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Cheryl to choose X Factor acts in Dorset
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Cheryl Cole is reportedly planning to choose her final three acts for The X Factor at a mansion in Dorset.

Previously, Cole has staged the Judges’ Houses round at exotic locations such as Morocco and Cannes. However, following the singer’s recent bout of malaria, it was suggested that she would stay in the UK for this year’s competition.

Now reports that Cole has chosen a £4.5 million mansion at Sandbanks in Dorset as the location to choose the acts that she will mentor. The property includes five en suite bedrooms and views across Poole Harbour.

The magazine also claims that Derek Hough could join Cole during filming, despite rumours that their relationship may have ended.


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Cheryl in British Vogue October Issue
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Cheryl Cole for Vogue

Newly divorced Cheryl Cole has broken her silence on her bed-hopping ex Ashley in an interview with Vogue magazine.

Asked if she felt betrayed by her former husband, Cheryl replies: ‘Yes, definitely I do.’

And she admits she is hugely relieved they never had children. She says: ‘I’ve got to take everything that’s happened and learn from it. I accept that that’s a chapter of my life that’s finished. And I’ve just got to be grateful that I’ve got so many good things going on. I have.

‘And there’s no children, you know? Some people’s lives fall apart, are turned upside-down. Of course, it [the split] is heartbreaking, but it’s not anything remotely like it could have been and I’m very, very thankful for that.’

In the aftermath of her marriage collapse she admits getting ‘frightened of her own mind’ at night because it races uncontrollably.

The X Factor judge, who flew back from LA on Sunday, can’t switch off from her hectic work schedule. She says: ‘Night-time, that’s when my brain starts ticking over. I’m frightened of my mind at night. I find myself racing, racing, racing. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think what was that all about? And it’s so vivid when I dream. So vivid it could be real.’

Click the above image to access the images in the gallery

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ITV denies Cheryl leaving The X Factor
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Cheryl Cole

It has been reported that Cheryl Cole is leaving the X Factor but according to ITV the stories are a complete fabrication and Cheryl Cole who this week divorced Chelsea Footballer Ashley Cole will not be going anywhere. It has also been decided that Cheryl Cole will be a judge on the American X Factor and according to sources; this was the reason why the Girls Aloud singer was leaving the ITV show.

According to The News of The World, Cheryl Cole will be moving to the US permanently to live with boyfriend Derek Hough that contradicts what Derek has said recently, that he wants to find a house in London so he can increase his profile in the UK.

The source told The Newspaper: “This is Cheryl Cole phase two. She’s not changing her name but she’s changing every other aspect of her life. She wouldn’t have the time to do both of the X Factors plus release new songs – and she’s got her heart set on America where Derek lives.

“Simon Cowell believes she will be a huge star in the States. The US show is a huge opportunity but she’d have to give up the show here because she wouldn’t be able to do her music too. In Britain, her priority is music and it always will be. She’s primarily a music star and she feels three years on The X Factor will be enough.

“Plus, everything’s going to be shaken up in the next series so this is the perfect time for her to bow out. ITV will do everything they can to keep her but she doesn’t need the money. She only really did this series because of her close friendship with Simon.”

According to ITV, reports that there will not be an X Factor next year is complete rubbish and according to a source at ITV, he said: “There is no way ITV would let The X Factor go from our screens for one year, it is one of the most successful ITV shows ever and is one of the biggest advertising revenue hits they have.”

Why the fuck are people quoting News of The World anyways?


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X Factor Cher Lloyd has a tattoo like Cheryl’s
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Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd

Cheryl Cole lookalike Cher Lloyd idolises the Girls Aloud singer so much she even has a matching tattoo.

The rap singer, 17, who impressed her X Factor heroine with a version of Soulja Boy’s Turn My Swag On, said of Cheryl: “I admire her ­fashion, her looks and I even have a tattoo of a ­musical note like hers on my hand.

“I’m not even old enough to have a tattoo, but I have three. I know it’s naughty. It’s funny when people say I look like her – we’re ­different, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Performing arts ­student Cher, who lives with her parents, brother and two sisters in Malvern, Worcs, added: “I want to be the ­female equivalent of Dappy in N-Dubz. I can sing as well as rap, but I’d love to become a world-famous ­rapper, so that’s what I hope to achieve from the show.”

But she will not be mimicking her superstar namesake, Cher. She said: “I think I am named after Cher. I do know a few of her songs, but I’d draw the line at wearing a Cher outfit to a fancy dress party. Not cool.”

I don’t think Cher looked like Cheryl but she definitely had a little bit of Cheryl’s swagger in her, loved her performance and her personality aswell, for me she’s the first person in three audition shows to have the true “x factor”, I hope Cheryl gets the Girls category now!


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Cheryl to perform new single “Promise This” on X Fac...
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Cheryl Cole

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is set to perform her new single Promise This on the ITV talent show in October.

The Girls Aloud singer has chosen the song as its lyrics relate to her recent battle with malaria, which saw her spend time in intensive care earlier this year following a holiday in Tanzania.

A video for the single, which is tipped to be a number one hit in the charts, is due to be filmed within the next week, before it is then given its first airing on Radio 1.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, a source said that the song was written before Cole contracted malaria, however, the lyrics tie in with her near-death experience.

“It is similar to the way Fight For This Love related to her marriage drama. A release date hasn’t been confirmed for the single but there’s talk Cheryl could perform on the second live show after Joe McElderry. It’s a huge comeback track and Cheryl absolutely loves it,” the source added.

Since her health problems, Cole has spent most of the summer in Los Angeles, sparking up a friendship with US dancer Derek Hough, who has been by her side since she split from husband Ashley Cole.

Can’t wait for this, there is absolutely no doubt that she will perform on X Factor.


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28-08-10 The X Factor Auditions Show 2 & Xtra Factor
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Cheryl Cole

The X Factor returned for its’ second audition episode on Saturday featuring auditions from Dublin and London. Updates and additions of screen captures of the main show, The Xtra Factor and animated gifs are all in the gallery now. Click below to view images in the gallery:

+ The X Factor > Season 7 (2010) > Auditions > Screencaps > Auditions 2
+ The X Factor > Season 7 (2010) > The Xtra Factor > Auditions 2
+ Animated GIFs > The X Factor > Season 7

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Katy Perry: “I love her, I’m obsessed with her, MY G...
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Check out this absolute GOLDEN moment of Katy goofing around Cheryl behind her back mouthing: “I love her, I’m obsessed with her, MY GOD SHE’S SO FINE!”, pretending to squeeze Cheryl’s butt before getting caught!300

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The X Factor Auditions show 2
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Louis Walsh, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

The X Factor returns for its’ second audition episode tonight at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITV1 HD. The Xtra Factor straight after at 8:45pm on ITV2. Tonight’s episode has been changed to Dublin auditions instead of Birmingham due to the autotune issues. Guest judge Katy Perry is on tonight!

As per usual after the shows there will be high quality screencaps added to the gallery aswell as animated GIFs. I only cap from HQ video sources from now on witht he full shows (not the highlight edits as they have parts missing often) so they may not get done till tomorrow.

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