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Cheryl features in Rankin’s ‘F*ck Y*o’ Photogr...
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F*ck Y*o is available exclusively at Urban Outfitters for the next six week, priced £25. Order the book here.

And it’s exactly this tongue-in-cheek take on the age old insult that informs F*ck Y*u. Never one to take himself too seriously, and used to the odd insult, Rankin has been photographing celebrities giving him the finger for years. And it was a particular shot of supermodel Heidi Klum flipping the bird that inspired this book. And whether you know it or not, you’re probably already pretty familiar with this shot. Ever been to Thailand, or any market in the world for that matter, that stocks brightly coloured printed t-shirts? Then you’ve definitely seen a topless Heidi giving the finger to Rankin’s camera – though this was not where the shot was intended to end up. Originally printed in a book, then ripped-off by t-shirt manufacturers, Rankin’s image has been reprinted thousands of times, if not millions, of times the world over.

But the middle finger photographs didn’t stop there. On the advice of his French gallerist Arnaud Adida, Rankin delved into his archives to find similar shots, and started asking every famous face that came through his studios to flip him the bird. These images have been immortalised in F*ck Y*o and include the likes of Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry, Damien Hirst, Helena Christensen, The Rolling Stones and Robert Downey Jr, as well as that famous Heidi shot that planted the seed those years ago.

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03. Photo Shoots > 2012 > Rankin Set 4

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StormFlower Behind The Scenes Video
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Check out a new released behind the scenes video of the StormFlower TV ad, shot by Rankin. Don’t forget StormFlower is out now in every Superdrug and Perfume Shops in the UK!

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L’Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray commercial
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Giving me Kardashian vibes, love the ending bit!

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Shhh Something NEW is coming from Elnett
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Screw You feat. Wretch 32 official fan lyric video
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It’s out! See if your Instagrammed picture made it in this amazing video for the 3rd single, Screw You.

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“Styled to Rock” TV promo
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Cheryl will be making a guest appearance in Rihanna and Nicola Roberts’ fashion design television show on Sky Living, here’s a sneak preview of her in the TV promo! The show starts August 14th on Sky Living.

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Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!
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Happy Birthday Cheryl from all the visitors of Cheryl Online and me. Cheryl turns 29 today and is currently in Vegas partying it up with Kimberley and Nicola. This post is to celebrate the amazing 29 years that Cheryl has graced us with, let’s all wish her a Happy Birthday by tweeting her @CherylCole. Here’s to the incredible first half of 2012 and many many years of amazing music and her rather odd yet charming humour. Can’t wait to see how the rest of this album campaign plays out and of course the Girls Aloud reunion! Most importantly, PARTY HARD!

You can all give Cheryl a very special birthday present by donating to the Cheryl Cole Foundation where the proceeds would go towards disadvantaged kids with big dreams from Newcastle. Go HERE to donate, we’ve raised over £2,400 so far!

Webmaster Charlie

P.S. Here’s a Happy Birthday from your fave Brit Brit:

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Summertime Ball Webisode
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