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Cheryl wants Kimberley to step in for X Factor
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Kimberley Walsh

Cheryl Tweedy is insisting her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh takes her place on X Factor if she is too ill to make the show.

Cheryl, 27, who has been told by doctors she may need six months off work as she battles malaria, says she could think of no one more suitable to fill her role as a judge on the new series, which goes live this autumn.

A close friend of the singer said she is “tearful and depressed” about her illness, which she caught from a mosquito bite while holidaying with dancer friend Derek Hough in Africa.

And her mother Joan Callaghan is said to be furious with X Factor bosses who believed she was hung-over when she turned up for work at the Cardiff auditions last week…when in fact she was showing early signs of the illness. X Factor supremo Simon Cowell, even joked that Cheryl had a hangover. But the following day she collapsed and has been in hospital since last Sunday.

The friend said: “Joan thinks the X Factor should have stepped in sooner and allowed Cheryl some time off.

“Now there is no way she will let Cheryl get back to work until she is 100 per cent well.”

Both Cheryl and her manager Hilary Shaw have been pushing Cowell to bring in Kimberley to take over – although Cowell is keen on former Pop Idol star Myleene Klass. Cheryl’s illness has already forced her to pull out of this weekend’s X Factor auditions in Manchester where Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger appeared as a guest judge. The friend told the Sunday Mirror: “Doctors have told Cheryl that in the worst case she might need to take six months off.

“So she’s already making plans for what to do if she can’t return for the new series.”

Aaaw I love Kimba, but I really hope Cheryl can make the show and recovers in time for it, The X Factor will literally be nothing without her.


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Cheryl to be sent X Factor audition tapes by Simon Cowell
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole will be nursed back to health with tapes of the X Factor auditions sent by Simon Cowell. He wants to cheer up the babe as she recovers from malaria in a private hospital in London.

Simon is so convinced he has found a chart-topping female group like Girls Aloud that he wants her to see them.

Cheryl, 27, whose group Girls Aloud was formed after the five babes won TV’s Popstars: The Rivals, has said she is desperate to find the nation’s next top girl band.

Simon, 50, said he was “gutted” Cheryl missed the group of four girls who auditioned for him, Louis Walsh, 57, and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger, 31, on Saturday.

Speaking at the Manchester auditions, Simon said: “I am so sorry Cheryl isn’t here as I know it would mean so much to her to find a girl group.

“I’m going to send her a tape of the audition.”

Cheryl last night pulled out of next month’s V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex, and Weston Park, Staffs. She will also miss the Boot Camp stage of The X Factor, with her Girls Aloud band-mate Kimberley Walsh, 27, expected to take her place.


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Cheryl pulls out of X Factor Bootcamp and V Festival
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has pulled out of next month’s V Festival and the boot camp stage of The X Factor due to her ongoing battle with malaria, a spokeswoman for the singer has said.

The 27-year-old star contracted the disease on a trip to Tanzania last month, despite taking malaria tablets.

“Cheryl Cole is making good progress but following medical advice she will not be able to take part in X Factor’s boot camp stage or perform at V,” her spokeswoman said.

A spokesman for The X Factor said: “Cheryl will not be attending The X Factor boot camp later this month.

“Our priority is to ensure Cheryl is fit and well before she returns to work and to give our contestants a fair and proper opportunity to compete in the show.”

It is not yet known if a guest judge will be brought in to help with boot camp.

Cole’s illness had already forced her to pull out of the final auditions for the television talent show in Manchester.

Cole was reported to have collapsed during a photoshoot for her album on July 3 and was initially diagnosed with exhaustion.

She was rushed to hospital the next day after her symptoms, including a soaring fever, worsened.

The singer was treated in intensive care at University College London Hospital, home to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, but on Friday was considered well enough to be transferred to a private clinic to continue her recovery.


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New L’Oreal 2009 outtake
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Check out a newly released outtake from the Elvive Full Restore video shoot from 2009’s L’Oreal campaign, actually jaw droppingly stunning. Click the image above to access the HQ in the gallery.

