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Dean Piper interview
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Dean Piper and Cheryl Cole

When I first met Cheryl Cole she was an excitable chatty teen fresh from Newcastle with stars in her eyes.
She’d live in low slung tracksuit bottoms, didn’t know fashion, wore corn rows in her hair and the word hair extensions would have frightened her.
Right now she’s a platinum selling solo star rarely seen in anything aside from designer clobber, has just designed her own ring for high-end jeweller De Grisogono and has a team of people working for her.

But allegations of infidelity in her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole followed by a messy divorce, a run-in with malaria and X Factor controversy meant she closed the hatches down for the past two years. If you weren’t a high-end glossy magazine or Vogue then interviews or access to the star just wouldn’t happen.

But now it’s time to start speaking.

And it’s clear she’s nervous as I saunter into her dressing room after last Sunday’s results show. “Does it stink in here?” She asks in a fluster and starts furiously wafting scented candles around the place.
There’s a dog basket on the floor with a dog bone sitting on it, a big bowl of fruit and she’s got a shower in the corner, which she uses from time to time. Oh, and there’s a bowl of twiglets and an ice bucket with two bottles of champagne. “Ooooh, pink bubbles. Posh,” she says as her assistant pops the cork. “I love twiglets.”
Meeting Cheryl is clearly part of a charm offensive with the press – and boy was it needed.

You’ve read so much about her marriage (and divorce) to Ashley Cole over the past months that it’s almost like you’ve forgotten who the lady is.

After the past few years I honestly expected a nervous and guarded Cheryl to be standing before me. But what I got was completely different.

She’s cheeky, talkative and surprisingly open – and it’s obvious she’s more than ready to put the past behind her.

“The future for me isn’t planned. I’d love to tour next year but who knows,” she says as she quaffs a mouthful of champers and fiddles nervously with an unlit ciggie in her other hand. “I really don’t have any plans for Christmas. I’m not wanting to make future plans. I want to just do whatever I want when I want nowadays. It really is a completely fresh new beginning in all aspects of my life.”

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Watch Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Cheryl Cole
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Click above to watch the entire show split into parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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Cheryl reveals all in her own Mirror 3am column
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl stopped by The Mirror on Thursday to write her own article on herself! She talks about her new album (of course), performing live on X Factor on Sunday, Sarah Harding and working with Rihanna. Click below to view images in the gallery, click more to read the full article written by Cheryl herself:

Appearances > Appearances from 2010 > 21-10-10 Mirror 3am Headquaters:

What a year! Personally it’s been pretty rubbish but professionally it’s been incredible. So it’s bitter-sweet – that’s always the way it is with me for some reason.

I’m still not fully there but I am a lot happier now and I’m positive.

I’m looking forward to next year and opportunities coming up. Talking of which…

Tomorrow night’s the night; it’s time for the judge to be judged! Yep, I’ve got to get up in front of Simon, Louis and Dannii and perform on tomorrow night’s X Factor… and I’m nervous. Big time!

Simon’s been ribbing us already, ‘cos that’s what he does and that’s the way our relationship works. So yeah, he’s trying to make me even more nervous.

I’m performing the new single, Promise This, which will be the first time I’ve sung it live to an audience so that’s scary.

And to clarify, I AM singing live tomorrow night – 100%. Of course I want to and I’m happy to.

Has Louis been suggesting otherwise? Well I’ll show him! And Simon!

I was actually in hospital, seriously ill, when the whole auto-tuning thing kicked off so to be honest I wasn’t too aware of it. I wasn’t too aware of anything at that time!

But I’ve been told about it since and it’s a weird one.

Unless you’re recording a live, unplugged studio or concert album, then every artist has to use auto-tuning, they have done for years and years. All it does really is tidy everything up, and make it perfect. Otherwise, the smallest of sounds or imperfections – if you breathe too deeply or too loudly, for instance – comes up and ruins the purity of the track.

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The Sun interview with Gordon Smart
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Cheryl Cole and Gordon Smart

Cheryl Cole has revealed that the last year has been the worst of her life.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the X Factor judge confessed that the experience of her divorce from love-rat ex Ashley has battered her confidence – leaving her with no tears left to cry.

And her battle with killer disease malaria left her so ill she ended up wishing her life would end.

In an emotional chat, the tearful singer, 27, said: “You know what I want more than anything? Those last ten seconds on New Year’s Eve. ’10, 9, 8… 2011! I’m going to scream them.

“I’m going to shout them out. I’m going to call everybody I love and just welcome the New Year and the new start.”

Reflecting on the devastating break-up of her marriage, Cheryl went on: “I never will understand why this has happened. Never. I just don’t get it.

“We still talk – general stuff.

“Anybody that’s been through a divorce, and I hope it’s something people never have to experience, it’s the worse thing in the world.

