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Cheryl ‘fears Britney Spears treatment’ from US tabloids
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Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly worried she will receive the same harsh treatment from the US tabloids as Britney Spears. The Girls Aloud star is planning to relocate to Los Angeles as part of her efforts to launch a music and television career in America.

She is set to be given a helping hand by Simon Cowell in the form of a mentor’s role on X Factor USA, while her friendship with will also be useful in terms of establishing her credibility.

However, a friend told Now magazine Cheryl is getting stressed about her big move, because she is all too aware how difficult it can be to win over the American media.

The source said: ‘She knows how harsh US audiences and tabloids can be, so she wants to get it right.

‘She’s seen what happened to Britney Spears with all the scrutiny over her weight and personal life and Cheryl’s determined to keep her private life private and focus on work.’

They added that the Geordie singer is now on a strict diet as she tries to lose 9lb and ensure she is in what she considers perfect shape before she heads across the Atlantic.

I don’t think that’s avoidable, the US media are hungry hungry hippos. Good luck Chez <3


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Cheryl wins two awards at the 4Music Video Honours
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl wins two awards at the 4Music Video Honours: Best Love Song:

We can’t resist a good love song here at 4Music and neither can our friends at Magic, so it seemed only natural for us to team up to find out what your favourite one of 2010 was.

The nominations list was certainly a mixed bag, with everything from soul (Rumer) to country (Lady Antebellum) to electro pop (The Saturdays), but yet again no-one could overcome the might of Ms Tweedy, who walked away with the Magic Love Song award thanks to her hit single Parachute.

and Hottest Female:

‘I love girls, girls, girls, girls / Girls, I do adore’ went the old Jay-Z hit, er, Girls Girls Girls, and judging by the number of votes we received, it seems that users were pretty passionate when it came to deciding which perfectly-formed pop princess deserved the Hottest Girl crown in the 4Music Video Honours.

Katy Perry came close, Pixie was in the top five and even the combined gorgeousness of The Saturdays couldn’t stop the nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl Cole, from winning this year’s award. It must be the shampoo she uses…

Congrats Chez! Very well deserved.


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Cheryl reveals new ‘personal’ lower back tattoo
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Cheryl Cole's new tattoo

Cheryl Cole has revealed a new tattoo that has been inked on her back.

The singer showed off the ‘ribbon’ tattoo as she arrived at The X Factor studios yesterday, which sits above the butterfly design on the base of her back.

“This one is extremely personal to her, that’s why she got it done,” Now quotes a source as saying.

Cole has a total of five other tattoos – including a Celtic etching on her hand, barbed wire and a flower on her thigh, ‘Mrs C’ inscribed on her neck and an unknown design on her bottom.

Recently discussing her body art with The Mirror, she said: “I am ready to move on, make a fresh start.

“It’s a new chapter. I do think maybe subconsciously – as a woman you do change your hair and things like that.”


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Cheryl pulls freshly baked scones out of the oven
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Cheryl Cole baking scones

Only Cheryl Cole could spend hours slaving away cookin’ up some hot scones and still look immaculate.

Of course, she might not have baked these herself. She might not even have pulled them out of the oven herself. But she’s certainly doing a good job of holding them while smiling – clearly there’s no end to her talents.

Cheryl’s PR team Supersonic tweeted this pic from some mysterious launch that they’re working on today. We think it’s unlikely she’s launching her own range of baked goods. She could, however, have pimped herself out to some big supermarket brand or something.

The most annoying thing is we’re now having one of those endless scone pronunciation debates in the office. We’ve just tweeted Supersonic to ask how Cheryl says it, as then it will be the law.

Click the image above to view the full version in the gallery.


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Michelle Bass recreates Cheryl’s X Factor performance look
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Michelle Bass, Cheryl Cole

Big Brother star Michelle Bass has recreated Cheryl Cole’s X Factor performance look for New magazine.

The reality star donned a red wig in imitation of Chezza’s new hair-do and wore a glittery white jacket, stripy tights and boots while she posed with a microphone.
New Magazine New Magazine out now.

‘I was a bit worried about the tights because I thought they were thigh-high socks and I can’t wear those. They’re so unflattering,’ Michelle, who is a Geordie like Cheryl, told the publication.

When asked if there is any resemblance between herself and the X Factor judge, she said: ‘Why aye, man! It’s all in the accent. I don’t have dimples but I take it as a compliment if that’s the case.’

While both Cheryl and Michelle hail from the north-east and found fame on reality TV shows, that is where the similarities end.

Chezza’s single The Promise topped the charts last week, while her second album, Messy Little Raindrops, was number one over the weekend.

In comparison, Michelle’s single Must Be The Music, which was released back in 2006, flopped.

LOL Michelle, please just…don’t. Why would anybody waste their time and money doing this? You can view one more picture of Michelle posing as Cheryl at the source, if you really want to. And big fail to the article for getting the song name wrong as “The Promise”.


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Cheryl wins Best Song and Best Female Artist at Digital Music Aw...
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole and JLS both scooped two trophies at the Digital Music Awards in London on Thursday night.

X Factor judge Cheryl won best female and best song for Fight For This Love.

JLS meanwhile, took home best video for Everybody In Love.

They also beat The Saturdays to the best group prize. Marvin dates Rochelle from the girl group, but his bandmates insist this will not make things awkward between them.

“The Saturdays are very close to our hearts. They’re our sisters. We always have some friendly banter, but at the end of the day they’re happy for us. They’re doing some great things this year, so it’s all love”

Other winners at the event included Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and Tinie Tempah.


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Cheryl increases security at Through My Eyes signing
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly increased her personal security ahead of an upcoming book signing.

According to Metro, the X Factor judge has taken extra precautions before launching her Through My Eyes memoir this week.

Cole is said to be worried after she reportedly lost a ring when being grabbed by a fan in June. Leona Lewis’s assault by a fan at a book signing last year is also believed to have concerned Cole.

“Everyone’s a bit nervous about what happened to Leona,” a source told the newspaper. “Cheryl’s security team has been beefed up and no-one is taking any chances this time.”

In her book, Cole has described friend Derek Hough as a sweetheart and frequent collaborator as “a very special person”. It has been claimed that she does not mention her ex-husband Ashley in the account of her last 12 months.


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Cheryl glad Joe McElderry came out
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Cheryl Cole and Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry has revealed that Cheryl Cole sent him a supportive text message when he announced that he was gay.

McElderry, who came out in July, said that he appreciated his former mentor’s gesture – particularly since she was still getting over her battle with malaria at the time.

He told X Magazine: “She had a lot of her own stuff going on, so it wasn’t really appropriate for me to just phone her up and go, ‘Guess what Cheryl?’

“But she was fine. She texted me and said, ‘I’m glad you’ve managed to get it out.’ And she’s always been there whenever I’ve needed to talk to her or discuss anything. She was great.”

McElderry – who admitted that he lost the text message when he accidentally dropped his phone down the toilet – said that his mother was equally encouraging when he told her about his sexuality.

The 19-year-old added: “It was about a week before I told the press and we were on the train and I said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you,’ and she was like, ‘Oh, all right then,’ and then I told her, and she was fine.”

McElderry releases his next single ‘Ambitions’ on October 11, followed by his debut album Wide Awake on October 25.


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