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Cheryl tweets support to Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson
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Cheryl took some time out today to tweet about her acts from last year’s X Factor and also gave Rebecca Ferguson’s new single a little plug. How sweet!

@CherylCole Feels like I’ve blinked and we’re back in November, its been a crazy year. So proud of what my girls have achieved @CherLloyd and @RebeccaFMusic are doing so well!! Just been watching this…wow

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Tulisa: “Cheryl and I talk and laugh at the rumours about ...
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X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has insisted that Cheryl Cole won’t be returning to the show.

The N-Dubz star joined the panel earlier this year following Cole’s exit from the singing competititon.

Rumours have since circulated that the Girls Aloud star could make a comeback for the live shows, but Contostavlos has revealed that the pair simply laugh off the false reports.

“I can 100 percent reassure fans I’ll be sitting in that judge’s chair in the final,” she told The Sun. “Cheryl and I talk and laugh at the rumours about her. We’ve sat down and had the conversation at her birthday party.

“People are going to make up rumour after rumour. It’s been intense. I’ve not spoken to her for a bit because she’s been in LA. But we’ll meet when she gets back. We are cool.”

She added: “When I got the job, people were telling me on Twitter, ‘You don’t deserve it’. I thought, ‘Oh my God half the public hates me’. Then once the shows started I couldn’t believe how people embraced me. Even fans of Cheryl said, ‘We like you’.”

Contostavlos has previously stated that she has no intentions of trying to be like Cole.


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Cheryl sends Tulisa Contostavlos even more X Factor support
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Tulisa ­Contostavlos revealed how she’s had the ultimate seal of ­approval in her judging role… from Cheryl Cole.

She feared the public and Cheryl would hate her for taking her seat on the panel, but was thrilled when the former judge texted at the end of the first show: ­“Congratulations – you did great.”

Tulisa, 23, says: “I could have become Britain’s most hated woman for replacing Cheryl, but having her support has made all the difference.

“I also spoke to her when I was offered the job. I’d have been worried if I hadn’t checked she was OK with me being in her seat. She felt the same and actually contacted me first to make sure I wasn’t worried. Cheryl told me there was no bitterness between us and to go for it.

“She said she didn’t come back because she wanted a break and time for herself. That made me feel a lot more relaxed about taking the role. It doesn’t feel like I’m just filling in for her.”

Tulisa says the first show as a judge with Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, and Kelly ­Rowland was the most nerve-racking night of her life.

But Cheryl, who left X ­Factor to become a judge on the US version before being sensationally axed by ­Simon Cowell, was ­supporting her all the way.

“Cheryl saw the show on ­Saturday and sent a text saying: ­‘Congratulations for your first show. You’ve got a great response from everyone and you did great.’ She’s been so supportive and that’s helped me a lot,” says ­Tulisa.

In her first X ­Factor interview, the gritty N-Dubz star also ­condemned the recent rioting ­and attacked Prime Minister David ­Cameron for failing young people.

She also talked for the first time about her love for her boyfriend, bandmate Fazer, and how she couldn’t do the show without him. But she said viewers will see her have an emotional breakdown when the pressure becomes too much.

“The last thing I thought was that I’d be crying on national TV,” she says. “It happened early in the auditions and it wasn’t just a Cheryl tear. We’re talking floodgates. I couldn’t stop.

“This one person ­performed and all the emotions built up. It was overwhelming – they ­really got me, then there was the realisation I was ­actually doing the X Factor, that my life had changed, and it all came out.”

Stay classy Cheryl! How sweet is this? Love Tulisa.


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Cheryl offers Tulisa Contostavlos X Factor advice
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Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has offered to give new panellist Tulisa Contostavlos advice if she has any questions about the programme.

The N-Dubz singer – who sits on the panel alongside Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland – revealed she has always ‘admired’ the Girls Aloud singer, who left the ITV1 singing competition to judge on the US version before being axed shortly after auditions began.

She told Choice FM: ‘She told me that if I ever do need advice, let her know and she’s here for me so that was really nice of her.

‘She’s been lovely. She’s always been someone I’ve admired because she came from the same background and, regardless of it being Newcastle, we’re two people who have come from nothing.’

Tulisa – who recently announced she is planning a solo career – said the reasons for Cheryl’s new look, which has seen the singer dye her hair blonde and cut it shorter, are so she can ‘refresh herself’.

