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Cheryl and Simon argue over X Factor ‘salutes’
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Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole have explained their salutes on The X Factor.

When the judges are introduced at the beginning of each show, Cole always makes the gesture to the audience and is sometimes followed by Cowell.

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference, Cole insisted that she was the first to make the sign.

“To people that support us we call them Cheryl’s soldiers,” she said. “And that is, ‘I salute you’. Simon decided to steal it and now claims he did it on Idol, but I’m sure if we found the tapes it would be after he met me.”

However, Cowell replied: “I will be playing the tape on Saturday night to prove that [it was] way before I met Cheryl. I don’t look on it as sort of an egotistical ‘Simon’s fans’ – it’s more of respect to the general audience. Cheryl stole it and I’m just taking it back.”

It’s Cheryl’s salute, Simon! She’s doing for us Cheryl’s Soldiers, hush it Sy. I love how the article said “Simon and Cheryl explained their salutes.” Pfft!


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Details on the X Factor final from the press conference
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Cheryl Cole and Cher Lloyd

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has declared war on Cheryl Cole as the countdown to this weekend’s final began. The X Factor guru, 51, blasted the Geordie singer, 27, for IGNORING her acts Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd.

And she blasted back that he only wanted his band One Direction to win to massage his own ego.

Speaking at the X Factor finalists’ press conference tonight Simon gave Cheryl a public dressing down, forcing her to turn crimson with rage.

He told her: “You won’t win. With respect to her acts it’s not going to happen. It’s double pressure on her this year.

“Looking after two people instead of one means your attention is divided. You lose focus as you can’t give them the attention they need. I’m just happy looking after one act. My attention is entirely on them. I’m so confident of my act and I think they can win.”

But feisty Cheryl hissed back: “It’s not about me winning it’s about them winning and I’ve got every confidence in them. I think I’ve got two very special girls in the final.

“They are both completely different acts and people – everything about them is different. It’s actually really exciting for me to spread myself in two different directions. It’s been fun. Either way it doesn’t matter.”

The two judges – who have had a love/hate relationship this series – also fell out over who started doing a salute at the start of the show.

But Cheryl claims SHE started it and slammed Simon for “stealing” her trademark.

She carped: “I do it for the people that support us. We call them Cheryl’s soldiers. But Simon tried to steal it saying he did it on American Idol before.”

Simon hit back saying: “I started it. I will play the tape on Saturday and you can all see.

“I don’t look on it as an egotistical thing but to respect the general audience. Cheryl had stolen it and I’ve just taken it back.”

He admitted this year the judges and contestants had been bitchier than ever but said he was PLEASED with the controversy.

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09-12-10 Cheryl with Cher and Rebecca at The X Factor final pres...
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Cheryl Cole with Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson

Cheryl attended the X Factor final press conference this afternoon with all the finalists and judges. Cheryl has said she is backing both her acts Cher and Rebecca and revealed the celebrity duets for the weekend with Cher performing with and Rebecca performing with Christina Aguilera. Click below to view images in the gallery:

Appearances > Appearances from 2010 > 09-12-10 The X Factor Final Press Conference:

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Cheryl extremely proud of Rebecca Ferguson
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Cheryl Cole and Rebecca Ferguson

Cheryl Cole surprises guests at Hilton Liverpool One, but misses out on the fairground rides.

X FACTOR judge, and sometime nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole surprised guests at the Hilton hotel when she popped in during her visit to the city with Rebecca Ferguson.

While Rebecca travelled from London via first class train, Cheryl arrived in a blacked out Mercedes, heading straight to the luxury Liverpool One hotel.

There she was greeted by thrilled shoppers and paparazzi, who were jostling to see who could get the best photograph of the star, and police officers who’d been specially drafted in.

A fellow guest at the hotel tells Insider: “Everyone was gobsmacked when Cheryl walked in, she looked amazing and she didn’t even have much security with her.

“A few fans got a little over excited, though, and she was ushered to the hotel bar before anything got out of hand.

“We heard her saying how proud she was of Rebecca and how much she loves the Scouse accent.”

It seems the trip was over a little too quickly for the pop star, though. Cheryl had asked to be given a guided tour of Liverpool One’s shops and even enjoy a trip on Chavasse Park’s fairground rides after taking a shine to them.

Sadly she didn’t have the time to fit it all in due to a hectic work schedule.

Our spy confirms: “She just managed to pop back to the Hilton to pick up a few things before rushing straight back to her X Factor duties ahead of this weekend’s big final.”


