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Cheryl will return to America
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Cheryl is reportedly planning to return to America, as she recovers from her marriage breakdown.

Cheryl sang her hit single ‘Fight For This Love’ at the Danish version of the X Factor last week and reportedly told one of the judges that she can’t wait to go Stateside again.

Soulshock – real name Carsen Schack told The Sunday Mirror:

“I had a good chat to Cheryl for about an hour before the show.

“She didn’t want to talk about Ashley. She was speaking about LA and how she really wanted to get back there and start working on new songs.

“Cheryl is using her work as a real focus at the moment. She’s a very ­professional artist and there is nothing that will get in her way.”


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Cheryl’s memoirs are ‘hot property’
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X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is allegedly at the centre of a bidding war for the rights to her autobiography. It has been reported that the Girls Aloud singer has attracted a number of publishers including Random House, Penguin and HarperCollins.

Sources have told the Daily Mail that Cole is to be offered over £5million for her memoirs and publishers could end up paying the highest amount for a celebrity autobiography.

A spokesperson for Cheryl insisted that the singer has “no plan” to write her life story.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old has revealed that she is ready “to party” following her split from Ashley

While appearing on the Danish X Factor Cheryl said that she was now going to concentrate on “having fun”.

She is reported in the Daily Mirror as saying: “Everything’s good. I’m okay. I’m rocking it.

“I’m enjoying myself. I’ve been looking forward to the show and hope everyone enjoys it.”

Talking to the Danish press, Cole said: “If there’s a party I’ll be there. That’s what it’s all about.”

…Give her a few years, then we’ll talk, meanwhile, assholes stop trying to make money out of her misery!


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Cheryl isn’t motivated by money
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The Girls Aloud beauty – who has been left devastated by allegations her soccer star husband Ashley Cole cheated on her again – admits she enjoys having no financial worries but it isn’t the driving force behind her decisions.

She said: “I’m the least money motivated person that you’d come across. I never had a thing growing up as a child. We were, you could say, poor, we didn’t have any money. But it’s never something that I have been driven by. It’s obviously something that’s nice and it’s a bonus to have, and amazing that I can have nice things and I don’t have to worry like other people, but it’s not what drives me.”

“I just absolutely love what I do and I love music and I’m passionate about my job. And that’s it really, that’s what keeps me going.”

Despite speculation Simon Cowell is keen to have Cheryl join him on the judging panel when he launches ‘The X Factor in the US, the 26-year-old singer says she has no intention to move Stateside.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I have no plans to move. “If the day comes when I break America I will give it 150 per cent. But until that happens I’m just going to focus on each day as it comes.”


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Cheryl returns to work
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Broken-hearted Cheryl Cole put on a brave face yesterday as she returned to work for the first time since splitting from cheating husband Ashley.

The devastated Girls Aloud star spent nine hours filming a new TV shampoo ad.

Looking weary, the singer was picked up from her Surrey mansion at 7.35am and taken in a chauffeur-driven silver Mercedes to North London’s Spring Studios.

Cheryl, 26, kept it together at the shoot for beauty product firm L’Oreal while the cast and crew were ordered not to mention Ashley, 29, or to ask her for autographs.
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Vote for Cheryl on FHM’s 100 Sexiest poll!
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See if Cheryl could be number 1 again this year as a Tweedy!

Vote here

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Cheryl for V Festival
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CHERYL COLE is to play the V Festival as a solo artist, not as part of Girls Aloud.

The X Factor judge had the band with her at her last V Festival appearance, back in 2008, but this time around is to take the stage on her ownsome.

Other acts for the festival, held on 21 and 2 August at sites in Staffordshire and near Chelmsford, include Kasabian, Paulo Nutini and Paul Weller.

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Cheryl: I used to think you could wash hair with a bar of soap
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Cheryl Cole has her locks licked, what with her lucrative shampoo contract for L’Oreal Elvive an’ all.

But the style icon recalls some very bad hair days before she became the nation’s darling.

‘I used to think you could wash your hair with a bar of soap!’ admits Cheryl.

‘Then there was the time I was overweight and I cut it short. It made my face look moon-like.’

Cheryl reckons she’s learnt a lot about what kind of hairstyle flatters her most.

‘At one point, I would’ve worn a poloneck with my hair down although it kind of squashes our face,’ she says, ‘it looks like you’ve got no neck!

‘So I’ve learnt that you need to pull your hair up to give yourself that bit of height.’

Haha, so cute.

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Cheryl tipped for dazzling career
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X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is being tipped for a dazzling career after announcing that she is splitting from Ashley, her footballer husband who has reportedly cheated on her with a string of women.

The 26-year-old has already earned £1.2 million from the last series of The X Factor, a deal as the face of L’Oreal hair products is reported to be worth £500,000, and she has banked several million from her career with Girls Aloud.

Now, according to friends, she is seriously considering taking up Simon Cowell’s offer to become a judge on the planned US version of the reality singing show and is said to have already looked at a £1.2m villa in the Hollywood Hills.

The music mogul is reported to have contacted the brokenhearted Geordie to offer his support and put his home in Los Angeles at her disposal.

Having previously harboured hopes of starting a family, her recently-announced separation from her husband leaves her free of ties – with the exception of her mother Joan, 49, and her two beloved Chihuahuas, Buster and Coco.
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