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04-02-12 Cheryl back in the studio
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Cheryl tweeted last night that she was back in the studio in LA finishing off that new album. We can’t wait to hear it, getting impatient now Chez!

@cherylcole: Me and @VoiceofSparrow @titojustmusic @therealwhitepat in the studio, I LOVE these guys @billywes where are you?!

I may been in here so long I feel like the walls are watching me.. Is it me or does this speaker have a face ? #timeforbed

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Cheryl meets fans and tweets pouty photo
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@cherylcole: Have you tried my L’Oreal lipstick for my Charity with the Princes Trust? Not only is it for charity but it is Gorgeous!! I LOVE it! You can get it here..

Check out a photo Cheryl tweeted earlier with her red lipstick on, also notice the longer hair! On the same evening some lucky fans bumped into Cheryl at the orthodontist. Click above to view photos in the gallery.

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Cheryl tweets Cheryl Online a happy anniversary
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Cheryl took the time out this afternoon for another one of her tweet sessions and tweeted us! The site was established on December 31st 2009 and launched in February 2010, and its’ second anniversary is very very very soon.

@cherylcole: Thank you @CherylOnlineNet what you do means the world and Happy Birthday!!

Cannot express how overjoyed this tweet made me personally, the site will continue to support Cheryl till the end of time.

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Cheryl calls BS on Channel 5 documentary
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The 28-year-old star, who usually keeps her head down over press reports on her, was so enraged by the programme, entitled The Truth About Cheryl Cole, that she took to her Twitter account to attack the biographical documentary.

@cherylcole: It amazes me how people can piece together a show called ‘The truth about Cheryl Cole’ and then fill it with a load of s**t ! Just been hearing all about it and lmao #thetruthaboutcherylcole or #icouldntbearsedtofindthetruthout ! Bore off.. Zzzzz.

The show, which aired on Channel 5 in the summer this year, had the following description: ‘A unique insight into the rollercoaster ride taken by national treasure Cheryl Cole from a humble housing estate in Newcastle to a palatial new home in star studded LA.’

But Cheryl is clearly not pleased with the choice for it to run, claiming she wasn’t contacted for content purposes and doesn’t believe it to be an accurate portrayal of her life.

Yeah you tell em Chez.


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Cheryl attends Rihanna’s “Loud” Tour
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Cheryl took the time out to attend her friend Rihanna’s Loud concert with Nicola Roberts on Thursday night. Cheryl and Rihanna also retweeted and tweeted eachother after:

Just left @rihanna last #Loud concert. Amazing!! To put on 98 of the same shows like that and give your all takes something special.

Congratulations on completing your tour @rihanna Have an amazing Christmas, well deserved break and another amazing year!

@CherylCole u are a sweetheart! Really!!! Thank you

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Cheryl tweets support to Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson
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Cheryl took some time out today to tweet about her acts from last year’s X Factor and also gave Rebecca Ferguson’s new single a little plug. How sweet!

@CherylCole Feels like I’ve blinked and we’re back in November, its been a crazy year. So proud of what my girls have achieved @CherLloyd and @RebeccaFMusic are doing so well!! Just been watching this…wow

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Taio Cruz Facebooks Cheryl picture
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Check out this super adorable picture uploaded by Taio Cruz on his official Facebook.

The beautiful miss Cheryl Cole wearing her RXTR R1 Watch

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Cheryl f***king Tweedy!
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