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Simon Cowell demands Cheryl to put love life on hold
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Simon Cowell, Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Media mogul Simon Cowell who has always landed his helping hand to singer & pal Cheryl Cole even when she was betrayed by her hubby, Ashley Cole and today also when she had a bad encounter with malaria.

Cowell as a good friend has advised ‘The X Factor’ co-judge Cheryl Cole not to get into any relationship for some time and told her to remain single. The 50-year old mogul also asked ‘Girls Aloud’ beauty to focus on her health.

A source quoted, “Simon has had serious words with Cheryl and gave her a list of things she needs to sort out.”

“He’s demanded that she puts her love life on hold – he feels Derek Hough (her boyfriend) is a distraction that she simply doesn’t need. Derek is always hanging around on the set with her and Cheryl is constantly trying to keep him happy,” the source added.

Simon is also said to be planning to find a lifestyle coach to help Cheryl cope with her hectic schedule.

“Simon wants Cheryl to accept more help, rather than try and battle on by herself. He told her that everyone in the US has a lifestyle guru and that he will get someone to work with her.”

“Cheryl hates the idea because she is a very private person, but Simon is insisting on it. He believes having someone with her is the only way to guarantee she will eat, sleep and talk about her problems,” the source added.


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Cheryl Asks Derek Hough To Move In with Her
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Derek Hough

Cheryl Cole has asked dancer Derek Hough to move in with her while he finds a place to live in London.
While constantly battling rumours that he’s gay, Derek Hough seems happy to contiuing to fuel the ‘I’m-dating-Cheryl-Cole’ fire and is reportedly moving into her Surrey mansion.

Cheryl told the American dancer he could move in while he hunts for a house in London and she continues to recover from malaria.

Derek has stuck by Cheryl over the past few weeks as she recovered in hospital from the potentially-fatal tropical disease she picked up on their vacation to Tanzania.

Cheryl is said to be happy to let Derek stay with her while he meets West End show producers and TV executives to make a name for himself over here.



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Cheryl ‘determined to make X Factor return’
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Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole is determined to return to The X Factor as soon as possible, it has been claimed.

According to Metro, the singer is quickly recovering from the malaria infection which forced her to withdraw during the audition phases and sit out Boot Camp.

A source told the newspaper: “She seems determined. There is real hope now she could indeed make the Judges’ Houses stage.”

It has been reported that Cole could stay in the UK for the key phase of this year’s talent contest, after jetting to Morocco and France on her previous two stints as a judge.

Show boss Simon Cowell has maintained that Cole should not rush back to the programme before she has fully recovered.


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Cheryl angry at replacement by Nicole Scherzinger
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole, Nicole Scherzinger

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly unhappy at being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. The Pussycat Dolls singer stood in for Cheryl at the Boot Camp stage of the competition.

Cheryl is currently at her mansion in Surrey recovering from malaria.

The Girls Aloud singer and Nicole, who dates Formula one driver Lewis Hamilton, allegedly fell out last year after Cheryl branded her “nowhere near as good as Beyoncé”.

She has been texting X Factor boss Simon Cowell saying: “I can’t believe you got her”, according to The People.

However, the music mogul thinks the texts show that Cheryl is desperate to get back to work.

He said: “The worst is over. The texts are getting increasingly feisty so she’s obviously on the mend.

“Judging by the messages, she’s really looking forward to going back to work but our job is to make sure she doesn’t come back too quickly.”

He added: “She’s bored out of her brain and going crazy.”

LOL preach Cheryl, preach.


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Cheryl Wants To Raise Money For Malaria
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole wants to raise money to stop the spread of malaria in Africa.

The pop star was hospitalised after contracting the potentially fatal tropical disease during a trip to Tanzania and while she has been recovering she has decided she wants to help sufferers in the continent.

A friend of the star said: “Cheryl wants to raise money for mosquito nets and better medicines across the worst-affected regions of Africa. After hitting such a terrible physical low, she has come to realise just how awful the disease is and how lucky she has been to receive the best medical care.”