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Cheryl dances on stage with Cher Lloyd in “Turn My Swag On...
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Cheryl was dragged onto the stage by her “little protegee” Cher Lloyd yesterday in Malvern and danced cutely along to Cher singing Turn My Swag On. Click above to watch the golden moment! Cher performed a 4 song set Turn My Swag On, Shout, Just Be Good To Me and Girlfriend. Click below to view images in the gallery:

Appearances > Appearances from 2010 > 07-12-10 Cher Lloyd’s Homecoming gig in Malvern:

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Cheryl, Simon, Dannii and Louis to continue on The X Factor in 2...
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Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh

All of the current X Factor UK judges will return to the show in 2011, it has been reported. Despite Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell moving to the states to take part in the new American version, both will also continue to judge on next year’s UK edition alongside Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh.

It is also understood that UK host Dermot O’Leary will continue presenting the show after losing out on a role in the US version of the show which launches next year. A source told News Of The World: “Dermot will be completely distraught. He spent months in America lobbying to get this job.

“But there could only be Simon and an absolute maximum of one other Brit on the show. He wants that Brit to be Cheryl.

“He held out a lot of hope. He is a fan of Dermot and thinks he’s done a good job with the show in the UK.”

The newspaper claims that High School Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will be fronting The X Factor USA, a source explained: “They are two of the biggest stars in the States and will make American X Factor the biggest show in the world.”

Meanwhile it is understood former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger “is almost certain” to be the third judge alongside Simon and Cheryl, with Katy Perry or another American star like Paula Abdul or Mariah Carey joining the trio.

Back here in the UK and it’s said nothing will change, a source told the tabloid: “Simon’s focus next year is going to be on American X Factor so he doesn’t want too much change on the British show, especially as this year’s series has gone so well.

“Every year there’s a lot of speculation about Dannii’s job. But the producers have already started talks with her about dates for next year.”

However the source warned: “There’s a chance Cheryl may refuse to do both shows.”


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Justin Bieber hits on Cheryl live on television at X Factor
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Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole

He’s one of the biggest popstars in the world, so who could blame Justin Bieber for grasping the chance to chat up Cheryl Cole whilst live on the X Factor last night – despite the 11 year age gap?

Justin, 16, had just performed a mash-up of tracks Somebody To Love and Baby on the results show – though he mimed throughout to concentrate on his smooth dance moves.

As he finished, he was joined on stage by host Dermot O’Leary, then promptly flirted with Cheryl, 27, after thanking his fans for all their support,

‘I want to say hello to Cheryl Cole, hello,’ he said, waving at the judge and raising his eyebrows, before making a ‘call me’ gesture with his hand.

The Girls Aloud star reacted by laughing and looking a little embarrassed. Dermot then said: ‘Cracking on to Cheryl Cole! What a precocious young man.’

Justin even made his feeling clear afterwards on his official Twitter account, saying: ‘Cheryl u looked lovely as usual.’

Justin seriously needs to stop with this “Oh sup guys I’m such a ladies man shit”, like honestly you’re a kid. And not just to Cheryl, to other female celebrities aswell. Oh god poor Kim Kardashian. It’s not even about being cheeky or charming, it’s a bit disrespectful to people who are senior to you.


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Dannii Minogue bonds with Cheryl more this year
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Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole

Dannii Minogue has admitted she is feeling broody again, saying she’d love to have more babies. In a revealing interview in today’s News Of The World, Dannii also admitted that she thinks fellow judge Cheryl is hot, adding that pair have been getting on better than ever before.

Dannii said about her relationship with Cheryl: “We swapped numbers for the first time this year. It’s nice to have that contact. She’s sent me nice messages like when I had the baby. It’s really sweet. I think we’ve bonded.”

Talking about her future plans, Dannii revealed: “I’d like to have more practice [being a mum] and possibly more babies. If I could choose any way for my body to be, I’d be five months pregnant every day of my life.”

Chatting to the newspaper about Simon and Cheryl’s antics together on The X Factor judging panel, Dannii said: “He’s definitely talking to Cheryl more because they’re mates and sit next to each other. I can’t hear what they’re saying. I try to stay out of it. But I don’t not speak to him.”

Asked if Simon’s close relationship with Cheryl is because he fancies her, Dannii replied: “Possibly. Who doesn’t fancy Cheryl? She’s hot!”

You can read Dannii Minogue’s full interview only in today’s News Of The World.

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