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21-05-12 Backstage at Shrek The Musical for Kimberley’s la...
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Cheryl supported one of her bestfriends and Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh at Shrek The Musical on Monday night as Kimberley hits the stage one last time as Princess Fiona, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding were also in attendance! Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl’s LA getaway
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Kimberley Walsh was out in LA with Cheryl last week for a little holiday, well Kimba is home now and she talks a little about their week together in her OK! Magazine column.

I’ve just had five fab days of sunbathing in LA – it was wonderful to go and chill out completely and Cheryl and I spoilt ourselves with massages and cocktails and nice meals out. We met up with Derek Hough for a catch-up over dinner and we even managed a night of clubbing, incognito. We had a bit of a dance and discovered coffee-flavoured Patrón Tequila – it makes you a nice happy drunk, so it was our girls’ holiday drink of choice!

The only thing missing was a bit of shopping, but it was too hard to organise as Cheryl Cole gets hounded out there by the paparazzi – it was terrifying. We braved them a few times but they were insanely psycho – climbing over people’s property and people had to call the police to get rid of them. It made me realise what it is like for her, I get scared for her in the madness.

It was tough to come back. LA is a such a mad world, it’s nice to dip in and out of, but I wouldn’t live there. I missed my boyfriend – and I kept getting texts with pics of my baby nephew, saying: ‘Come home Auntie Kim!’


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Kimberley Walsh: ‘Lay off Cheryl!’
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Cheryl’s bestfriend and Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley mentioned her yet again in her OK Magazine column telling people [the press] to lay off her! You tell em Kimba, if only they’d listen. People have just moved onto writing just about anything now that the X Factor thing is over.

It’s kind of weird how people just won’t leave Cheryl alone. It’s relentless and we’re all bored of it.
It’s also really frustrating to hear so many fabrications and complete lies written about her, and especially about her mum Joan too as she is the most harmless person ever and she never interferes in Cheryl’s personal or professional life. Some people form an opinion about things they have no idea about.

Cheryl has plenty of friends and family around her. She’s very happy and I love her lots.


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Kimberley Walsh says bestfriend Cheryl is fine
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Kimberley Walsh says she has spoken with Cheryl Cole and tells fans her Girls Aloud band mate is handling all the X Factor drama.

Writing in her OK! column this week, Walsh says: “You’ve probably been reading a lot of stories in the papers about Cheryl being in hiding and down in the dumps, but I’d just like fans to know that I’ve been speaking to her and she’s fine.

“Cheryl’s had a lot to deal with over the years, both personally and health-wise, so all the current press stories aren’t going to be a huge deal for her,” Walsh continued to write in the magazine.

“She’s got too, he’s a good friend and he’s totally got her back, which is great.”

Kimberley added that on the plus side, she’s got her friend living close by again. “I’m very protective of Cheryl and I’m a firm believer in what is meant to be will be and, from a selfish point of view,” she explains, “I’m glad I can pop round again for a cup of tea!”

A true friend. She also had a little sly dig at Simon Cowell for the way he’s dressed, cheeky Kimba!


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Kimberley Walsh had to keep Cheryl’s big secret tight
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It’s been a very exciting time for my friends Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts. It was confirmed this week that Cheryl is going to be one of the mentors on the American X Factor – I’ve known for quite a while but I would have been in serious trouble if I’d let that slip!

She says it’s going so well, she is loving it and is chuffed with the response. The Americans have been really welcoming. I know she loves Paula Abdul and from watching her on American Idol, I think they will get on brilliantly! Simon had better watch out, they might gang up on him! Paula (right, with Simon) is a bit of a nutter but she is warm and funny and brilliant entertainment!

The Yanks love her, she’s their American princess and we’ve got our British princess representing! I bet the Geordies are so proud of Cheryl. I know I am!


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Cheryl watched the royal wedding with Kimberley Walsh
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The royal wedding was so emotional! Cheryl and I were at my house with a few friends and family drinking champagne and eating cake while watching it on the TV and we were all so moved. I was impressed at how composed Kate and William seemed, considering the pressure they were under!
I thought Kate looked gorgeous. Her dress was the right balance – feminine and elegant without being too sexy or fashion-forward. While the bride nailed the look, I thought the hats that the likes of Princess Eugenie and Beatrice wore were very odd perched on the front of their foreheads. It was like a new craze for the royal wedding, everyone wore them like that, but it looked bizarre to me!

Ellie Goulding got lucky singing at the reception, that’s an amazing gig to get! I was hoping they’d throw someone like Rihanna in the mix too to get the party started, although her performance might have shocked the Queen!


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Kimberley Walsh misses when Cheryl’s away in LA
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Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl Cole

Kimberley Walsh misses Cheryl Cole since she went to Los Angeles.

The singer feels as though she has lost a friend since her Girls Aloud bandmate moved to America, but insists they are keeping in touch over the phone.

Speaking in OK! magazine, she said: “I’ve seen a fair bit of the girls lately and it is a shame that’s Cheryl’s not here – I do miss her when she’s in Los Angeles as I see quite a lot of her when she’s at home. We chat on the phone but we don’t Skype or anything – I’ve never got into it and Cheryl’s a technophobe, so she’d probably struggle to set that up.”

Cheryl has been in the US trying to secure a role on the upcoming American version of ‘The X Factor’ and she recently spent $3.5 million on a property in California so she has permanent base when she is in the country.

The Beverley hills property, which is part of the 42-storey Century building, has four acres of private gardens, boasts a home cinema, private 74ft pool, wine cellar and is protected by 24-hour security.

Last week, Kimberley attended fellow Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding’s engagement party at members-only club The Brompton, in London.

The 29-year-old pop beauty was joined at the bash – which was held to celebrate Sarah saying “yes” to DJ Tom Crane’s marriage proposal – by third member Nicola Roberts.

Cheryl and fifth member Nadine Coyle could not attend due to work commitments.

Source: OK! Magazine

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Kimberley Walsh: “Girls Aloud reunion won’t revolve ...
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Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh

Cheryl Cole is still in talks with US TV producers about a possible role on the US X Factor, but Kimberley Walsh says a Girls Aloud reunion won’t revolve around Cheryl’s career.

While the rest of Girls Aloud have been busy getting on with their personal lives, Cheryl Cole has been working hard at her TV career on The X Factor and her bid for a job on the judging panel for the US X Factor.

But Kimberley Walsh has told OK! Magazine that the Girls Aloud reunion will not revolve around Cheryl’s career in the US.

She told us: “There’s been talk that a Girls Aloud reunion is hinged on whether Cheryl gets the US X Factor job. But that’s not true! We will regroup but it will be when the five of us decide the time’s right.


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