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The “Dear Cheryl” ultimate fanbook project
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Hi everyone,

After the hectic past 2 years Cheryl’s had with her ups and downs, it’s very exciting for me , Courtney and Liam (UltimateCheryl) to announce a new fanbook project that would be something guaranteed to cheer up Cheryl.

This is no ordinary fanbook project you see every other week with just a folder, cut and paste pictures and plastic sleeves. We’ll be asking fans to submit their own messages, drawings or other things to be included in a professionally made bound book, think of a school yearbook with polished glossy pages. This is something that will last longer and unique for Cheryl to keep. There will be a few few special pages you can participate in besides submitting in your own tribute, just read the guidelines below for the basics then follow on to read about the special pages.

The Basic Submission:
You WILL need a scanner to scan your things in, you won’t be required to mail in anything. But we can’t take anything if it’s taken with a camera, they have to be scanned in so everything is in high quality.
Example of things you can submit:
– Letters
– Poems
– Drawings
– Collages
– Blends
You can submit 2 of the above things but it is not guaranteed both of your submissions will be included due to page space, but one submission is guaranteed to be in the book. We recommend you send in a letter along with either a drawing, a collage, a poem or a blend.

Please avoid touchy subjects (Ashley Cole, Derek Hough, US X Factor exit), if you write, try to write about what’s important between you and Cheryl and not bring up any of those subjects, if we read anything that are sensitively related to them, we will ask you to re-submit.

The Special Pages:

We will be doing 2 special pages in addition to fan submissions. One page will be a mosaic of fans’ own photos holding a Cheryl album, the other page will be for people who have met Cheryl to submit their own photo with Cheryl in it (No photoshopped fakes!).

This is open to all international fans. We are aiming to close submissions on July 31st so we can gather things in and start putting the book together to have to professionally printed and bound. In order for all this to work and go quick, please follow the below instructions very carefully so organisation is top notch.

Send all your desired submissions to along with your:
– Full name
– Age
– Location

The above should be in the title of your email for easy sorting and organisation (For example: Jack Smith, 17, Birmingham)
If you wish to participate in the special pages, you can also attach your photos (A photo of yourself holding a Cheryl album, a photo of yourself meeting Cheryl) in your email. Make sure the scans of your letters, drawings etc and photos are in high quality.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or Liam or Courtney by tweeting us!/Dear_Cheryl

But before you do so, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been answered already here.

We hope to make this unique fan project work and we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Charlie, Liam and Courtney

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Cheryl Online competition update
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Cheryl Cole

Guys, regarding the competion, if you have submitted an entry, could you please RESUBMIT it by adding @CherylOnlineNet to your tweet? Twitter decided to not keep the hashtagged tweets you guys have submitted so I cannot view them anymore. If you could resubmit them it would be great.

And if you haven’t entered the competition, what are you waiting for? It ends May 10th and you could win a personalized Cheryl Cole sketch!

Read more about the competition details and guidelines HERE.

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Happy New Year!
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Cheryl Cole

Welcome to 2011 everyone! Wishing you all a Happy New Year and hope you all had a great NYE last night. I’d like to introduce you to the new Cheryl Online layout which should be a refreshing browsing experience for y’all. Lot’s of work was put in during the creative proccess and thanks to my good friend James for making it all come to life with the coding.

Many new features and pages are to come within the next few weeks with a new, fully detailed Music/Discography section which will give you insights on Cheryl’s albums and singles, a new fashion blog is also to be opened very soon. There is a chatbox further down to the left of the sidebar where you can chat with fellow fans/visitors, but please read the disclaimer first before using it.

Enjoy the new year, enjoy the layout, let us know what you think or if you have any issues, tweet us @CherylOnlineNet!


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Merry Christmas from Cheryl Online!
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Online would like to wish all of you loyal visitors a very happy Christmas and a happy new year! The site’s almost reaching its’ one year anniversary and I wouldn’t have kept up with everything without you guys, my 2011 resolution, to get some sort of notice or recognition from Cheryl herself for the site, see you guys in the new year launching a brand new sparkly layout!

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Follow’s official Tumblr
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Did you know we have our own Tumblr page? It was a while back but I was still working on the look so I’m deciding to get it out there now. Tumblr is one of today’s most popular multimedia social networks and now we’re on it!

If you have a Tumblr, you can follow us for updates and previews for gallery adds, whether they’d be candids, appearences or photoshoots. Our page may be updated with exclusive images to it, it won’t be on the main site or the gallery so make sure you follow us!

You can click on the URL here to follow us:

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Introducing the brand new layout + extras
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It’s that time of the year again where the site gets a revamp and this time I have taken a lot of risks with the layout as it was extremely difficult for my friend, James from to code the design I put together. The layout features a transiting banner that will change everytime you refresh any page of the site, currently there are 6 different banners.

I’ve also added a little bonus section with 3D anagraph images of Cheryl to get into the whole current 3D craze, head over to, put on your red & blue glasses and have fun with the pictures. There’s obviously the new gallery layout which also debuted last week to complete with the whole revamp to welcome the NEW era of Cheryl’s second album, “Messy Little Raindrops” and to celebrate the release of her new single “Promise This” and the music video premiering in 2 days.

The site is an absolute jewel to me and for it to come this far and get so many hits within such a short period of time since it’s opening in February, I couldn’t have done it without you loyal visitors and Cheryl fans. The site is growing bigger and bigger everyday and I hope the site will be big enough soon to be recognized or acknowledged by Cheryl herself, it would be absolutely amazing to earn a little appreciation from all the hard work I put into this site.

Again, thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’ve all had a great summer. If there are any questions or if you’re experiencing any problems with the new site, drop me an email, or to be easier, give me a tweet on Twitter @CherylOnlineNet and I will sort it out asap.


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Welcome to!
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Welcome to your latest source for all things Cheryl Tweedy Cole. We’re aiming to be the largest Cheryl fansite on the web, with 20k+ images already in our gallery, we hope to satisfiy you with your daily dose of Queen Chezza with fast updates, gossip, high quality images and media. Stick around, and be sure to bookmark us. Lastly, thanks so much to Tim for the coding!

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