The 27-year-old singer – who had to pull out of the audition stages of pop star search show ‘The X Factor’ and cancelled her scheduled appearances at the V Festival in August so she can fully recover – was discharged from hospital earlier this month and is now convalescing at her home in Surrey, South East England.

Aaaw Chezza, still breaks my heart how she got malaria even when she did the mountain climb last year raising money for it. She’s so humble and down to earth.


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Cheryl ‘enjoys friendly meeting with Ashley’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Ashley Cole

The England footballer came in for criticism for partying in Los Angeles as his wife battled for her life in a London hospital, but it now seems he does still care.

According to the People, the Chelsea star met Cheryl at their marital home in Surrey last week. They had not met for five months, but apparently got on well during the hour they spent together.

A friend of Cheryl’s said: “There were no arguments whatsoever. There is nothing left for Cheryl and Ashley to argue about. In fact, things are now very amicable between them.”

Although the pair are to divorce after claims that Ashley had a series of one-night stands appeared in the papers, the Chelsea defender is determined to part on good terms.

One of the footballer’s friends explained: “Ashley was desperate to visit her as he still deeply cares about her.

“He stayed for nearly an hour, they chatted and he told her how much he still cares for her. Cheryl was also happy at the visit.”

The X Factor star is believed to be finding her recuperation difficult, as she is bored with sitting around doing nothing. However, she has plenty more of that to look forward to, as doctors have told Cheryl it will be several months before she can resume her hectic work schedule.

I expect another apology in a few months time claiming this is untrue, haha.


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Cheryl will return to work this week
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Brave Cheryl Tweedy is due to return to work this week after a remarkable recovery from malaria.

The 26-year-old X Factor judge, who contracted the potentially fatal disease last month, has been in talks with TV chiefs about going back to work for the first time next Friday with an interview for ITV2 spin-off show The Xtra Factor.

The interview with Xtra Factor host Konnie Huq is likely to take place in the grounds of the Surrey home that the Girls Aloud singer once shared with Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole.

The singer has also been in touch with boss Simon Cowell about returning to the panel in time for the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition next month.

She has been joking with the 50-year-old X Factor boss by text – warning him not to keep the best acts for himself while she is sick and fellow judge Dannii Minogue is on maternity leave.

A source close to the singer, who is currently divorcing Cole, said: “Cheryl is a fighter and this has been the fight of her life. She’s put all her energy into getting better and it looks like it’s paid off. The fact she’s cracking jokes again is a wonderful sign that the feisty old Cheryl is returning.

“Simon has told her he can’t wait to have her back on board.”

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Cheryl to take malaria nurse to X Factor
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

There will be a new member of the X Factor panel when Cheryl Cole finally goes back to work – a specialist nurse. The Girls Aloud beauty is still recuperating after being struck down with malaria.

And she has organised for the medic to be on hand for at least a year.

Cheryl, 27, is desperate to return to the hit ITV1 show in time to pick her finalists for the “judges’ homes” stage of the competition.

She is also due to take up a similar role on the US version of the show next year.

And with a tour with Girls Aloud expected next year, there’s no way she’s going to risk her health.
So she’s hiring the nurse to accompany her wherever she goes.

Cheryl emerged from her £6million Surrey home for the first time yesterday and headed to her London base The Langham Hotel for meetings.

But though pals say she’s “fine”, she still has a long way to go.

A source close to the star said: “Cheryl knows she must have someone on hand at all times in case she is struck down by malaria again.

“Once you’ve contracted the tropical disease it lives on in your red blood cells and it’s not uncommon for it to return.

“Cheryl is fully aware of this and is determined that once she is fighting fit she will take all the precautions she needs.

“Having a nurse to watch over her 24-7 will ensure that if anything should happen she’ll be aware of it immediately. She can’t wait to get back to work but she realises that she has to be sensible.

“There’s talk of a Girls Aloud tour next year and the nurse will be like an extra member of the band.” Simon Cowell, 50, is determined she should be completely over the disease before she returns to work.

Oh Cheryl, don’t rush it, it actually breaks my heart to see her out of the house already for meetings. Get some more rest girl, as much as I’d LOVE for her to be a part of X Factor again, health comes first.


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