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It’s official it’s official, Cheryl Online is BACK! After just over a year and half of hiatus of updating the main site, we are finally back. As you know already, the gallery has been back up running in full force for the past few months and I could not wait to relaunch the mainsite, not having any time the past year or two because I have been abroad and have finally able to do what I wanted to do, startng my first year of university.

I have missed doing this site, it’s coming to its’ 5th year anniversary at the end of the year and I’m still overwhelmed by the support by everyone including Cheryl herself, who has always been appreciative of the site.

So stick around! I hope you like the new simplified look, the main purpose is to focus solely on news and updates as the age of social media continue to take over, no more clutter on the side, when you come visit the site all you get and all you need is news.

And as always we bring you the most reliable Cheryl news, what we post will always be true and we do not support and bull**** tabloid stories. We still have the biggest and most exclusive Cheryl image gallery on the internet and I have brought along Katie to help me with gallery updates so if you have time, give her a follow on Twitter @idkmybffkatie

I hope you guys like the new look, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to tweet @CherylOnlineNet

– Charlie

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New X Factor Promotional Shoot
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Check out two sets of gorgeous X Factor promos shot during the arena auditions and bootcamp a few weeks ago, Cheryl is looking like the boss! The solo shots were shot during the auditions and the group shots were done just before bootcamp.

The X Factor > The X Factor UK > Season 11 (2014) > Promotionals > Set 1:

000.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

The X Factor > The X Factor UK > Season 11 (2014) > Promotionals > Set 2:

000.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg

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Weekend Magazine Article + Interview
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Hell will probably have long frozen over before there is an X Factor panel of jostling egos that actually likes each other.

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole/Fernandez-Versini (she’d like to be known by the latter surname but everyone uses the former) may have finally buried the hatchet after he humiliatingly sacked her from the American X Factor but she and Louis Walsh still aren’t, shall we say, cosy.

‘They have history’, groans Simon as he looks at Cheryl on one side of him and Louis on the other. ‘They don’t really like each other.’

When Cheryl was in Girls Aloud, Louis was the band’s manager, although – as she once said – he didn’t manage them very well; they pretty much did it all themselves.

Harsh? Undoubtedly. Untrue? Probably not. The Westlife and Boyzone manager later admitted that he struggled to deal with girls. But that didn’t stop him having a go back at Cheryl. ‘I am a better manager than she is a singer,’ he later said of his one-time protégée, and ‘two words: voice coach’. The spat was very public and more than a touch childish but it has carried on this year.

Cheryl did not want Louis – who insisted he was leaving last year – back on the panel when she agreed to make her return. Simon overruled her; there are some benefits to being the boss. ‘I can’t imagine not having him here,’ he shrugs.

So how are things now? Well, not good given the frostiness in the air when we catch up with the new X Factor judging panel. In their presence you rather feel like a referee trying to stop children bickering. I ask if they’ve been out for a drink to build bridges. Cheryl snorts. ‘No!’

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StormFlower Behind The Scenes Video
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Check out a new released behind the scenes video of the StormFlower TV ad, shot by Rankin. Don’t forget StormFlower is out now in every Superdrug and Perfume Shops in the UK!

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Cheryl Shoots ‘I Don’t Care’ in Malaga, Spain
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Cheryl was photographed today shooting a new music video for her upcoming single ‘I Don’t Care’, she’s seen flipping her hair on a beach, playing games with her cast members and then later posing on top of a rock. The single is rumoured to drop sometime in September, we can’t wait!

Candids > Candids from 2014 > 20-08-14 Cheryl Filming ‘I Don’t Care’ in Spain:

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Site returns…
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Watch this space, Cheryl Online is returning early in the New Year for a total site revamp

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New Ram Shirgill unseen outtakes
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I’ve stumbled across 2 new, never-before-seen outtakes of the Evening Standard photo shoot Cheryl did with, click above to view full images in the gallery.

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InStyle full photo shoot + scans
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I’ve added the full InStyle photo shoot to gallery, loving the super close up one. UHQ digital scans of the full article has also been added. Click images below to view images in the gallery:

Photo Shoots > 2013 > David Vasiljevic :

Magazines > 2013 Scans > InStyle UK July :

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