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Cheryl’s here to make sure that everyone knows about Child...
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Cheryl is a singer, dancer and TV personality who started her career when she was 19 in the pop group Girls Aloud. After going solo in 2009 Cheryl became the first British female singer to have 5 number one singles in the UK.

Cheryl is working with us to help inspire more young people to feel able to reach out for help when they need it.

She wants you to know that Childline is for you, no matter who you are, how old you are, your gender, background, religion or sexuality and please remember that no problem is too big or too small.

Life can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re growing up, and everyone deserves someone to talk to, to help make sense of it all. That’s exactly what Childline are there to do – just listen and help. No young person should ever feel afraid, confused or alone so if that’s how you are feeling then please get in touch with them by phone or online.


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Voices ft. Cheryl | Childline
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Cheryl’s 9 Rules For Rocking The Cannes Red Carpet.
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1. Prep, Prep, Prep
‘I always start prep the day before a big red carpet event but it’s still pretty low key. So I’ll get a Decleor facial the day before which I love, then on the day I’ll start pretty early with L’Oreal to do all kinds of hair and makeup. It doesn’t stop! I’ll eat lunch while I’m having my makeup done and just try and keep as chilled as possible.
I try not to do panic workouts before a big event and just stay consistently in shape instead. I love doing Tracy Anderson’s classes – she does muscle work first then you cardio after which means I’m absolutely exhausted by the end of it.’
2. Add Some Tunes
‘House music drives me crazy, especially before hitting the red carpet. Can you imagine? I’d be so pumped I’d be running down it! Instead I’m all about Beyonce’s new album. I love it so much, it’s a piece of art. And Drake’s new song is great. Sometimes I’ll just put Spotify on and see what happens. If I don’t like it, I’ll just skip.’
3. Keep Things Weather Appropriate
‘I’ve had every type of weather in Cannes. Gale force winds, rain, bright sunshine where I’ve been too hot, everything! So you’ve got to work your hair around the weather. If it’s really windy, I’ll do slicked back hair so it stays down, or if it’s raining just wear a hoodie!
4. Get Some Outfit Inspo
‘When I’m choosing an outfit, I always look at old pictures and vintage references for inspiration. And I always admire other people on the red carpet. When I see someone I’ll be like, ‘Wow that looks amazing’ or ‘Oh that looks incredible’.
I never wanna steal anybody’s look but sometimes you’re just inspired subconsciously! I loved my stripy Zuhair Murad jumpsuit from the minute I saw it but I didn’t think, ‘Oh this is definitely for Cannes’, I just loved it so when I finally got my hands on it, it was perfect. But my favourite ever Cannes look was the first time I went. It was a cream Versace dress with a a slit up one leg and I had shorter hair. It was so good.’
5. Rock A Smokey Eye
‘Ever since I started experimenting with makeup I’ve always done eyeliner and dark eyes, it’s just how I recognise myself and how I feel good. Its like a comfort for me now, more than anything and I’ve got pretty good at doing it.
My top tip is to use a pencil liner and a liquid eyeliner – draw the pencil on first then put the liquid liner on top.’
6. Keep Everything In Your Clutch
‘God, I keep everything in my clutch bag. I’ll always have whatever lipstick I’m wearing so I can top up the look I’ve got going on, if it’s big enough I’ll keep a mini Elnette in there and I have to have my phone, of course!’
7. Steel The Heels
‘The only way to get through the red carpet in heels is with perserverance. Sometimes it really hurts bad and the most exciting thing is thinking about getting home and taking your shoes off! Just putting your slippers on and getting into your jammies.’
8. Give The After Party A Miss
‘It depends on what mood I’m in – sometimes I’m up for the after party but, if I’m honest, most of the time I just want to go home, get in my pyjamas and put Scandal on. I’ll either watch that or play on the Wii. At the moment I love Mario Kart.
I always play as the Pink Gold Peach but you have to complete enough levels to get her. And I always drive the motorbike, you’ve got to pick the right car if you’re going to win.’
9. Avoid Pre-Carpet Nail Painting
‘One time I painted my nails bright red scarily close to walking the red carpet. I was wearing a white dress and I smudged the red nail varnish all down it, so not only did I have smudged nails but I had nail varnish all over the dress. I had to hold my bag in the same place all night and hide the smudged polish.
I genuinely wanted to cry as I was getting out the car. All the paps were there shouting, ‘Cheryl give us a wave’ and I was like, ‘No. I can’t!’