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Cheryl was ‘Hours From Death’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole was close to death when she was diagnosed with malaria, according to a report in News of the World.

A friend of the star revealed the extent of her illness to the newspaper: “We nearly lost her and the battle is far from over… It got so bad she was literally only hours from death’s door. Even now she can’t talk. She drifts in and out of consciousness and when she comes round all she can do is sob.”

Although Cheryl has been moved from intensive care to a private clinic, the source said the Fight For This Love singer still has a long way to go. “She’s not better, she’s not even close. It’s still a very serious situation and she’s really going to have to battle.

“The fact she’s been on oxygen for six days now, and is still on a drip, shows how severe things are,” the friend continued. “She has fluid on her lungs as well which they can’t really treat at the moment because her blood count’s so low.”

The report states that Cheryl is likely to stay in hospital for another fortnight, but won’t be strong enough to appear in public for a further two months. That means she won’t take part in X Factor boot camp and won’t perform at the V Festival next month, although no official announcement has been made as yet.

It’s likely the star’s low immunity – due to the stresses in her personal life and her recent weight loss – added to the severity of the illness and will increase recovery time.


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Cheryl regrets watching movie at Cannes Film Festival
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Cheryl Cole spent an entire film premiere thinking of better ways she could be spending her time.

The singer attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where she performed at a party and also worked in her role as a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris. While at the event she attended the debut of Outside the Law, about three Algerian brothers living in France after having survived the aftermath of the Sétif massacre.

Cheryl wasn’t prepared for the “long” movie, and couldn’t help day dreaming while she was watching it. “It’s been a long day and the film is more than two hours long and very harrowing,” she said in a diary about her time in Cannes published in British magazine InStyle. “As my manager Hillary says, ‘You make a choice to see a film like this,’ but we’re sitting right in front of the cast, so I feel like it would be really rude to leave, even though I can’t help thinking to myself all the things could have done with that time.”

Cheryl found appearing on the red carpet at the event nerve-wracking. She is used to being seen at events with her four bandmates, and was concerned she would make a fool of herself. She decided to “smile like it was going out of fashion”, and was pleased with the pictures which were taken of her.


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Simon Cowell planning visit to Cheryl in hospital
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Simon Cowell

Caring Simon Cowell is planning a bedside visit to Cheryl Tweedy as she fights to recover from Malaria.

The trip was revealed as X Factor judge Cheryl was moved out of intensive care and into a private clinic.

Despite the positive news, grave fears remain for her health.

This has so concerned X Factor supremo Cowell, that he has postponed filming of the ITV mega-show.

Following rumours that singer Cheryl, 26, is suffering from fluid on her lungs after contracting the illness on holiday, Simon has told her to concentrate on her health, and reassured her the show will be accommodated to fit around her.

The big-hearted star, 50, has also sent Cheryl a stream of well-wishing cards and flowers. He will pop in to see her within the next 72 hours.

A source told the Mirror: “All the judges have been really supportive of Cheryl, Simon in particular.

“He originally contacted her management team to inform them there was no hurry; her health was number one priority.

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David Beckham and Cheryl are ideal babysitters
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Singer Cheryl Cole – who collapsed over the weekend due to a hefty bout of the deadly malaria disease – is currently kidless, yet is the number one teen choice for a celebrity babysitter.
And the devoted father-of-three, David Beckham, features in the top three male sitters.

After England’s defeat at the World Cup last week, at least the sexy sportsman has got something to smile about now. But the boy should beware – teammate Wayne Rooney follows closely behind at number five in the poll.

And not fooling anyone but themselves, teen idol Justin Bieber featured high on girls’ wish list, with over a quarter of girls choosing him as a top carer – yeah right!

Parents aren’t falling for it either…

High on their list of priorities for a babysitter is someone who can keep a firm eye on their children – Super Nanny, Nanny McPhee and Mrs Doubtfire all come out as top choices.
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