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Another week, another US X Factor rumour…
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The 29-year-old star has held talks with Simon Cowell about being a judge on the talent show again two years after she fell out with the music mogul when he fired her from the programme after she made just three appearances in the first series in 2011.

But Cheryl – who was a judge on the UK version of the show from 2008 to 2010 – and Simon have now reconciled their friendship and he is desperate to get her back on the show.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Simon would love to have Cheryl back. They’re chatting more and more at the moment and he’s hopeful she might be up for coming back.

“She’s still spending a lot of time in the States and wants to move out there so it’d looking more likely to be on the cards.”

Despite entering negotiations about returning to the show, Cheryl joked last week Simon still had some “making up to do” following their fall out.

Should the Girls Aloud singer sign up for ‘The X Factor’ USA again, she looks likely to replace Britney Spears, who has reportedly quit, while L.A. Reid has also left the judging panel leaving just Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell.

Simon is known to be a huge fan of Cheryl and recently admitted she is “one of the most beautiful women” he has ever set eyes on.

He explained: “I mean literally, when she walked on set on the first day in the UK I thought that she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life.”


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Rave reviews for Cheryl’s US X Factor appearance from US p...
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LA Times

When the show opens, in L.A. for open auditions, the fourth judge is Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, but by the time they move to Seattle, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls has taken her place. Cowell has said he replaced Cole because she seemed “bewildered,” but on a first impression, she is much more interesting than Scherzinger, if only for her fabulous Geordie accent. Scherzinger certainly knows her way around reality, having judged on the U.K. version and “The Sing-off” as well as competing on “Dancing With the Stars,” but in early scenes she seems more interested in tearing up and out-glamming “Idol’s” Jennifer Lopez than bringing much to the commentary.

The NY Times

“Two of the other judges are familiar: L. A. Reid, the record producer, and Paula Abdul. (Steve Jones is the utterly irrelevant host.) The opening episode gives a surprising amount of screen time to Cheryl Cole, a British pop star whom Mr. Cowell jettisoned from the panel last spring, in the middle of auditions.

In the premiere she just kind of disappears midshow, without much explanation, and suddenly Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls is in her chair. It’s a downgrade. Ms. Cole showed glimmers of being interesting; in two seasons as a judge on “The Sing-Off” on NBC, Ms. Scherzinger was a pretty face but, judicially speaking, not much more than a seat warmer.”

The Chicago Tribune

“The fourth judge was, first, singer Cheryl Cole, imported from the British “X Factor.” But Cowell essentially halts her audition in the first episode, replacing her, we learn via voiceover, with Nicole Scherzinger — lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, if that counts as a musical credit.

He told Piers Morgan that Cole had seemed “bewildered” in the role, although Scherzinger doesn’t come off as an obvious improvement in the early going. She’s more earnest like Kara DioGuardi than lovable like Jennifer Lopez.”

Simon will regret this for the rest of his life!

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3/4 of Cheryl featured in extended X Factor USA preview
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We’re getting there…at least you can see her eyes in this one! Still find it extremely disrespectful they don’t want to show her properly. Simon Cowell has said she will be in the episode, let’s hope she’ll be introduced the way she should be.

The nearer the premiere date it gets the angrier I’m getting, Cheryl deserves credit. Cheryl’s first and only episode will be shown next week, Wednesday September 21st, 8/7c on Fox.

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Half of Cheryl’s face featured in US X Factor promo
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Check out half of Cheryl’s face in a new US X Factor promo. Disrespectful. If they’re going to “demote” Cheryl as a guest judge it still doesn’t mean she never existed. I hope she gets shown PROPERLY in the episodes, because it’s just ridiculous otherwise.

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The Hollywood Reporter: Cheryl and Simon are no longer speaking
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Cowell revealed that two weeks before the show started taping, Cole wasn’t comfortable in the U.S.. and was expressing hesitation about going through with the deal. Through her representatives (Cole is co-managed by Black Eyed Peas frontman and his business partner Seth Friedman), Cole began to inquire about a return to the U.K. version.

“I came to the conclusion that she may not be as comfortable here because I was seeing a different person,” he says. “She was like Princess Diana when she would walk out in England, and I accepted the fact that people didn’t know her here, but I think it did have an effect on her.”

Cole’s quiet demeanor on camera prompted a call from Cowell on Day 2 of filming. “I said: ‘Cheryl, you’ve got to raise your game a bit. This is America, it’s a much tougher market.'”

Cowell explored the idea of having her return to the U.K. show and had even secured a substantial pay raise (more than $4 million, according to a source);

24 hours later, they were negotiating the offer. “We had gotten to the point where she wanted my dressing room,” Cowell continues. But Cowell says Cole then never responded to the final offer. They haven’t spoken since.

