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Cheryl going risqué for X Factor live shows
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole will return to The X Factor with a new set of raunchy outfits, according to reports.

The Sun claims that the ‘Promise This’ singer, who missed the latter part of the talent show’s auditions due to illness, is keen to compete with guest judge Nicole Scherzinger.

“Cheryl is refusing to be outwitted or out-titted,” said a source. “Cheryl will have more edge, more wit and quite a lot more cleavage than ever.

“She is going to be pulling out all the stops in the coming weeks now she’s back to her best following her battle with malaria.”

The X Factor continues this Saturday from 7.30pm on ITV1.

LOL as if Nicole Scherzinger is competition in the frock department.


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Nicole Scherzinger ‘I would never try to fill Cheryl’s s...
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Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole

Nicole Scherzinger was seen strutting her stuff on last weekend’s X Factor shows.

The Pussycat Doll star was drafted in a as guest judge, to replace pregnant Dannii Minogue at the Manchester auditions. However, days before her stint, Cheryl Cole fell ill with malaria and the stunning brunette stayed on to assist Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh at bootcamp too.

In an interview with X magazine, Nicole opened up praised Cheryl and admitted that she was sad to have missed out on meeting the Girls Aloud star. She said:

“Oh my God, Cheryl’s, like, the UK’s darling. I don’t know her personally, but I think she’s just lovely at what she does on the show and how people connect with her and her story.

“As for filling her shoes, I would never try to do that because those are big shoes to fill.I think in any situation anyone should go into, they should come into it confidently witha positive attitude and be themselves and do their own thing. So that’s what I tried to do.”

Speculation has been mounting that Simon Cowell wants Nicole to join the UK panel as a permanent judge. She didn’t deny the possibility of this happening when she added:

“Well, right now I guess for me, I’m focusing on my music, because that’s the most important thing as a musician and artist. And I obviously live in America, so it’s something I’d really have to think about before I considered it. But it’s definitely something I wouldn’t rule out because I had so much fun. Simon and Louis just made it such a wonderful experience on the UK X Factor.”


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Cheryl left livid after Judges Houses chaos
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole was reportedly left furious after her X Factor Judges’ Houses round was plagued by troubles.

The judge, who was filming her portion of the round at a country house in Ascot, Berkshire, was apparently shocked to find that the property was surrounded by scaffolding as builders carried out extensive work on the mansion.

Filming took place while the construction work was still being finished, and Cole was then angered further when a builder dropped scaffolding while one of her acts was performing, reports The Sun. Recording was stopped again later on in the day as someone started using a loud vacuum cleaner.

The singer – making her return to the ITV1 show for the first time since she was diagnosed with malaria – is said to have fumed at executive producer Richard Holloway, and was supposedly comforted by, who was acting as Cole’s guest adviser during the round.

A source said: “It was a letdown. The builders had to be told to stop work. All the acts were clearly affected.”

This year’s Judges’ Houses round sees Simon Cowell’s acts travelling to Spain, Louis Walsh’s category being assessed in Ireland, and Dannii Minogue’s group meeting their mentor in Australia.


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Cheryl films X Factor Judges Houses with
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Cheryl Cole and

Cheryl Cole has a secret weapon to win The X Factor – her Black Eyed Peas pal Will.I.Am,

Will, 35, has flown into the UK to help Cheryl with the judges’ houses stage of this year’s contest. She has enlisted him for advice on which acts to put through to the live show in her category.

And speaking just before helping her decide he told us: “I was in America but flew over for Cheryl. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

I think Cheryl has a good chance of winning again this year. A couple of her acts are very good.”

Cheryl, 27, had tried to get her dancing buddy Derek Hough involved. But sources say Simon Cowell prefers Will’s greater star power. He is still worried about Cheryl’s comeback after malaria.

He told us: “Cheryl acts like she’s back 100% but you never know until you’re touring.

“She hasn’t done that yet.”


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Cheryl to perform her ‘raunchiest’ routine on X Fact...
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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole will be the first artist to perform during this year’s live X Factor finals, says a report.

The 27-year-old is said to be planning to give her “raunchiest” performance ever to mark her new single status.

Sources told a tabloid newspaper that the Girls Aloud singer will perform `Promise This’, the first track off her second solo album. A source close to Cole told the Daily Star: “Cheryl is planning to come out fighting. She wants to blow people away with her sexiest ever routine.

“This will be her showing the world she’s not frail and heartbroken.”

The insider claimed that Cheryl wants to use the opportunity to put the past 12 months “behind her”.

A show insider told the newspaper: “She’s made it clear to Simon that she’s got a point to make and wants to make it early.

“And Simon knows that allowing her to take to the stage during the first weekend of the live shows will be TV gold.”


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Cheryl to work with for X Factor Judges’ Houses
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Cheryl Cole and

The Girls Aloud singer and professional dancer Derek have been inseparable since she recovered from a life-threatening bout of malaria and she wanted him as a mentor for the judges’ houses section of the show.

According to the Sunday Mirror, executive producer Richard Holloway was far from impressed with the idea.

An X Factor source said: “This is the biggest show on TV so he feels that, likewise, mentors should be the biggest names in the music industry, not the judge’s latest squeeze. It’s unprofessional to say the least.

“Cheryl may adore Derek but unfortunately that feeling isn’t shared among The X Factor bigwigs.”

Producers have apparently now lined up Black Eyed Peas star to work with Cheryl’s acts.

Cheryl and are friends after he produced some of the tracks on her debut solo album and she supported Black Eyed Peas on their European tour.

The multi-talented star was said to have fallen for Cheryl during the tour, only to lose out to Derek.


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Cheryl given easy X Factor category
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Cheryl Cole has been given an easy ride for this year’s X Factor, Simon Cowell claimed yesterday.

The singer has been recovering in America after a bout of malaria.

And music mogul Cowell said Cheryl, 27, had been given an “easier” category to mentor because of her illness. She is thought to have been given the girls category in the TV talent show. Cowell added fellow judge Dannii Minogue, 38, had also been let off the hook, by being given talented singers in her group.

He told OK magazine: “I think the girls have been given an easier ride.

“They weren’t around and the producers gave them an easier category because of this. They have decent people to work with.”

Cheryl skipped the Manchester auditions and the crucial bootcamp rounds after collapsing with the disease at an X Factor photo shoot.

Simon added that Cheryl’s malaria had given everyone a scare.

He added: “When we got the all clear and she started to text me, I knew she was on the mend. Then the texts got increasingly grumpy and I knew she was getting back to her old self.”

Cowell said Cheryl was feeling much happier in LA and added: “It has been a difficult year for her but she copes with it really well.”


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X Factor: Styling catfight between Cheryl and Dannii
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Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole

Louis Walsh has reportedly said that his fellow judges on The X Factor are all extremely concerned with how they look.

The Irish panellist revealed that Simon Cowell is very “touchy” when it comes to his hair and his “high [Cuban] heels”.

Walsh told Glamour: “Underneath those flares, there are some serious heels going on. He’s always trying these facials and buys unbelievably expensive face creams from Harrods. Oh, and he has this hairdryer he carries around.”

The judge added that there is a secret rivalry between Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue over their styling.

He explained: “What I like is seeing the girls looking at one another thinking, ‘Where did she get that dress? Why didn’t I get that dress?’ And, ‘Who did her hair?’

“They are always kissing each other and complimenting each other but really it’s a mixture between a catwalk and a catfight. Simon and me are the two ugly bookends.”


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