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Cheryl worried about her X Factor future
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has said that she is worried about her future with the hit X Factor show after coming down with malaria. According to the Daily Star, Cheryl Cole, 27, was in a panic when she heard how well former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger done when she stood in for her.

The X Factor Judge wanted to show her fans how well she was doing so she decided to go for a short trip to her local Starbucks. According to the reports she also wanted to show Simon Cowell and bosses at The X Factor that she was nearly recovered and ready to return back to the show although the pictures showed her still frail and far from ready to return back to work.

“Cheryl felt the need to prove she’s back and feeling fine after battling the illness that put her into intensive care,” a source told the publication.

“I mean popping out for coffee – when was the last time she popped out for a coffee? She has aides and family members to carry out her every whim. In reality Cheryl was just desperate to be seen out and get her picture in the paper to show fans she’s on the way back.

“Eventually it was agreed to let her go out in a bid to get her to calm down. More importantly, she wanted to send a message to Simon Cowell to make sure he doesn’t forget her, and also to remind Nicole that she’s just a stand-in and not to make herself too at home.”

The insider added: “However the sad truth is that malaria takes a long time to get over and Cheryl – though looking well – is still a long way from being fully fit.”

Cheryl Cole has said she is so grateful for all the kind support she has received from her fans and cannot wait to get back to work.

Chez you have NOTHING to worry about, Nicole has nothing on you and you’re still the nation’s darling. I’m glad Cheryl looks absolutely freshfaced and ready to go back to work again. Determination, determination, determination.


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29-07-10 Cheryl and Derek Hough arriving at LAX
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Derek Hough

Cheryl was out AGAIN today as she touched down at LAX with rumored boyfriend Derek Hough, she seems to be doing a lot better if she thinks she’s fit enough to travel ahlf way across the world! Speculations are that Cheryl may be filming the Judges Houses segment in LA now. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Gallery Update: Digital quality photos from Cheryl & Ashley...
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Ashley Cole

Three new seen before images have leaked from Cheryl and Ashley’s wedding back in 2006, we were just stuck with scans from the magazine before so enjoy the glorious quality! Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Cheryl thanks doctors who saved her life
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has paid tribute to the NHS doctors who saved her.

The star thanked expert Peter Chiodini and his team for conquering her malaria as she lay close to death. She told them: “I’d have died, if it wasn’t for you.”
Cheryl Cole (pic: Ian Whittaker, SM)

Struck down by the deadliest strain of malaria, Cheryl Cole’s life was in the balance as doctors pulled out all the stops to save her.

Thankfully, the singer was being looked after by a ­dedicated team of NHS tropical diseases experts who brought her back from the brink of death.

And Cheryl has now thanked the medics, led by Professor Peter Chiodini. In an emotional tribute, the 27-year-old told them: “I want to say how grateful I am for ­everything you guys have done. I wouldn’t be here now, if it wasn’t for you.”

Cheryl could now make a ­donation to the tropical diseases unit, based at University College London Hospital, where she was treated after being struck down by malaria on July 4.

A source said: “It’s something she’s giving serious thought to.

“She is so grateful for their expertise and care.”

The news comes as it was revealed Cheryl is planning a trip to Newcastle next week for a reunion with family and old school friends.

When the disease struck, the star was taken to intensive care at the private Cromwell Hospital in West London.

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Flawless Katy Perry talks about Cheryl!
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Katy Perry, Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Only Cheryl and Derek Hough know whether or not they may be playing hide the sausage, but it seems Katy Perry may hypothetically, possibly, going-by-her-words-but-not-actions be up for a bit of a nibble.

Talking to Q Magazine (not actually at a copy of the mag, that’d be odd), Katy politely nixed the possibility of a bit of a fumble with Simon Cowell, focussing her attentions on Cheryl instead. What, no love for Dannii? Or Louis?

“The most gorgeous judge is Cheryl Cole,” she went off on a slight, and seemingly unprompted, tangent.

