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A Cole day out in Cannes
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Yahoo interviews Cheryl at X Factor LA auditions
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America got its first taste of Cheryl Cole’s British invasion on Sunday, May 8, when the gorgeous “X Factor U.K.” judge taped her first episode of the U.S. version of Simon Cowell’s show at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. As Simon semi-jokingly told L.A. reporters, “Having Cheryl on the show shows that actually, British people can be nice,” Cheryl herself explained her kinder, gentler judging style, saying, “The trick with Simon is to be as honest as he likes to be, but I try to do it in a polite way.”

Exhibiting her universal charm to American reporters, many of whom still hardly knew she was (although that will surely soon change), reality show veteran Cheryl seemed extremely relaxed, and said she wasn’t worried about Stateside audiences embracing her. “Not really, but only because it’s this [judging] side of me–if it was my music, then yes, absolutely [I’d be worried],” she said. “But I feel like the contestants are the ones with the nerves, and it’s about me helping someone else with their dream.”

Cheryl also didn’t seem worried about American viewers being able to comprehend her regional Northern English accent, pooh-poohing rumors that she’s working with a dialect coach. “I would never, ever change how I speak, and I think Americans understand that, and I quite like that fact,” she said in her heavy, but not at all indecipherable, Newcastle brogue.

Still, Cheryl acknowledged that she’s taking a huge career risk by moving across the pond. “It’s a big step for me. I have a lot at stake myself. I’ve left the U.K. ‘X Factor’ and I am in a foreign country, so it’s strange for me. It’s a big deal….I miss the U.K. already, but I’m such a homebody that this is really good for me to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself.”


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L’Oreal Paris Elnett TV Commercial featuring Cheryl Cole
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Check out the BRAND new, highly anticipated commercial for L’Oreal Elnett hairspray! The Work It hairstyle is the one I designed and won the competition with, it looks stunning! Catch it on it’s HD glory on Monday, 9:20pm on E4. I’ve added HQ screencaps and animated GIFs, click below to view images in the gallery:

Screen Captures > Commercials > L’Oreal Elnett:

Animated GIFs > Misc. > Commercials:

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Unseen L’Oreal ‘Being Colour Safe’ behind the ...
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Check out this never before soon behind the scenes video of Cheryl giving advice on colouring your hair. She looks radient.

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Cheryl and unseen Zaoza webisodes
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Behind the Scenes of L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Commercia...
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Click above to watch a new video of behind the scenes of the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss commercial. Cheryl talks about experiences of dying her hair and advices on dying your hair for the first time. HQ screencaps and animated GIFs are now added. Click below to view images in the gallery:

Screen Captures > Behind The Scenes > Behind The Scenes from 2011 > L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Commercial:

Animated GIFs > Photoshoots > L’Oreal 2011l:

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Cheryl and Derek Hough hit US media
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Check out a short coverage on Cheryl and Derek’s trip to South Africa being reported by E! News over in the U.S. it was only a little short clip but nonetheless some American exposure for Cheryl despite not a direct focus on her. Too bad they have it all wrong and it’s just speculation.

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Behind The Scenes of Elle Magazine shoot
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Check out the behind the scenes video of Cheryl’s Elle February cover shoot, Cheryl also talks about her style and her style advices, oh Chez, why you so beautiful? I love seeing a photoshoot in motion behind the scenes. I’ve added screen captures and animated GIFs all in high quality. Click below to view images in the gallery:

Screen Captures > Behind The Scenes > Behind The Scenes from 2011 > Elle February Cover Shoot:

Animated GIFs > Photoshoots > Elle 2011:

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