gone out. The emotions are still very much there between them.

“Ashley asked Cheryl straight out if she was in love with Derek, and she told him she has feelings for Derek, but they’re taking things slowly. That’s when she said she’d never love anyone the way she loves Ashley.”

The source added: “Derek found himself spending the whole of New Year’s Day supporting her and trying to cheer her up. He had to virtually force Cheryl out of the villa for a walk along the beach, which they took in silence.”

An alleged family friend added: “Derek seems to be a very patient man. He really wants things to work out with Cheryl, so he’s sticking around.”

Ashley was said to be close to tears after seeing pictures of Cheryl and Hough together abroad.

Meanwhile, Hough has reportedly told Cheryl to stop texting her ex-husband.

Well no shit, of course she does. Wasn’t gonna post this but, slow news day!


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Cheryl is regaining her pre-split confidence
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Cheryl Cole

Pop star Cheryl is a judge on UK televised singing competition The X Factor, along with Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh.

Cheryl split from soccer player Ashley Cole earlier this year amid allegations he had been unfaithful during their marriage. Cheryl was said to be devastated after the break-up, but her X Factor colleague Sinitta – who works backstage on the show – says she’s regained her sparkle now.

“She’s always been a fighter from the old days when she was with Ashley and she had her break-up. It’s just good old confidence and self-belief and she’s more comfortable in that chair now so she feels like, ‘I know what I’m doing,’” Sinitta said.

The former pop singer also commented on Cheryl’s new flower tattoo on her upper left thigh, musing that waxwork museum Madame Tussauds must be frustrated their model of Cheryl doesn’t feature the inking. The 27-year-old star has described her new body art as representing a fresh start in her life.

“I wonder if Madame Tussauds are annoyed because they’ve done her image and she goes and gets a tattoo and it doesn’t look like Cheryl anymore!” she pondered.


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Cheryl filming Piers Morgan Life Stories this week?
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole will reportedly film an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories this week.

The Daily Star claims that the X Factor judge has been told to speak openly to Morgan about everything she has been through.

“When people hear Cheryl talking frankly and honestly, they will fall for her again,” a source told the paper.

The Girls Aloud singer apparently held a crisis meeting with her team after she received criticism following Gamu Nhengu’s exit from the ITV reality show.

The source continued: “Piers has been courting Cheryl for months but she’s always put him off as she’s not comfortable revealing too many private details on camera.

“However, with the dreadful battering she’s been taking over the last few weeks, she’s had a change of mind.”

They added: “Nothing will be off-limits. She will talk for the first time about her marriage break-up, her illness and how she’s coping with all the criticism.”

Cole has been linked with an appearance on the show since she announced her divorce from Ashley, and it was recently claimed that her episode would be broadcast on December 11.

Her spokesperson told the paper: “We cannot say anything about Life Stories yet.”


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Through My Eyes makes no mention of Ashley
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Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole’s upcoming autobiography makes no mention of ex-husband Ashley, it has been revealed.

The ‘Fight For This Love’ singer completely leaves out any reference to Ashley in her 253-page book Through My Eyes, and even claims that she had “the best times of [her] life” in the last two years, according to The Sun.

Cheryl also apparently writes in detail about Derek Hough, who she describes as “the best” and “a sweetheart”, and, who she reveals is “passionate to the core”.

Similarly, while there are several pictures of Cheryl with Hough and in the autobiography, there are no photos of the 27-year-old with her former husband.

The X Factor judge refuses to divulge anything about her battle with malaria, although she does indicate that she wants to spend more time in the US after she moves out of her Surrey mansion.

She writes: “I’ve spent a bit of time in LA over the last couple of years… I love it that the sun shines all the time.”

Through My Eyes is released on Thursday.


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Cheryl’s Piers Morgan tell-all interview to air December 1...
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Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Joe McElderry and Piers Morgan

Cheryl Cole is to reveal the truth about her marriage breakdown in a no-holds-barred TV special with Piers Morgan.