“That woman is just edible. She kept calling me… what was it? Popette?… “You’re a popette.” She kept saying that to me. Is that a compliment? It is? I love Cheryl. She’s got a whole other version of English going on.”

Us Britishers call it Geordie. Most people believe it to be a form of English, but we’re not entirely sure.

“Edible”, hmmm? So that means you could eat her? That’s what it means, isn’t it, hmmm? Otherwise you wouldn’t say “edible”. That’s what “edible” means, isn’t it, hmmm? We got a live one!

That sounds RUDE. Unless Katy Perry has cannibalistic leanings – which of course, she doesn’t – so, we wonder, how would you take your Cheryl, KP?

That’s not code for something weird. Or a suggestion that Katy reuses her old serviettes like grandma reuses teabags. It is an acknowledgement of her dining accessory party trick.

“My father taught me how to make breasts with a napkin, and I picked up making a dick all by myself. It’s a cool thing to roll out when you are wearing a gown at a posh dinner.”

“They think you’re making a rabbit and then you do a few more twists and folds and, Oooh, they get a cock! Awesome!”

LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl <3 Can't wait for Teenage Dream! And certainly can't wait to see her chemistry with Cheryl.


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Paparazzi tipped off for Cheryl’s coffee run snaps
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

A nation breathed a sigh of relief when the first pictures dropped of a healthy-looking Cheryl Cole visiting a coffee shop off the A3 near Guildford.

The bout with malaria now fully-behind her it seems, (she even ordered her own coffee, one paper said approvingly) the snaps meant a busy day for the photo agencies who follow our Cheryl’s every move.

So did they just get lucky? Nah, they were tipped off by Cheryl’s people. “Were we tipped off? er, Yes,” said Trevor Adams of Matrix Photos. “There was a nod from insider her camp to say she was going to go to Starbucks at 7pm last night.”

Adams told the 5Live Breakfast show: “I think the reason they did that was because there’d been photographers permanently camped outside her house for the last few weeks ever since she’s been ill and they just wanted to make sure that a clean, nice picture appeared in all the papers this morning.”

So everyone’s a winner. Cheryl returns to the public gaze looking a million dollars and the snappers get juicy, nice, clean shots to flog to the papers.

But they won’t be making a million dollars from the shots, Adams says: “There was a whole army of photographers who followed her there, which effectively devalued it.”

A pic of Ms Cole with the new boyfriend, now you’re talking big bucks.


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X Factor revs up for Cheryl’s return
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Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Tweedy Cole

New mum Dannii Minogue fuelled hope for her rival’s return as she excitedly revealed the changes to the segment on Facebook.

Blogging to fans from her new family nest in home town Melbourne, Minogue posted and commented on an official X Factor internet statement concerning the absence of the two stars.

‘Exciting change to X Factor Judges’ Houses – I’ll get to pick from eight acts instead of six this season!’ Minogue wrote.

The 38-year-old made her comment after a statement from the show read: ‘Last year we added a live audience to the auditions, this year it’s Bootcamp that’s bringing about some changes… Instead of the usual six, eight acts will now go through to the Judges’ Houses stage so that Cheryl and Dannii, having missed the auditions, will have the opportunity to choose their finalists from a wider range of talent.’

X Factor bosses say they hope to keep this year’s plagued series ‘fresh and exciting’ following several mishaps.

Producers have had to juggle Minogue’s maternity gap, Cheryl’s major health scare and a string of stand-in judges including Geri Halliwell who was booed by audiences.

Cowell’s camp also confirmed whispers they have increased the age limit of the groups to 28. ITV say the exact timing of Cheryl’s return is not definite yet.


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28-07-10 Cheryl at Starbucks in Surrey
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Praise Godryl! Cheryl was seen out today after a MONTH of battling with Malaria. Looking absolutely fresh faced with no makeup on, Chezza was also sporting longer hair and with a wee bit of weight put on (which is excellent) making a coffee run. I’m SO happy to be seeing Cheryl out looking absolutely refreshed and I’m sure this would satisfy all of you seeing she’s doing ok! Click below to view images in the gallery:

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