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VIVA Magazine Interview
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Since returning to her seat for her fourth year as a judge on X Factor, having been away for what seems like more than four years, there’s something noticeably different about Cheryl. And it’s not just her new double-barrelled surname, Fernandez Versini…

The judge has come a long way since receiving a text from Simon Cowell’s people sacking her from the US version of the show. What, you forgot about that? So did we!

Back then, Simon himself even said that Cheryl was a ‘different person’ and that ‘she’d lost her confidence’ after turning up for the first round of auditions of the US show in ‘that’ infamous outfit.

After a rather public humiliation, she isn’t willing to take any chances moving forward with Simon Cowell warning him ‘never to let her down again.’

Returning to our screens every Saturday night feistier than ever, she’s adored by women. Not because of her sense of style, her petite frame or cheek but her reputation precedes her. With her head held high and her past forgotten, she’s working with recording artists to produce a totally new sound.

This is a woman who is a fighter and knows exactly what she wants – given her trials and tribulations. She wants to the set the record straight.

Cheryl herself confirms that she’s moved away from the days where perhaps she might have been in ‘crazy stupid love’ – a nod to her former partner.

Now it seems, she’s not afraid to show this completely new found persona and, if Saturday night live shows are anything to go by, her attitude is causing a stir among the judges and contestants alike. This assertiveness is clearly reflected in her new music.

Her new single, ‘I Don’t Care’ has a very up-beat dancy feel to it but we can’t help asking ourselves what or who the lyrics are really about? Is that cynical of us? “It means exactly what it says on the tin!” she assures us. The song is, apparently, ‘One of those feel free, have fun, one of those don’t-really-give-a-sh*t-vibes.’ How she really feels about life right now, apparently. Yes, Cheryl, we all get those days when we feel like, well, we’ve just left the office after a long week and we’re in need of a Lambrini or two!

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The Daily Mirror’s Cheryl Day
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Calling ALL Cheryl fans – today is a day that you don’t want to miss because Mirror Celebs have got a whole day packed full of EXCLUSIVE treats.

Throughout the day we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with Cheryl, features, quizzes,and a music surprise to celebrate the upcoming release of her new new single I Don’t Care and album Only Human.

The X Factor judge and pop superstar doesn’t hold back as she talks to Mirror Celeb about X Factor gossip, her new music, why she’s become BFFs with Lauren Silverman and babies.

Part 1: VIDEO

On the surface, Cheryl looks like the same old Cheryl. But it only takes the smallest of scratches to realize the singer sitting in front of us is a totally different person to the one she was less than two years ago.

You might think one day everything is fine, and then the next you get the rug pulled from under your feet, the 31-year-old tells us.

“You have to reevaluate and reconsider, so living in the moment is the only way you can enjoy your life.”

That’s the theme of her new album Only Human, an upbeat mix of tracks, which she says are a message about living your life and not sweating the small stuff.

The singer’s perched on the edge of a sofa in an exclusive London hotel, dressed casually in ripped jeans and an animal print top but still looking like she’s stepped straight off the X Factor stage on Movie Night, naturally.

She’s glowing and wearing a huge grin – and has everyone reason to be. She’s about to release her fourth solo studio album, scored a number one with the album debut, is back in wowing UK audiences every weekend and is also now better known as Mrs Fernandez-Versini.

When asked if she’s thinking about starting a family soon with Jean-Bernard who she wed back in July, she smiles and tells us: “Oh god. Kimberley just had her baby, a boy who I consider as a nephew. I don’t need my own right now.

“I’ve got two… not so much in Lola, but I feel like I’ve got a little baby to take care of in Lauren on the X Factor, so I’m doing alright with 12 nieces and nephews, somebody on X Factor, and a baby with my best friend.”

