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Official Cheryl Cole Calendar 2011
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Check out the first images of the 2011 Official Cheryl Cole calendar! She looks gorgeous as per usual in the shots sadly they’re only medium and low quality for now, can’t wait for HQ ones. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Cheryl refuses to allow Girls Aloud band mates to visit
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Kimberley Walsh Cheryl Tweedy Cole Nicola Roberts

According to The Sun today, Cheryl Cole is refusing to see her Girls Aloud band mates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts while she’s in hospital.

It seems that Cheryl will only see her mum Joan and close friend, Derek Hough. The paper quotes a source as saying, “Cheryl doesn’t want people to see her as she is.”

The article also states that Cheryl has “put on hold” plans for finalising her divorce from Ashley as she’s too unwell to meet with lawyers.

However, the source said to be close to Cheryl asserted that she’s on the mend and is glad to be in a private room, so she can “get some privacy.” The source added, “She is still extremely frail and drifting in and out of sleep, but she has shown great signs of improvement.”

Doctors have reportedly told Cheryl that she’s likely to remain in hospital until the end of the month. Simon Cowell is quoted in the paper as saying, “I had a text from her yesterday. She is on the mend and looking forward to coming back.

“She is making a good recovery.”


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Cheryl Is Getting Better Thanks To Mum
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

The singer is being looked after by her mum Joan…
Cheryl Cole is on the mend from malaria thanks to some TLC from her mum Joan, who has been cooking Cheryl homemade meals.

According to the Sun, Cheryl refused the meals at the private clinic where she is currently staying and asked Joan to cook her the comfort food she had when she was growing up in Newcastle.

A source told the newspaper: “It’s definitely helping to cheer her up.

“There were things like quails eggs on the menu. But fancy foods aren’t Cheryl’s way.

“She’s from a real working-class background and the home-made meals are a nice reminder from her childhood days.”


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Cheryl Wants to return to ‘X Factor’ Immediately
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole is “better and feeling perky” after she was struck down with malaria, according to her pal Simon Cowell.

The Girls Aloud star has been hospitalized in the U.K. since she was diagnosed with the mosquito-borne illness earlier this month.

Doctors have ordered her to pull out of upcoming work commitments so she can recuperate, forcing Cowell to search for another star to take Cole’s seat on the judging panel of his U.K. talent show, “The X Factor”.

But Cowell is confident Cole will return to the series soon – she texted the music mogul on Monday, July 12 to tell him she’s eager to head back to the show.

He says, “I had a text from her last night. She says she is better and feeling perky. She does want to come back to work but I need to talk to her about when that’s going to be.”

The 27 year old was struck down by the disease after a trip to Tanzania with her dancer friend Derek Hough last month.


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Comic Relief shocked at Cheryl’s malaria
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

A British charity are “shocked” that Cheryl Cole caught malaria during a recent trip to South Africa.

Bosses at Comic Relief have revealed they are stunned the singer contracted the disease, as the X Factor star took part in an African climb for the organisation last year – to raise money to buy mosquito nets in the country.

A statement from the charity reads: “When news reached us that our good friend Cheryl Tweedy had contracted malaria last week, we were absolutely shocked.

“It’s only a short time ago that she, along with eight of her celebrity friends, completed a gruelling physical challenge to raise money for Comic Relief to buy and distribute malaria nets – the first step in preventing families and children in Africa from contracting this deadly disease.

“Cheryl did an amazing thing when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year, and she knows what a devastating effect malaria can have on anyone who catches it – especially for those children and families living in poor countries where they have no access to healthcare.

“Thanks to Cheryl and the team’s huge fundraising efforts, Comic Relief has been able to distribute thousands of malaria nets, helping to save lives and prevent many children from contracting the disease. We wish Cheryl a very speedy recovery.”


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Ne-Yo Speaking With Cheryl About A Possible Collab
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo has revealed he has been speaking with Cheryl Cole about a possible collaboration.

The 30-year-old star, famous for hits such as Closer and Miss Independent, admitted he has been talking with Cole about making a record.

He said to BBC Newsbeat: “We’ve been talking about doing some stuff together. Although nothing has happened so far, Cheryl is definitely on the list.”

He added: “She’s gorgeous. She can sing. She can dance. I don’t see why she wouldn’t do well [in the US]. All she needs is already there – she just needs the right song. All she needs is a good record.”


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Cheryl: ‘My life is killing me’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Up until last week, it seemed Cheryl Cole 
was unstoppable.

But after unexpectedly collapsing on the set of an X Factor shoot on Sunday 4 June, then discovering she has the deadly disease malaria, the singer got 
her harshest reality check.

The 27-year-old star’s mapped-out future is hanging precariously in the balance.

‘This situation is devastating for her on so many levels,’ 
an insider tells Now.

‘Being helpless, scared and not in control right now will be more difficult for her to handle than for others.

‘She’s totally bought into this “brand Cheryl” thing.

‘Her mum Joan’s been pleading with her to take a year off.’

Experts warned that Cheryl, who had fluid on the lungs and who says she ‘feels like death’, wasn’t recovering as speedily 
as initially hoped, meaning she could be out of commission for the foreseeable future.

Malaria is likely to recur in patients who haven’t built up a strong enough immunity, so Cheryl is very vulnerable if she doesn’t change her current lifestyle.

‘It’s not known which strain of the disease Cheryl has yet,’ says Dr Wiselka, a specialist in infectious diseases at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

‘She’ll need a period of rest and to seriously pare down her schedule. If you’re under strain, it affects all your organs and can be fatal because 
it affects the blood, which then travels around the body and can cause complications.’


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Cheryl’s dad says she’s on the mend
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole’s dad, Gary Tweedy has revealed that the Girls Aloud star is on the mend and continues to improve.

Gary told The Mirror how he has been phoning the Fight For This Love singer regularly since she was admitted to hospital 10 days ago with malaria after contracting the deadly plasmodium falciparum strain of the disease in Tanzania.

Tweedy told the newspaper: “She has been in a bad way and we have obviously been worried. But she’s on the mend now.”

The 47-year old added: “We don’t know how long she’ll be in hospital, I don’t think the doctors know. We’re just relieved she’s all right.”

Chezza’s father who split with her mum, Joan Callaghan 16 years ago also claimed that medics are hopeful that the X Factor judge will make a full recovery from the tropical illness.

He revealed that his daughter has been on oxygen and a drip after the disease took hold of the singer’s frail body – leaving her weak and jaundiced.

The 27-year old, who filed for divorce from hubby Ashley Cole back in May has been told not to work until September at the earliest, ruling her out of X Factor boot camp and V Festival.

She has also been advised by doctors to ‘sort out’ her nutrition and stress levels by taking up relaxing yoga and Pilates as well as recommending Chez to scrap her blood-type diet to regain full health.


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