“When your heart is breaking… it doesn’t make a difference what car you drive, what house you have, all of that. It’s a minor detail, it’s nothing.

“Right now it’s still fresh, it hasn’t been long you know? It’s still raw. It does make you feel numb. I don’t recognise myself sometimes. It has been non-stop tears. Just too much.”

Cheryl, who will also talk about her troubles with Piers Morgan on ITV1 show Life Stories after X Factor tonight, added: “When I talked to Piers and when this interview is done, once that’s been out and gone, I can maybe just breathe and get on with it again.

“I’m getting there.

“It has been the worst year, the worst in my life ever.”

Nothing brought Cheryl’s life into perspective more than this summer when a trip to Tanzania left her fighting for her life in intensive care battling malaria.

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Cheryl’s The Guardian interview with new photoshoot
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Cheryl Cole

She publicly split from her husband Ashley Cole, contracted malaria and has been hounded by the press. But Cheryl Cole has refused to talk – until now. She opens up to Simon Hattenstone

The dressing-room door opens and a lapdog jumps off Cheryl Cole and scurries across the floor. “Hello, dog,” I say. “How are you?” “Hello,” says Cheryl Cole barely moving her lips, “my name is Blue and I’m very well, thank you.” Blue jumps back on to Cole’s knee, and before I know it they’re swapping soppy, sloppy kisses and I feel as if I’m playing gooseberry.

“He’s not my dog,” Cole says. “He’s the son of one of mine.” She looks into his eyes – great, dark, wet pools, not unlike her own. “He’s a gorgeous boy. Very cute. He looks like his mam.” She smiles her X Factor smile – warm, gentle, empathetic. Cole recently said, “I don’t trust anybody in my life except my mother and my dogs.”

Not surprising, really. While she has enjoyed huge success as a solo singer and as part of Britain’s most successful female pop group, Girls Aloud, and perhaps most of all as a judge on The X Factor, her private life has been hellish. Her split from footballer Ashley Cole was played out in the tabloids, with evidence of her husband’s infidelity splashed across the front pages. When she didn’t talk, the press speculated whether Our Cheryl was having a breakdown, was anorexic, had lost it as a judge, had fallen out with Simon Cowell, was seeing other men for revenge, was seeing lawyers for the ultimate revenge… Probably only Princess Diana and Posh Spice have obsessed the media as much. But even when it was announced Cheryl was divorcing Ashley still she didn’t speak.

Ten months on, she’s sick of having words put into her mouth and has agreed to do one television interview (with Piers Morgan) and one newspaper interview, with the Guardian. After this, she says, that’s it – she will never discuss her private life in public again.

On a scale of one to 10, how bad has the last year been? “Eleven,” she says instantly. She starts off with marriage, but mid-sentence changes to malaria. The disease, which she contracted three months ago while holidaying in Tanzania, is an easier place to begin. “It was the day after my birthday when the symptoms first started. I put it down to that I’d been drinking vodka the night before, because I’m not a regular drinker. I put it down to just a big hangover. It got gradually worse and worse.”

What were the symptoms like? “I was exhausted and having flushes, goosebumps one minute – blue lips, blue fingertips, blue toes – to then being boiling hot. My skin was wet. I couldn’t breathe properly.” She was diagnosed and admitted to intensive care at London’s Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Is it true she thought she was dying? “Yeah,” she says quietly. “You want to know the details? I had no liver function, no kidney function, I was swollen with the fluid, I had no oxygen in my blood, I literally had 24 hours to get fluid out of my body, otherwise my insides were going to pack in. You know how sometimes you feel ill and say, ‘I feel like I’m dying’? Well, I actually felt like I was dying. I asked the nurse outright – was I going to die? She said, ‘There’s a possibility.’ ”

She comes to a shocked stop. Was she terrified of dying? “No, I was too tired to be scared. Honestly. I can’t even describe to you – I was just like, I wish it would hurry up.”

She asked if she could make her will, and was told that if she didn’t improve in 24 hours she should. The critical state lasted 36 hours and she was in hospital for 10 days.
She is still spooked by the illness, not least by the fact that the previous year she had climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for malaria sufferers. “It is weird, isn’t it?” she says, almost to herself.

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Listen to Cheryl on Real Radio
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Cheryl Cole

Check out another radio interview Cheryl just did earlier where she talks more about her album, Louis Walsh, Girls Aloud and mentions Nadine.

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NEW Cheryl X Factor interview!
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Cheryl Cole

With just days to go until The X Factor returns to our screens, Geordie Judge Cheryl Cole chats about the upcoming series. Revealing taking part in the London auditions with Simon and Louis was like being inbetween “Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee”, Cole says saying no hasn’t got any easier. Read on for the full chat!

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