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Dear Cheryl – FAQ
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Q: I don’t have a scanner, can I send a message in via email?

A: Yes you can, you can just type up your message in the email or in a Word document, but it is highly recommended that you should handwrite it and then scan it in, it will look more personal, it’s not going to be a ver interesting fanbook if every message in it are typed up text!

Most libraries have access to scanners you can use.

Q: Can I take a picture of the letter instead of using a scanner?

A: No, we can’t take any camera taken pictures as they’ll be low quality.

Q: What kind of message should I write?

A: Try to be personal about what you want to write, talk about how Cheryl inspires you or how she impacted your life. Cheryl will definitely appreciate it more if you spoke from your heart and not just saying how badly you want to meet her.

Q: Will my submissions be in the fanbook definitely?

A: Yes, at least one of the things you submit will be in the fanbook.

Q: When is the closing deadline for submissions?

A: July 31st is the deadline.

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