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The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford hits back over Cheryl comp...
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Frankie Sandford, Cheryl Cole

Saturdays Frankie Sandford has hit back over claims she is trying to be the next Cheryl Cole.

The 22 year old singer tweeted that she is ‘happy being me’ after rumours surrounding the stars future started to circulate, with many people claiming she was working on a solo album as well as having TV presenting jobs lined up.

Frankie went on to say via Twitter: ‘Hahah!!! appears im off to Marbella this summer, growing my hair, working on a solo album and tv presenting!!!

‘The Saturdays keep me busy enough….And im more than happy being me!!! :) ’.

It was reported she was going to grow her hair and has been thinking about visiting Dubai and St Tropez with footballer boyfriend Wayne Bridge, famous places where Cheryl and former husband Ashley spent time.

The girls do however have a lot in common, both singers in two famous five-piece girl bands, as well as being named two of the sexiest women in the world by various different magazines.

Takes a lot and years of hard work to achieve what Cheryl has, just saying!


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Cheryl’s brother Andrew sentenced to jail for 6 years
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Cheryl Cole, Andrew Tweedy

Cheryl Cole’s brother Andrew Tweedy has been jailed for six years for his part in an armed robbery.

The X Factor star is said to be shocked by the severity of the term, which was handed down at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday, 11 March.

The 30-year-old was found guilty of planning the theft of a Newcastle post office branch in May last year, which netted the gang of five £2,000. The court heard how an imitation gun owned by Cheryl’s brother was used in the robbery and how the other men hid out at his home after the raid.

Tweedy was arrested just days after the incident and when police searched his home they found balaclavas, a machete and a fake firearm in the loft. Prosecutor Gavin Doig said at the hearing: “He provided the gun to the robbers and his home was both the meeting point before the robbery and the hideout after it.”

Cheryl’s brother has a long history of law-breaking with 30 previous convictions, including being sentenced to six years in a Young Offenders Institute at the age of 17 after stabbing two people.

As previously reported on MTV, the Promise This singer had recently vowed to help her brother get his life back together after long struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Hope Cheryl is ok about this and I’m sorry to hear that her efforts of trying to help him didn’t work and he betters himself when he finishes his sentence.


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Cheryl shoots for Glamour magazine
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Cheryl Cole

Turns out the papz pictures we saw a few days ago of Cheryl on set of a photoshoot in Beverly Hills was for Glamour UK according to sources on Twitter and newspaper journalists. Can’t wait to see the final photos on the cover! Hope it’s a more exciting photoshoot than just of Cheryl smiling against a plain backdrop.

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Cheryl records new music in LA and shoots for new magazine campa...
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole finally seemed to be enjoying herself in Los Angeles after reports suggested she was feeling homesick after just a few days in the city.

The singer looked happy and glowing as she had her make-up touched up on a photoshoot in Beverly Hills.

The 27-year-old didn’t attend the Oscars, instead the Sun reports that she worked and saw her rumoured boyfriend, Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough.

A friend told the paper: “Cheryl’s in LA for a photoshoot for a new magazine campaign. She’s also been working on some new music out here.

“In between she spent time with Derek and even got a chance to meet with his family, which was nice.”


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Cheryl wants to meditate on mountains
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Cheryl Cole

A relaxed, six-month long break on a mountain is all that British singer Cheryl Cole wants after going through a marriage split and contracting malaria in 2010.

‘It would be nice to take six months out and got to a mountain top and just meditate, let myself go,’ Cole has been quoted as saying by

Last year was quite stressful for her as she divorced her soccer player husband Ashley Cole and battled potentially-fatal malaria, which she contracted during a trip to Africa with rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough.

After her split, she even thought of taking some therapy, but decided against it.

‘It crossed my mind but I’m not trusting enough to bare my soul to a stranger. I’m lucky that I’ve got friends and family to turn to,’ she said.

No matter how she felt, she was determined to put on a brave face in public.

‘It’s very much a perception. Nobody knows what I went through behind closed doors.

‘Nobody knows what it was like when I was on my own. Of course I held it together in public. Who wouldn’t?’


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Cheryl is top internet star of 2010
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Cheryl Cole

Star-struck Brits asked more internet questions about Cheryl Cole than any other celebrity in 2010.

The Geordie singer, 27, dominated Q&A website Ask Jeeves, as fans flocked to find out all about her.

As well as posers about her career and divorce, there were harder-to-answer queries like ‘Why is she so pretty?’ The most-asked was: ‘Why didn’t she put Gamu through on X Factor?’

Last night an Ask Jeeves spokeswoman said: “This has been the year of Cheryl Cole. She’s head and shoulders above any other celebrity subject on our website. The interest shown in her has been phenomenal.”


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Cheryl The Bizarre Lady
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Cheryl Cole

What could make up for a divorce and a near fatal bout of malaria?

Well, aside from a No1 album, a No1 single and another hit series judging X Factor – a brilliant Bizarre Award is just the tonic for Cheryl.

Speaking of tonic, there was also a lovely bottle of gin to go with it thanks to this year’s generous sponsor Greenall’s.

I met Cheryl backstage at ITV to present her with Bizarre Lady – it’s up there with an Oscar, a Bafta and a Brit, you know.

She said: “Gin? That’ll do nicely for Christmas, a bit of mother’s ruin. I’d like to thank everyone at The Sun and all your readers for supporting me. I’m looking forward to some time off. It has been 12 months I’ll never forget.”

Click here to view the pic of Cheryl with the “Bizarre” award in the gallery in full.

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Cheryl named the UK’s Celebrity Hero of The Year
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Cheryl Cole

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is named the UK’s Celebrity Hero Of The Year in a new poll.

The 27-year-old British singer came top of Virgin Media’s new poll to find the showbiz heroes and villains of 2010. She beat off X Factor contestant Wagner and Strictly Come Dancing’s Anne Widdecombe to the top spot.

Actor Johnny Depp and actress Emma Watson were also in the top five as were Prince William and Kate Middleton.

British footballer Wayne Rooney was voted the UK’s celebrity villain of the year with Justin Bieber surprisingly in second place. Virgin Media’s Alison Davis said:

‘While Wayne Rooney’s love-rat behaviour warrants his place in the villains poll, what is surprising is that teen idol Justin Bieber came in at No 2.’

Also Alex Gerrard has revealed Cheryl Cole is her hero of the year in her OK! column this week.

Our girl Alex Gerrard, who reflects on a busy year in her OK! column this week, said X Factor 2010 judge Cheryl Cole is her hero after going through such a tough year.

She wrote: “My Hero of the year is Cheryl Cole.

“She’s been through a rough time with her malaria and divorce and still came out looking amazing on The X Factor every week.”


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