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It’s official it’s official, Cheryl Online is BACK! After just over a year and half of hiatus of updating the main site, we are finally back. As you know already, the gallery has been back up running in full force for the past few months and I could not wait to relaunch the mainsite, not having any time the past year or two because I have been abroad and have finally able to do what I wanted to do, startng my first year of university.

I have missed doing this site, it’s coming to its’ 5th year anniversary at the end of the year and I’m still overwhelmed by the support by everyone including Cheryl herself, who has always been appreciative of the site.

So stick around! I hope you like the new simplified look, the main purpose is to focus solely on news and updates as the age of social media continue to take over, no more clutter on the side, when you come visit the site all you get and all you need is news.

And as always we bring you the most reliable Cheryl news, what we post will always be true and we do not support and bull**** tabloid stories. We still have the biggest and most exclusive Cheryl image gallery on the internet and I have brought along Katie to help me with gallery updates so if you have time, give her a follow on Twitter @idkmybffkatie

I hope you guys like the new look, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to tweet @CherylOnlineNet

– Charlie

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Site returns…
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Watch this space, Cheryl Online is returning early in the New Year for a total site revamp

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Site Update – Regarding recent hiatus
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Hey guys, I just wanted to make this update very quickly regarding the recent hiatus, lack of updates and such. I know this site has very much been the center point of resource for the whole of the fanbase, for the past 2 years and a half (almost 3 years now), I’ve had a few people coming to me saying the site has been slower than ever with updates. Well, I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past 6 weeks and been trying my best to update whenever I can and whenever I have the energy to but recently I have university reapplications to stress over and other personal problems, I just couldn’t bring myself to update as promptly as before anymore.

BUT, I just wanted to say that I’ll not be stopping the site, the site is still a huge passion of mine, to support Cheryl and to provide the best for the fans. The gallery is still going to be updated with the latest pictures, although the pace of the updates will depend on how busy I am. The mainsite however, will be going on a break for awhile, at least until the new layout is complete (the design is done and dusted, just needs to be coded) then updates will resume.

Thanks so much for the constant support on the site guys, I really appreciate it and I hope to bring back the updates as soon as possible. If you have anything you wanna ask me feel free to tweet me.


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Site news
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Hi guys, you may have noticed the site hasn’t been updated as frequently during the last 2 weeks, first of all I’d like to apologise since I know a lot of fans rely on this site for news and pictures and I haven’t been the first to provide them. I’ve been away the last week and I’m working for the Olympics for the duration of the next 17 days so updates won’t be posted as frequently as usual.

Updates will still come and the usual pace will resume when my job is finished, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoy the games!

– Charlie

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Meeting Cheryl at the StylistPick Signing
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So basically, I’m going to remember as much as possible, since everything went so quickly and almost too perfect it’s such a blur to me so the quotes are not exactly what she said but what I remember along the lines of. This was my 5th time meeting her. Here goes:

Cheryl recognized me straight away and said “Oh HI how’re you? You’re from the L’Oreal shoot! Charlie?” I don’t remember the exact words she said so this is gonna be a rough rehash. I asked her if she still has both my drawings I gave to her last year, she still has them and she said something along the lines of “You did this to me last time and now you’re doing it to me again, oh wow.” She didn’t take her hands off the drawing one bit, she asked about what I’m doing at the moment with school and I stuttered a bit about doing college and going uni next year. She said I should definitely stick to art and asked maybe if I could do tattoo design.

I asked for the photo to be taken and if I could get behind the table to be next to her so I don’t have the awkward over-the-table photos, as I stood next to her, Lily squinted a bit and asked “Are you Cheryl Online?” I was like yeah, then Cheryl turned round and said “OH YOU’RE CHERYL ONLINE?”. By that point I was starting to get all hysterically nervous since having acknowledgement of the site was the main thing I was really looking for, I asked if she knew about the site (Don’t know why I asked that) and she said “yeah, I tweeted you didn’t I? Thank you so much for everything.” Then I just thanked her for acknowledgement and said you have no idea how happy you’ve made me right now.

This is the funny part, she started taking the drawing and said “Maybe we should put it back in there…” and started moving it towards the folder. But then she stopped and said “Or do you want me to sign it or do you want me to keep it?” I was like eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr can you sign it? She pulled a sad/angry face sarcastically and asked where to sign and who to address it to. But it was either Lily or Garry did this but they wanted to take a picture of it with their phone before it got signed. Cheryl signed it and (To Charlie, You are insanely talented. Thank you sooo much. I love you! Cheryl x) As she was signing it she still had bit of a sad face on and I tried so hard not to cave into her being all puppy-eyed and gave her the drawing because I could tell she REALLY wanted it, because I really wanted to keep it.

I said I can’t WAIT for new music and asked if there are any surprise collaborations, she gave me a wink and said ssh, you’ll find out soon and she’ll tweet some lyrics. Then we said our thank yous, which we did twice to eachother saying the same things “Thank you soo much” “No thank you so much for everything.” “Thank you seriously.” Had our hug goodbyes and to Lily too as I walked out saying it was nice seeing her again.

I couldn’t thank Cheryl and her team enough for the recognition of this site, it was all I wanted and I’m completely over the moon. If you’re reading this Cheryl, the site will continue to grow, the support from me and the visitors won’t ever stop. I would like to thank Cheryl, Lily, Sundraj (supersonicpr), Garry, Lisa and the rest of the crew of StylistPick and Westfield for an amazing day.

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Happy New Year!
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Just want to wish all our loyal visitors and Cheryl a Happy New Year. We’re excited for what’s ahead of us and what we can expect from Cheryl in 2012. Party on!

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Merry Christmas!
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Cheryl Online wishes everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you to you all who has stuck with the site as regular visitors for almost two years. The second anniversary is coming up soon in the new year so look out for exciting new things along with Cheryl’s anticipated new album next year.

Also wishing Cheryl and her family, friends her team a Merry Christmas and a great 2012 ahead of them.

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Cheryl’s 2011 – Year in Pictures
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With 2011 coming to an end, Cheryl Online looks on back the rocky year Cheryl had in pictures. Read on for some stunning photographs of all the important happenings and events from the past 12 months.

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