When we play a game of word association (watch here) and ‘married’ pops up, Cheryl lets out a little laugh and that beaming grin turns into a megawatt smile.

But just two years ago it was all very different. She was told she had 24 hours to live after contracting malaria and not long after, in 2011, Simon Cowell sacked her from the US version of the X Factor after just one episode. When asked her about her lowest points, she jokes: “How long have you got?”

Continuing, Cheryl says: “Probably when I was sick to be honest. It puts everything into perspective when it’s your health.

“You can have anything in the world but if you haven’t got your health, nothing else matters. Even if you do have money and you’re fortunate to have money, you can’t always pay to be healthy.”

In her new single, out on Sunday, she sings the line ‘I don’t care and it feels so f**king good to say I swear’. But what does she care about now?

“That everything else outside of work is happy and healthy. Family, friends, loved ones, dogs. Not necessarily in that order, but I won’t say the other order as I might get in trouble,” she grins.

Part 2: VIDEO

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Buzzfeed Interview
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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is sitting cosily in the corner of a plush London hotel sofa, looking at me with those huge Bambi eyes and explaining exactly how she finally reached a stage in her life where she gives zero fucks.

“You get to an age where you’ve been through so much crap that you feel like things are not so important any more,” she says. “I just don’t care. It’s actually nice to feel that relief when you’ve cared so much for so long. I’m a really sensitive person so I care deeply about things. So when that’s gone – and this is on whatever subject, by the way – it’s a nice feeling.”

It’s fair to say that Cheryl is back, and more confident than we’ve ever seen her.

Take the video for her new song, aptly titled “I Don’t Care,” for example. Filmed on a beach, with the star in minimal make-up and an oversized jumper, laughing at the camera and miming the words “Zero. Fucks. Given”, it’s arguably the best she’s ever looked and sounded.

It seems the main reason for this new display of confidence is her two-year hiatus, during which she secretly married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and recuperated after a solid 10 years in the public eye.

“Since the age of 19 to 29 I didn’t stop,” she says. “I went from being known for singing pop songs and having a great time with my friends to being a judge on The X Factor. And until you experience that, you have no idea what it feels like. My life and career went on a whole new level. A lot happened. I needed a break.”

During that break, she drew up a “bucket list” of sorts, which she called her Fuck It list. Perhaps the most famous item on that list was to “get a big tattoo”.

A photo of that tattoo, which begins midway down her back and extends to the top of her thighs, was shared on Instagram by the tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado. Within hours it had gone viral online, before appearing on the front pages of the national press.

Did she know Hurtado was going to post that image?

“It was a long, painful day and I don’t think any of us were in the right frame of mind,” Fernandez-Versini says. “It doesn’t look anything like it did then. That was when it was brand, brand new. I love it. It wasn’t for anyone else. And Nikko is an actual artist. He is seriously talented.”

Between painful tattoo sessions, she ticked “swimming with dolphins” off the list, and says the experience was by far the most liberating thing she has ever done.

“There was about 200 of them circling round and showing off,” she says. “One will backflip and the other one will backflip higher. They’re playing. They’re the most human-like mammals you can find. The lady who took us on the tour said they can sense good and bad energy, and not to worry if they don’t come near you – it might just be because you’re nervous.

“But I had one dolphin that just swam round and round me and he was looking at us with one eye. He’d swim towards us, like, ‘Are you going to duck? Or are you playing? Can we play?’ He was doing tricks all around us, and if I looked below there were schools of them swimming around in formations. It was magical.”

But the Fuck It list is by no means completed.

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Cheryl and Mel B on The Jonathan Ross Show
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Cheryl and Mel B made an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend to promote The X Factor and to talk a little bit about ‘I Don’t Care’. Check out the interview below in full and the stills from the show in HQ.

01. Appearances > Appearances from 2014 > 18-10-14 The Jonathan Ross Show

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Cheryl DayBreak Interview with Richard Arnold
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Richard Arnold catches up with Cheryl Cole about her new book, saying goodbye to Girls Aloud and her style.

She also touches upon her love life, admitting she’s ‘very happy’.

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