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Cheryl back at work in the studio despite urged to slow down by ...
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is back at work and recording new material – despite warnings from her X Factor boss Simon Cowell that she should still be taking it easy after her life-threatening bout of malaria.

She was seen leaving the studio, dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a hooded top, before returning to her nearby hotel, shortly followed by Hough.

The 27-year-old star flew out to Los Angeles to recuperate from the illness at the end of July with her close friend, dancer Derek Hough.

She’s been staying at the Sunset Marquis hotel there but she’s been regular touch with Cowell as she gets her strength back in time to return to the X Factor.

However, she’s not due back on the show until October – and it seems the Girls Aloud star can’t wait until then to get back to work.

Despite doctors also ordering the Fight For This Love singer to reduce her hectic schedule – they believe she found it harder to get better from the infection as her immune system was so weak with overwork – she’s busy recording the follow-up to her debut album 3 Words.

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Cheryl’s workload concerns friends
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Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts

Friends of Cheryl Cole are reportedly concerned that she is taking on too much too soon after her recent illness.

Since recovering from malaria, the X Factor judge has been in the US with Derek Hough and is thought to be recording tracks for her second album.

However, the Daily Star claims that friends are worried Cole is juggling too much as she is due to film the Judges’ Houses stage of The X Factor.

“She needs to slow down,” GP Dr Julian Spinks told the paper. “If she burns the candle at both ends she’ll fall ill again.”

Cole herself has said that she “raring to go” and can’t wait to “get my teeth into” the next stage of the competition.


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Cheryl insists she has never been happier
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Cheryl Cole

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has decided to put her split from husband Ashley and her recent bout of malaria behind her. The 27-year-old insists that she has never been happier.

She told The People: “I’ve got so much to look forward to in the next few months. I’ve never felt happier.”

During the first episode of The X Factor the Girls Aloud star was seen as she collapsed with malaria. Cheryl has now fully recovered from the disease that left her hospitalised.

Friends said that the singer now feels ready to move on from the pain of her marriage break-up.

A source said: “Cheryl’s saying I feel like I’ve turned my life around.

“She says she’s looking at doors opening for her in her life over the next few months. She is excited about starting this whole new chapter in her life. “It’s great to see her looking and feeling good again after all that she’s been through.

“She is talking excitedly about starting work on The X Factor again and the release of a pop single.”

They added: “But she seems particularly relieved about the way her divorce is progressing. There is no time frame here. Its not a case of a date for the divorce to come through. That will happen when the lawyers letter arrives.”


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Cheryl turns down Help For Heroes gig
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has apparently been banned from singing at the Help For Heroes gig by her doctor.

The Girls Aloud singer is under strict instructions not to sing for at least three months as she continues to recover from malaria.

According to The Sun, Cheryl was in talks to perform at the concert on September 12 but “reluctantly” said no.

Cheryl is currently enjoying a break in LA with close pal Derek Hough.

She contracted malaria after a holiday with dancer Hough to Tanzania.

Robbie Williams, Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Plan B, James Blunt, and The Saturdays have already been confirmed to play at the gig.

Peter Kay, Michael McIntyre, Jason Manford, Jack Dee, Kevin Bridges, John Bishop, and Bruce Forsyth will be providing the chuckles.

For more information on how to buy tickets visit


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Cheryl plans £100,000 makeover
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole will be back on our TV screens next month for the judges’ houses round of The X Factor – and she’s planning to invest £100,000 on a makeover to mark her comeback.

Sources tell Now that the first step of 27-year-old Cheryl’s radical makeover is to gain a curvier frame. Already looking fuller in the face as she recovers, she’s determined to put faddy eating habits such as the blood group diet behind her and has hired a personal chef who’s put her on a carb-packed diet .

An insider tells us: ‘Cheryl’s illness has been a real wake-up call for her and she’s told her friends that she’ll never take her health for granted again.

‘She’s now eating bigger meals earlier in the day, including lots of pasta, potatoes and rice with steamed vegetables to bulk up her slim frame.

‘Her chef’s tailored her diet to help her put on weight and is giving her nutritional advice.’

We’re also told that she’s replaced her habit of snacking on chocolate with drinking loads of peppermint tea to help flush toxins out of her system.’


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Cheryl back in the studio
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly begun work on her new album while holidaying in LA.

After being forced to stay at her Surrey mansion for the last few weeks while she recovered from a bout of malaria, Chezza is now enjoying a well-earned break in California.

Despite officially being on holiday with her friend – dancer Derek Hough – Cheryl’s taken the opportunity to start work on some new material while she’s in the States.

A source told The Sun: “Cheryl couldn’t sit around any longer. She feels 100 times better and wants to get some normality back.”

“She was going crazy sitting around at home. She wants a change of scenery so has decided to go to Los Angeles and get back into the studio.”

“But it’s still nowhere near the work schedule she had before she fell ill.”


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Cheryl has the most wanted smile in the UK
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Cheryl Cole, the 26-year-old from Pop Stars-The Rivals has the ‘most-requested teeth’ claims the Daily Express and top UK cosmetic dentist says his patients in Preston are always asking for Cheryl’s star-shine look.

Cheryl’s adult braces in Preston are a different choice to Invisalign. After winning Pop Stars : The Rivals, Cheryl admits she was wearing invisible braces called Inman Aligners for just about 2 years cost of the braces were approx £1,500.

‘Although clear invisible braces might have straightened Cheryl’s teeth, it was the Inman Aligner product that made the difference,’ claimed Preston dentist, Nadim Majid.

‘This revolutionary process in tooth braces in Preston can straighten teeth from as little as 6 weeks to 16 weeks,’ added Nadim Majid, a top cosmetic dentist and Preston’s approach to life-style Dentistry.

This and the alleged £10,000 worth of porcelain teeth veneers has seriously improved Cheryl’s teeth since she appeared on Pop Stars – The Rivals in 2002 and, he continues, ‘Porcelain veneers could easily cost £10,000’.

Nadim Majid, writer of… ‘How To Have A Smile Like Cheryl Cole For As Little As £5 Day’, has treated many women of all ages with new braces and revealed a number of common issues and grumbles. To make sure that his future patients don’t suffer the same problems and end up with disappointing results Nadim Majid has released a free patient guide. Explaining everything you need to understand BEFORE you make an investment in your grin.



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Cheryl upset by backstage revelations
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Cheryl Cole is said to be feeling “betrayed” after a Danish DJ told the media that she had “pranced around half-naked” after her first live performance following her split from husband Ashley, a report has claimed.

Danish X Factor judge Soulshock claimed that he “got an eyeful” of the Girls Aloud star backstage while Cheryl was filming a promotion for her album `3 Words’.

The music producer told a tabloid newspaper that he had spent an hour chatting with Cheryl in her dressing room.

Soulshock told the Daily Star Sunday: “She seemed in good spirits. She looked, well, fantastic.

“And let’s say I really did see exactly how good she looks. Wow. Yes she was very casual in her room.

“She wore a bathrobe – but what I saw was quite impressive!”

He added: “I’ve worked with other artistes going through private life troubles and they don’t cope like her. I was with her for quite some time and it’s not like she was being sad.

“Even in LA a week ago she didn’t look down or talk about Ashley. But she has her moments.”

However, sources close to Cheryl have said that she feels that the DJ should not have spoken to the media.

A pal said: “What goes on in Cheryl’s dressing room stays there. It goes without saying.

“She’s really annoyed that Soulshock chose to air her dirty linen in public, seemingly to try and score a few points at her expense.

“She hasn’t got much faith in men as it is at the moment. This has knocked her confidence even more.”

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