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Cheryl ‘Still Too Hurt To Love’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole’s isn’t ready to move on and find new love, say insiders.

The 27-year-old separated from estranged husband Ashley Cole earlier this year and the couple are currently going through divorce proceedings.

Now claims that Cheryl – who is recovering from malaria – has just told close friend Derek Hough that she isn’t ready to start a new romance.

“She adores Derek, she’s grateful he’s been by her side and she wants him to stick around,” a source told the magazine.

“But she hasn’t told him she loves him and maintains she can’t have anything serious because she’s still too hurt to love anyone again for a while.”

This week it was revealed that Cheryl has increased security at her home in Surrey, while her X Factor co-star Louis Walsh believes the singer will be back looking better than ever.


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Cheryl is a 2D Beano cartoon Character
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

What’s the best way to get over a bout of malaria? Why, to be immortalised on the pages of Britain’s favourite kid’s comic of course! Cheryl Cole has succeeding in becoming the first member of Girls Aloud to feature in a Beano strip. Which is an achievement, don’t deny it.

In the comic Minnie the Minx teams up with Cheryl to work out if she has what it takes to win the X Factor. You go girl. If Lloyd Daniels can get all the way to the final stage, then anyone can. Even if you are just an illustration.

To be honest we’re not sure about introducing real, actual celebrities into the Beano. It feels wrong somehow. Unless it was a comic about the adventures of Snooki and Ice T’s wife Coco. We’d read that.



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Kimberley Walsh should have replaced Cheryl at Bootcamp
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Kimberley Walsh

Stephen Mulhern has revealed that he wanted Kimberley Walsh to replace Cheryl Cole as a judge for The X Factor’s Boot Camp round.

The Britain’s Got More Talent host said that Walsh, who co-presented The 5 O’Clock Show with Mulhern last month, was better-suited to the role than current stand-in judge Nicole Scherzinger.

The 33-year-old told Metro: “Honestly I would have gone for Kimberley Walsh to replace Cheryl over Nicole for Boot Camp. She’s more like Cheryl. I don’t really know Nicole but I think Kimberley would have just been the perfect pick.

“I did The 5 O’Clock Show with her and I thought she was brilliant. I think she would have been ideal. It’s interesting that they’ve gone for Nicole. But we shall see how it turns out.”

I agree with Stephen, I don’t like Nicole at all and I don’t even know why she was chosen.


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Cheryl ‘will be back looking better than ever’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Louis Walsh has spoken out about sick pal Cheryl Cole and has revealed he hopes, and thinks, she will be back on The X Factor soon.

He told Star magazine: “I honestly think Cheryl may be back for the live shows – I think wild horses won’t be able to stop her.”

Speaking of how the Girls Aloud star is recovering after contracting malaria, Louis said: “I honestly think she has started turning a corner.

“She was very ill and now I’m hearing that she is getting a little stronger every day.

“Knowing Cheryl, she will be back looking better than ever. Nobody will be able to keep her away from The X Factor – she loves it!”

Never one to miss his words, Louis also told Star what it has been like working with replacement judges during The X Factor auditions.

Whilst he admits to liking Natalie Imbruglia and Katy Perry, he was not so keen on Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

He said: “All I can say is, Geri who? What does she know about the music business? She got the most boos from the crowd too.”

Poor old Ginger Spice. Walsh was far more complementary about Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Louis revealed: “I thought Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls was absolutely brilliant when she stood in. When we had a break, I started telling Simon how much I fancied her and how gorgeous she was.”


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Cheryl Increases Security At Her Home
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has stepped-up the security at her mansion in Surrey, since she recently returned from hospital.

The Sun revealed that the Parachute singer – who is still recovery from malaria – has installed cameras and heat sensors, as well as hiring private guards.

“Cheryl has made a few changes at home,” blabbed a source to today’s newspaper. “She is spending more time there than ever while she recuperates.

“She hasn’t received any threats but thought it wise to update all the precautions. She believes a more secure domestic situation will help her return to full strength sooner.”

This week it was also claimed that Cheryl is concerned for her singing voice, in case her recent malaria scare has affected her vocals.


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Cheryl ‘Refuses To Deal With Divorce’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Ashley Cole

Frail Cheryl Cole has reportedly put her plans to divorce cheating hubby Ashley Cole on hold until she fully recovers from malaria.

The Girls Aloud star, who is home at her Surrey mansion recovering from the deadly disease is said to have refused to deal with the legal papers and has ordered that she participates in ‘nothing stressful’ until she is well again.

However, it seems that anything related to the Chelsea footballer is seen as ‘stressful’ to Chezza, as she has allegedly been ignoring doctors orders by working from her sick bed – but will NOT deal with anything to do with her imminent divorce or her estranged hubby.

A source told Now magazine: “This means the divorce is being stalled and could take even longer to go through.”

“Why she’s refusing to deal with it, yet is still liaising with her management about her schedule and texting people like Simon Cowell about X Factor, has become a bone of contention with her family.”

They added: “Her mum Joan is absolutely beside herself. She knows Cheryl finds the divorce stressful. After all, she’s run down because she overworked herself in the first place 
in an attempt to block it out.”

“But Joan says the avoidance tactics need to stop. She thinks her daughter should get this process through as quickly as possible, so she can start healing. Ashley’s presence is a burden to the entire family.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl is said to be worried that she will never sing again after losing her voice for five days when battling the mosquito-carried virus.


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Cheryl ‘fears for singing voice’
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly expressed concern about the state of her singing voice.

The 27-year-old lost her voice for five days earlier this month after contracting malaria and has said that she is afraid she may not be able to sing as well in the future, reports The Sun.

She is said to be drinking hot water with honey, cinnamon and lemon in the hope of repairing her vocal cords.

“Doctors have told her that it will come back, but she’s full of worry,” a source said.


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Mollie from The Saturdays Hopes Cheryl Gets Better Soon
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Mollie King Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Mollie King hopes Cheryl Cole will “get better soon.”

The Saturdays singer – who herself was temporarily out-of-action recently due to cellulitis – says she can sympathise with the X Factor star, as she recovers from malaria.

“Cheryl must be feeling really down,” Mollie said. “It’s horrible for anyone to miss out on work but especially with her as she’s going through a real high point of her career right now.

“At least with me, I had the rest of The Saturdays to carry on as we have a new single and new album to promote,” King then added to the Daily Record. “With her, everything has to stop.

“I just want to tell her to get better soon and hang in there. All of The Saturdays wish her better and hope she can recover as soon as possible.”


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