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Cheryl lost half a stone during malaria battle
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole weight loss: Do you think it is a strange story, in which a famous English singer Cheryl Cole lost 3 kg weights because of malaria illness? Believe it or not depend on you but this is fact that she lost half a stone in malaria battle while on a trip to Tanzania – PopEater.

The latest music album delayed due sickness and it will be released in October 2010. When the doctor has told her about weight lose, she put off his dance program and take a rest for a month.

Cheryl Cole has divorced her husband last month, who is an England football player Ashley Cole. Doctors have also told that if you want to organize dance program, you have to take rest at least 1-2 months and then you are ready to go.

So many people quoted as saying on twitter and Facebook: “Cheryl is far too thin” now a day she tries to putting the weight back on and focus on getting better healthy with medical advice.


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Simon Cowell confirms Cheryl’s recovery
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole is ‘bored out of her mind’ but slowly getting better as she recovers from malaria, according to her X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

The 27-year-old singer, who is believed to have contracted the deadly disease while on holiday in Tanzania, is currently recovering at her home in Surrey, but is desperate to get back to work. And Simon said he knows the petite star is returning to full health because her text messages are getting ‘feistier’.

Speaking on GMTV today, he explained: ‘I’ve had a few text messages from her over the last few days.

‘It was serious and she was ill – we didn’t realise how ill. But judging by the text messages I’ve had, she is definitely looking forward to getting back to work.

‘I think our job is to make sure she doesn’t come back too quick because I think she’s bored out of her mind and going crazy.’

And Simon insists fans can relax because the ‘worst is over’. He added: ‘The texts are getting increasingly feisty so she’s on the mend!’

Watch the GMTV video here

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Cheryl to film X Factor ‘judges houses’ in Britain
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Cheryl Cole may be forced to film the ‘judges houses’ segment of the X Factor in Britain – as she could still be too poorly to travel.

The judges – Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl and Dannii Minogue – normally jet away to somewhere exotic to whittle down their finalists.

However, as the fragile star continues to recover at home after battling Malaria, it has become clear that producers may have to amend their plans. A show source told the Mail: ‘At this stage we are looking at different ways to make things as easy as possible for Cheryl.’

Last year, Mrs Cole, 27, who mentored the boys, whittled down her finalists in in Marrakech, Morocco, with the help of Will Young. While Miss Minogue, 38, who was mentoring the Girls, was joined by her sister, pop star Kylie, in Dubai.

Simon Cowell took his Over 25 hopefuls to his house in Hollywood, with the help of Sinitta. And Louis Walsh, who mentored the Groups, went to Tuscany, Italy, with Boyzone star Ronan Keating.

A source close to Mrs Cole added: ‘No decision has been made yet about judges homes. It’s still some way off so we will see closer to the time.’

New mum Minogue, who gave birth to son Ethan earlier this month, is expecting to rejoin the show for the judges house at the end of August following her maternity leave.

Last week, Cowell, 50, admitted that the petite brunette was keen to return to work. She missed the final X Factor auditions in Manchester – and will miss the boot camp auditions this week.

But Cowell said: ‘I think she is keen to get back to work. I just want to make sure she doesn’t rush back too early.

‘We’re going to have a conversation about that.’


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Cheryl has a private nurse bedside 24/7
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

Sick Cheryl Tweedy has asked for a private nurse at her side 24 hours a day to help her recover from malaria.

Cheryl, 27, is currently being looked after by mum Joan Callaghan, 50, and dancer pal Derek Hough, 25, at her Surrey mansion. But she has asked manager Hilary Shaw to find her a nurse to make sure she makes a full recovery.

A friend said: “Cheryl is petrified of going back downhill. She wants to know she is eating the right food and her medication is working. Her team are talking to nursing agencies.”

Cheryl was discharged from a private London hospital last week after being treated for the illness she caught while holidaying with Derek in Tanzania. She was also diagnosed with severe exhaustion.

Doctors sent her home with medication but warned she needed total rest. Her illness has already forced her to pull out of performing at the V-Festival next month as well as several X Factor auditions.

But she hopes to return when contestants arrive at judges’ houses to fight for a place in the live final.