Cowell readily admits that he’s “not happy with the way it played out.” At the same time, he adds, “I wouldn’t be doing my job as a producer if I didn’t do what was right for my shows. I stand by the decisions I’ve made, and I knew the implications when I did it publicly — that I was going to get slaughtered, and I did.”

Still, he’d hire Cole for another project “in a heartbeat — you’re not drowning puppies here. You’re offering someone who’s got millions of dollars more money and more work. And if people think that’s cruel, then they can do that to me on a daily basis. I’ll take it twice a day.”


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Producers say Cheryl’s Accent, Stateside profile not a mot...
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Producers at FOX say Cheryl Cole’s strong, regional English accent, and lack of profile stateside had no relationship to the British singer departing “The X Factor” as a judge and mentor after just two audition rounds.

“The crowd was great with her,” President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX, Mike Darnell, told Access Hollywood after “The X Factor” panel at the Television Critics Association Session in Beverly Hills on Friday. “I think that Simon and the producers just felt that it was, at the moment that she was doing it, they felt like maybe, she would be more comfortable doing [the show in] England.”

Cecile Frot-Coutaz, an Executive Producer of “The X Factor,” said Cole was well received by the American crowds and no contestants questioned whether she was experienced enough in the stateside entertainment world to judge.

“I think people knew her because she was on the British show. There was nobody who said, ‘Well, who are you?’” Frot-Coutaz told Access. “People knew who Cheryl was and when she walked into the arena, people knew who Cheryl was and they understood her [accent]. I think it was more of a trade off in terms of the franchise.”

Frot-Coutaz suggested that Simon Cowell’s own departure from “The X Factor’s” UK branch to the U.S. edition was responsible for producers thinking it might be best to keep Cole on the British show.

“The English, they were looking for their panel in England,” she said. “After Simon’s departure, they had to recast the British show.”

Darnell confirmed that Cole’s exit will be featured as part of “The X Factor” when it begins this September.

“We’ll have to,” he said.

“We’re going to air the shows as they happened,” Frot-Coutaz added.

“Effectively, Cheryl was with us for two cities and when we air those two cities, she’ll be in the scenes,” Frot-Coutaz added. “There’s not a big explanation. Sometimes you have guest judges and they’re there for a couple of cities and you don’t dwell on the judges… It’s about the talent; it’s about the auditions; it’s about the contestants.”

“The X Factor” premiers on FOX on September 21.


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Simon Cowell: “I was probably wrong for axing Cheryl”...
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After all the drama over casting the judges for FOX’s upcoming “The X Factor,” judge and producer Simon Cowell tells Zap2it he may have been wrong about axing Cheryl Cole and takes the responsibility.

Cole, a wildly popular singer in the U.K. and a judge on the show there, was initially in the line-up for the American version of the singing contest debuting Sept. 21.

“I worked with her for years in the U.K., and she was sensational,” he says. “We shot a couple of days, and I just had a feeling — and I was probably wrong – and I think she would disagree with this. And I thought she would be more comfortable on the U.K. show, and we spoke to her.”

“Initially she agreed to it, and we were way into a negotiation,” Cowell says. “And it all went public and it all went horribly wrong. And she was offered to come back to the show. And she didn’t want to go on that. It was one of those decisions you have to make as a producer.”


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Louis Walsh: “Cheryl’s heart wasn’t in The X F...
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Cheryl Cole reportedly never wanted to be a judge on The X Factor USA, with her former XF co-star, Louis Walsh claiming “her heart wasn’t in it.”

Speaking to Closer magazine, the Irish music mogul has claimed that Chezza “never felt comfortable” Stateside and that despite receiving the sack from the US series, she is happier now.

Walsh revealed: “I actually think Cheryl didn’t really want the show. Her heart wasn’t in it and she never felt comfortable there, in my opinion. She did the right thing coming home. She’s happy now, so that’s what’s important.”

Louis went on to say that he misses the Girls Aloud star on the UK version of the show, stating: “I miss her drama. There was always some drama around when Cheryl was on the show – and I mean that in the nicest way.”

He continued: “There’d be something happening to her puppy or some kind of wardrobe thing going on.”

Walsh also addressed Cheryl’s apparent decision to rekindle her romance with ex-hubby Ashley Cole, giving The Flood singer his blessing.

The 58-year old admitted: “I always said they’d get back together. I saw a side most people didn’t – when they were together and the cameras were turned off.”

He added: “You could tell how much they loved each other. I honestly think Ashley will change this time for her and she will tame him. She just wants to be happy and in love.”

Oh Louis, when are you going to learn? Keep that gob shut!


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