She added: ‘I think she can pull off anything and I know why she’s done it.
‘I think she probably wanted to refresh herself and feel like this is the new Cheryl.

‘She’s most probably been a bit manic and the one thing I do when I need a fresh start is to just dye my hair as I find it really refreshing.’


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Cher Lloyd says she was not ‘dumped’ by Cheryl
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Cher Lloyd has denied that she was ever “dumped” by former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole.

The former X Factor contestant claimed that it isn’t a “big deal” that she hasn’t been in touch with Cole since the end of the show, despite it seeming that the two had become close during filming.

“I didn’t really get dumped, did I?” Lloyd told BBC Newsbeat. “I’m working, so is she. She’s busy as well.

“I don’t know what the big deal is with that. She isn’t my mum, she isn’t my auntie or my sister.”

Lloyd recently revealed that her debut album is almost complete and insists that she has been too busy preparing for her solo career to worry about anything else.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal her staying in touch with me,” the 17-year-old added. “That was a TV show. This is my time now.”

Cher Lloyd recently spoke to BBC Radio One about not staying in touch with Cheryl and was okay with that, since she’s still with her “main man” Si [Simon Cowell].


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Gary Barlow disappointed Cheryl is no longer on UK X Factor
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Gary Barlow has admitted he is “disappointed” Cheryl Cole is no longer part of the X Factor as he arrived for the first day of auditions.

The Take That singer has been drafted in to replace Simon Cowell as a mentor and judge on the hit ITV show.

And last year’s female judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl have both been replaced, with Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos the new additions.

Cowell is focusing on launching the X Factor in the USA, and had taken Cheryl with him as one of the panel members.

But the Girls Aloud singer was replaced by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger part-way through the audition stage after failing to convince show bosses.

ITV offered her a return to the UK version of the show but she did not get back on board.

And pal Gary admits he would love to have worked with her, but is sure Kelly and Tulisa will win fans.

He said: “I sent Cheryl some texts just saying ‘Sending support’. She’s a good friend of mine. I’m disappointed she’s gone.

“The other two girls are going to be great.”

But he is not sure Cowell will be missed so much. He joked: “It was time he went anyway, he’s been on it too much.”


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ITV confirms Simon Cowell’s X Factor UK exit
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Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

ITV execs confirmed today that Simon Cowell will not be doing this year’s X Factor in the UK to concentrate on making the US version.

However, the ITV director of television, Peter Fincham, said he was “completely comfortable” with Cowell’s absence from the show.

“Some of the speculation about us pleading with Simon to be a judge makes me smile,” said Fincham. “I constantly hear we are in crisis but in reality we have an amazingly constructive relationship with Simon and are very much reading from the same page.

“We are talking to him about ways he can have an on-screen presence later in the show. He will not be a weekly judge, but he will be an enormous presence backstage as always.”

ITV signed a new three-year contract to broadcast the two shows last year, in a deal said to be worth £20m to Cowell, who also co-produces The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent through his company Syco. But his growing US commitments have led to intense speculation about his on-screen involvement in the UK shows.

The broadcaster will confirm Cowell’s replacement in the next few weeks, along with the rest of The X Factor panel. Cheryl Cole, the show’s biggest star after Cowell, may also follow him to the US.

What will this mean for Cheryl? Well, this pretty much confirms Cheryl’s exit aswell regardless of her doing the US one or not, so stay tuned and find out the announcement in the next few weeks.


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Cheryl offered double pay to return to UK X Factor
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Cheryl Cole

ITV has reportedly offered Cheryl Cole to double her pay in order to get the Geordie lass back on The X Factor UK this year. According to The Sun today, bosses are prepared to offer the singer so much money it would make the Girls Aloud star the highest-earning woman on telly.

The move by ITV bosses in the UK means that Cheryl looks set to rake it in even if she doesn’t get a job on the US version of the show. A source revealed: “Cheryl is being tempted with a bigger salary and if she takes it then it won’t look like she’s failed in the US.

“ITV are in turmoil about the UK version as everything is still up in the air. They know by keeping Cheryl half of their problems will be solved. She’s still the biggest advertising draw. But, of course, if she does get the US job she’ll take it like a shot.”

Despite the huge offer though it seems as though ITV have their doubts whether Cheryl will take it, still scouting for possible replacements for the singer including Rihanna.


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