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Cheryl on the front line
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Check back tomorrow for even more pics!

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New L’Oreal Color Riche print ad
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Click above to view a brand new print ad Cheryl shot for L’Oreal’s Color Riche lipstick. This was shot back in early March during the Elnett print ad shoot.

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US Celebrities wish Cheryl a Happy Birthday
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Check out a video compliation of various American celebrities wishing Cheryl a Happy birthday, including Paula Abdul, Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys.

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Happy Birthday Cheryl!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL! I hope Cheryl an amazing birthday and goes out and get drunk with her friends and family and forget about the rest. And then go on have a wonder 28th year of her life. I don’t anything for Cheryl, but if by any chance she’s reading this, I can reveal there will be a massive fan project coming up soon.

Charlie and Cheryl Online readers

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Cheryl Online Redesigning Messy Little Raindrops competition
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As promised, I’m hosting a mini competition for your chance to win a personalized sketch of Cheryl of your choice or 2 of my original drawings I submitted for the L’Oreal competition a month ago, those drawings were handpicked by Cheryl herself!

For a chance to win one of them, simply redesign the Messy Little Raindrops album cover, the winner will win a sketch of their choice personalized for them and the 2 runners up will win 2 of my sketches I did for L’Oreal.

– Image dimensions must be 600 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide.
– You may submit upto 2 entries maximum.
– Tag your image with your name, anywhere, so I’ll know your real name if you win!
– Be creative, if you’re just going to choose a random picture and slap on some text, it will probably not catch my attention.
– But don’t get too complicated with the design, find insipration from existing album covers, most of them are simple but eye catching.
– You must have a Twitter account and must be following @CherylOnlineNet

Submit your entries by tagging a link to the image (upload to Imgur) with a hash tag: #CherylOnlineComp on Twitter, no need to tweet it to me with @CherylOnlineNet, just make sure you have #CherylOnlineComp in.

Competition ends May 10th and Winner will be announced May 11th via Twitter and on the mainsite here.

Good luck!

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Jersey Shore boys Vinny and Pauly D fancy Cheryl
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Jersey Shore and Cheryl Cole

Jersey Shore stars Vinny and DJ Pauly D seem to have the same taste in women as Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, after naming his former wife Cheryl Cole and Ash’s rumoured ex-girlfriend Kayla Collins as their ideal women.

The duo, who were recently in London to promote the new series of the hit MTV show, revealed to The Mirror that they would love to have a three-way kiss with Chezza and the Playboy model.

Speaking at MTV’s Miss Jersey Shore event, when asked which Guidettes they have the hots for, Vinny told the tabloid: “Kayla and I go way back so I’d pick her.”

His Jersey Shore co-star Pauly D appeared to only have eyes for the Girls Aloud star, confessing: “Cheryl is so my type. I’ve got her details so we’ve got to hook up.”

The well-groomed reality TV star added: “She can make my favourite lasagne like my mum and then I’ll take her for a GTL.”

Good taste guys, and obviously not Kayla Collins.


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Promise This is OFFICIALLY Number One
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Cheryl Cole

Nothing more needs to be said, well done Cheryl, just well fucking done! Her second #1 and 6th consecutive top 5!

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Cheryl on Piers Morgan Life Stories preview
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Check out a clip of Cheryl on this Saturday’s Piers Morgan Life Stories where she gives Piers an exclusive interview opening up about Ashley and Malaria. I’m gonna have to restock the tissues! Check out the stills from the interview in the gallery:

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