Britain’s Got Talent host Piers nailed the exclusive ­interview with the 27-year-old X Factor judge – who split from footballer Ashley Cole in February – over dinner at Simon Cowell’s house. The TV special is due to be screened on ITV1 on ­December 11, straight after The X Factor semi-final.

Brave Cheryl, whose divorce was finalised earlier this month, will also use the show to talk about her life-or-death ­malaria battle in July and her relationship with backing dancer Derek Hough– the man she turned to as a shoulder to cry on after ­ending her marriage.

A source close to the Girls Aloud star said: “Every time Cheryl sees Piers she says he pesters her non-stop to agree to do the chat.

“He’s spent months trying to convince her and in the end she gave in over a dinner hosted at Simon’s house in LA.

“Afterwards Cheryl joked that half the reason she agreed was just to get him off her back.

“But on a serious note, she says she feels ready now to lay a few ghosts to rest.

“It’s been a tumultuous year and as it draws to a close she wants to use this one interview to put everything out there in her own words then slam the door shut on 2010.”

Cheryl is the latest star to agree to appear on Morgan’s Life Stories series. In March 5.6million viewers saw Morgan interview X Factor and BGT boss Simon ­Cowell, 50.

While a year earlier glamour model Katie Price used the show to talk about her split from husband Peter Andre.


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Ashley wants Cheryl to move out of their Surrey home
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Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Weeks after intruders raided his bachelor pad – making off with his socks and pants – the Chelsea ace is desperate to return to the high-security home he shared with Cheryl during their four-year marriage.

And the sooner the better.

Our sources say Ashley, 29, wants his ex-wife to ship her stuff out of the £3.5million Surrey mansion that he was awarded in the divorce settlement, so that he can move his footie medals back in.

He sees it as a chance for both of them to make a clean break.

It will leave 27-year-old Cheryl – who has just released a new single, Promise This – free to make a new life with American dancer Derek Hough, possibly in Los Angeles. Our insider tells us: “Ashley wants his house back so he can get on with his life. He wishes Cheryl well, but would like her to move out now so they can both move on.

“He didn’t like having Derek in his home while Cheryl was recovering from malaria – that was weird for him. The idea of another man sitting on his sofa, watching his 52in plasma screen TV, was a little unnerving, to say the least.

“He’s not happy where he is staying now because he recently got burgled – they took all his best tracksuits, socks and pants which, again, freaked him out.

“There was a porter at the apartments and they still got in.

“His family are now concerned for his safety, and would prefer him to move back to his former marital home.”

Friends of Ashley hope the move could take place when Cheryl returns to Britain for the final stages of the X Factor. It is believed Ashley bought the seven-bedroom property so Cheryl was not granted it in their divorce settlement.

Instead Cheryl – who has been busy working on her second album, the follow up to the record-breaking 3 Words – is set to keep their other house which is in Cockfosters, north east London.

A source adds: “Cheryl loved that home. She put her stamp on it and made it really homey, so it would have been a dream to keep it.

“But it’s Ashley’s house, so she may have to move. Still, she is ready to embrace her future. Things are looking brighter than ever for her and she is ready to move on, too.”


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Louis Walsh: “Cheryl’s career change was because she...
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Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole

Louis Walsh has said he thinks Girls Aloud have too much ‘baggage’. The X Factor judge briefly managed the group after they won the UK TV talent show ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ in 2002.

Louis Walsh said that he has great admiration for Nadine Coyle – and thinks that affected his relationship with her bandsmates Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding.

Louis said: “I don’t like working with them too much any more because there’s too much baggage and far too much politics.

“I always thought that Nadine was the star, that she was the real singer in the band, and the others held that against me.”

Louis, 58, also said he thought Cheryl Cole’s spectacular career change was down to her relationship with her footballer ex-husband Ashley Cole.

He saide: “Well, Cheryl married a footballer and she totally transformed herself. She’s a naturally beautiful woman and she’s a fashion icon now.

“But if you ask me why Victoria Beckham is famous, the answer is because she married a footballer.”

Girls Aloud have been on hiatus for the past year.


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