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15-10-10 Cheryl leaving X Factor studios
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl came back out of the X Factor studios later on last evening with her new red locks down and slightly more lengthened than she went in with, she is also seen with heavier, more dramatic makeup on. Maybe she did a photoshoot or a dress rehearsal for Promise This? I wonder. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Details of the Piers Morgan “Life Stories” interview
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole wrote a will after doctors told her she was on the brink of death with malaria, she revealed last night.

The X Factor star said she had been given just 24 hours to live as she fought the illness in hospital.

During a two-hour interview with Piers Morgan, the singer also spoke openly about the collapse of her marriage to the Chelsea and England footballer Ashley.

She insisted she will ‘always love’ him.

Miss Cole, 27, revealed she still regularly speaks to him, despite his infidelity during their three-and-a-half year marriage. She was granted a divorce in September.

The singer broke down in tears as she said she still believed he was ‘a genuinely nice guy’, adding: ‘Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley.’

She said: ‘Looking back on it I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don’t know where it went wrong. To this day I still question that.’

Newcastle-born Miss Cole had to miss the ‘boot camp’ stage of the current series of X Factor after falling ill with malaria in July. She was only fit enough to return once the live shows began last weekend.

Miss Cole was joined by her mother Joan and Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, who all wept during the interview as she discussed her battle against the disease.

Doctors had told the star she was close to death after she contracted the illness during a trip to Tanzania.

She admitted drinking three vodkas the night before a photoshoot which left her feeling like she had ‘the worst hangover’.

It turned out to be the start of her struggle with the illness.

In the interview, for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, she admitted drawing up a will and considering how to divide up her possessions among friends and family.

She told Morgan: ‘I thought I was going to die, I actually thought I was going to die. I thought if I’m going to die I want to die soon because I was in so much pain’.

A source on the programme said: ‘She was given 24 hours to survive and told if her condition did not improve she would die.’

Miss Cole, who earned £1.2million for the last series of The X Factor, also
discussed her relationship with Simon Cowell, adding: ‘I have a connection with him like no one else.

‘He is one of the most important people in my life. He just gets me.’

However she confessed she missed being a ‘regular’ girl.

‘Sometimes I feel completely trapped,’ she said. ‘I just can’t go back to Newcastle and put on tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots.’


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A message from Cheryl
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl sent fans a message on Facebook earlier this afternoon thanking them for attending the signing, how adorable is it that Cheryl saying she has our backs?

Thank you so much to everyone who came out in the torrential rain to see me when I was at Waterstones last Friday. I clearly have the best and coolest fans in the world.

It was amazing to see so many faces – some familiar – and some new. I loved seeing you all and after hearing some of your stories I’m going start calling you guys Cheryl’s Soldiers!

You are the best. I really hope to see you all again sometime soon. I have your backs and I know you have mine.

All my love, C x

PS: Hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate.

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Cheryl talks to her dogs on the phone
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has admitted she used to phone her two pet dogs when she was away – until she realised they weren’t interested in her calls. The X Factor judge, 27, revealed she missed her chihuahuas Coco and Buster “like crazy”.

She said: “I used to talk to them on the phone but I don’t now because I’ve discovered they’re not interested. They don’t listen.”

But despite the snub, Cheryl said she loves spending time with them. She confessed: “That’s how I relax, just chilling out with them.

“They’re only chihuahuas so they’re only little, but they have got big personalities.”

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the Geordie singer added: “Buster sees himself as lord of the manor and if I’m away and my mum takes him up to Newcastle, it’s like he’s kingpin up there as well.

“Coco’s nervous of other people so she follows me everywhere and looks to me for protection. She’s my baby.”


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Cheryl is not depressed about her marriage failing
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Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is determined not let her divorce from love rat Ashley Cole get her down.

The X Factor judge is a tough little Geordie.

‘Oh, I’m not depressed,’ she insists. ‘No, not me. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. A lot.

‘Even just talking to other women, talking about their lives, looking their situations – mine’s not a fraction of that.’

Cheryl, 27, was floored by malaria this summer but generally she just keeps on slogging away, she doesn’t let her personal life affect her career commitments.

‘I’ve got a lot of mental discipline,’ she tells Vogue. ‘I know that. Like even if I’m knackered, I keep myself going no matter what.

‘I have to keep going. I have to perform. I have to deliver.’


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Cheryl boosts hairspray sales in the UK
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Cheryl Cole

Environment, be damned. All over the UK, ladies are getting lacquered up.

Backcombed hair and the return of big, bouffant waves can only mean one thing: hairspray’s back in fashion. Across the UK alone, overall demand for the product has risen by 10 per cent in the past year, while over £100 million-worth of hairspray has been sold across the country in the past 12 months, according to the Daily Mail.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Cheryl Cole is being credited with the dramatic surge in hairspray’s popularity… and since people are willing to go under the knife to get dimples like hers, buying a can of aerosol spray is hardly a major commitment. Capitalising on the X Factor judge’s popularity, L’Oréal-owned brand Elnett has even created a limited-edition ‘Chellnet’ spray with Cheryl’s picture on the front (no wonder sales of their product have gone up 14 per cent).

Hairspray’s return to vogue – despite the product’s bad PR (yes, it still contains chemicals, is damaging to the ozone layer and leaves hair feeling sticky and stiff) – probably won’t be diminishing any time soon, and not only because of Cheryl.

The autumn/winter 2010 catwalks were awash with 60s-inspired bouffant looks, from beehives at Prada and Giles to slicked-back ponies at Louis Vuitton and retro Bardot styles at Rochas, which all require major quantities of the stuff to keep hair in position.


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Cheryl to guest star on Desperate Housewives?
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is being lined up for a role in the hit US show Desperate Housewives, says a report.

The Geordie singer could soon be chatting to the glamourous wives on Wisteria Lane.

Sources told a Sunday newspaper that Teri Hatcher, who plays Susan in the Channel 4 show, has asked show bosses to give a role to Cheryl in the seventh season of the drama.

Hatcher told the News of the World: “Cheryl is a great role model and exactly the sort of woman we would love to have a role on Desperate Housewives.

“Season seven is going to be a really great series and if she is fit enough I think it would be great to have her in a guest role for two or three episodes.

“With her looks she could cause some real trouble in Wisteria Lane.

“I am sure she would raise a few eyebrows from the residents there but in real life I hear she is an absolute darling and I think we would all get on so well.”

She added: “Cheryl is a really sweet, cute looking girl, so I think it would be really fun for her to play real trouble. Playing the bitch is always more fun I find.”

BS alert, gosh the things they write these days…


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New Sexy! No No No video outtakes
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Girls Aloud

Check out five new high quality promo outtakes from Girls Aloud’s Sexy! No No No… music video shoot from 2007, 3 of them are never before seen. So stunning and fierce. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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