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Derek Hough visits sick Cheryl at home
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Derek Hough

Cheryl Cole is reported to have had a special visitor at her home in Surrey.

Dancer Derek Hough, 25, who whisked Cheryl off to Tanzania for a surprise holiday, has been putting a smile back on The X Factor judge’s face.

Cheryl is getting her strength up after battling malaria and is getting stuck into her favourite food.

‘She’s been asking for hotdogs and onions,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘She’s weak and has lost weight, and she’s still going hot and cold. But she is definitely on the mend.’

The Girls Aloud star, 27, is now said to be out of bed and curled up on a sofa watching TV, surrounded by flowers sent by wish-wishers including.Simon Cowell, her Girls Aloud mates and


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Girls Aloud ‘Tell Cheryl To Stay Away From Ashley’
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Kimberley Walsh Cheryl Tweedy Cole Nicola Roberts

Cheryl Cole’s Girls Aloud bandmates are reportedly worried she might take Ashley back now that she’s ill.
It’s claimed she texted him after England were knocked out of the World Cup and that he has since been trying to get in contact with her.

A source told Now Magazine: “He’s tried calling and has been in touch with (Cheryl’s mum) Joan but his name is mud to everyone right now. Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates think he’s toxic.

“She needs to wipe him out of her life. The stress of the divorce hasn’t helped her emotional state and everyone’s concerned.”

Another new report however suggests that Chelsea and England star Cole is not spending too much time worrying about his ex. He and Shaun Wright Phillips have reportedly been partying and spending heaps of cash in LA recently.

A source told The Sun:

“You would think they had something to celebrate. They looked far too pleased with themselves.

“They dropped £8,000 in a few hours in (club) XIV alone. That’s about the amount England fans had struggled to save over the last four years to go to watch them in South Africa – and they spent it in a few hours without a second thought.”

Chezza is currently in a private clinic recovering from malaria but is expected to be out of hospital by the end of the week.


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Cheryl banned from sex and alcohol
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

The ‘Fight For This Love’ singer – who was released from hospital yesterday (16.07.10) to recover from potentially-fatal disease malaria – reportedly burst out laughing when doctors told her to avoid anything that could raise her blood pressure further.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: “Cheryl managed to summon enough energy for a giggle when she was given the news about a sex ban. It’s the last thing on her mind right now. She has also been told to avoid alcohol for the coming weeks.”

Since splitting from husband Ashley Cole earlier this year, Cheryl has been romantically linked to dancer Derek Hough and Black Eyed Peas star

Though Derek – who the singer was holidaying with in Tanzania when she is thought to have contracted the deadly virus – has been by her side throughout her ordeal, the music producer has not been seen.

However, it has now emerged that the star has been bombarding his pal with flowers and messages and is now preparing a visit after being told by her mother Joan Callaghan that the Girls Aloud beauty is now ready for company.

The source continued: “ has been phoning Joan and Derek non-stop to find out how Cheryl is. He’s also sent the most beautiful bunches of flowers. He’s been desperate to see her but she hasn’t been up to having visitors.

“As soon as Joan said she was a lot better, he wasted no time arranging a visit. A load of people want to see her now she’s recovering well, including her Girls Aloud bandmates.”


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Cheryl has left hospital and is back home
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Cheryl Tweedy Cole

The Girls Aloud singer was rushed to hospital last week after collapsing during a photo shoot and then suffering symptoms of a severe headache and soaring fever.

After pulling out of headlining next month’s V Festival, last week’s X Factor auditions and vowing not to do any more performing this year, rumours were swirling that it could be months before she recovered.

But now it has been confirmed that Cheryl, 27, has been dismissed from her private London clinic and is tucked up at home in her Surrey mansion with her mum Joan.

It is unknown if Derek Hough is with mother and daughter. The dancer has been keeping a strict bedside vigil by his ‘close friend’s’ bedside and has emerged from hospital numerous times looking fraught with worry.

Last week it was reported that hunky Derek felt guilty and was ‘devastated’ that the soon-to-be Miss Tweedy had contracted the tropical disease on the holiday to Tanzania he whisked her away on.
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