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L’Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash TV Commercial
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Thew new L’Oreal TV ad for Glam Shine Stain splash is out, check out how cute Cheryl’s hair looks! Glam Shine Stain Splash is now available in stores.

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Simon Cowell: Why I believe Cheryl is beautiful
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Simon Cowell has admitted Cheryl Cole is “one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life”.

The media mogul, whose Britain’s Got Talent hit returns to ITV this week, says he was knocked off his feet by the petite star when he signed her as a judge on his X Factor show in 2008.

Meanwhile the 53-year-old has confirmed he is very much a ladies man, telling the Radio Times he often hires female TV judges based – at first – on their looks.

Asked if he hires “women he fancies” the star laughs: “A lot of them, yes, I’m not going to lie.”

As for Cheryl, 29, he says: “I think my entire production staff – including a lot of gay people – were madly in love with Cheryl.

“I mean, literally, when she walked on set on the first day in the UK I thought that she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

“I mean, genuinely. She was just absolutely stunning. She still is but I remember that day vividly as in ‘God, you are gorgeous’.”

Asked if it bothered him when people say he is gay, he replied: “I work in possibly the gayest industry in the world! Music and TV! It would make no difference to my life or my career.

“A lot of my friends are gay, but I’m not and don’t even think that way any more. I couldn’t care less [if people think I’m gay] because it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

The star said that while “not looking” for marriage, he was happy when in long-term relationships.

“I’m happy single, and when I’m in relationships as well. I tend to be in a relationship more than being single.

“Terri [Seymour] lasted six years, Mezhgan [Hussainy] lasted two years, and that was in a nine-year block, so I was only single for about a year out of those nine.

“But I’m very good on my own, a) because I never get bored and b) because there is always something I need to catch up on.”

He describes the falling-out with Cole as a time he became public enemy number one – “she didn’t like me very much” – but says they have made it up.

Simon Cowell, WomenSimon Cowell has admitted hiring women he fancies on a regular basis

“It’s almost back to where we were.”


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Models – Ten Tour interlude in full
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Darling we’re in fashion don’t you know?

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Sarah Harding confirms Cheryl’s move to LA
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Cheryl Cole is quitting Britain to crack America with her lover Tre Holloway, Sarah Harding has confirmed.

Chez’s move comes amid on going gossip Simon Cowell is hoping to twist the Geordie’s arm and win her back on the X Factor USA.

‘I’m going to miss her,’ Harding revealed. ‘But I’m probably going to go out there at some point this year, so hopefully we’ll catch up then. Tre is lovely.’

Cheryl now faces a chance of regularly bumping into estranged bandmate Nadine Coyle over in LA once she ups sticks after Harding revealed the singers were all too ambitious to stick together.
Cheryl Cole putting Girls Aloud behind her (Picture: Cole putting Girls Aloud behind her (Picture:

‘I think we’ll all be successful in what we do, we’re all ambitious,’ says Sarah.

‘Nadine’s moving back to LA. Nicola’s very business-minded with her fashion and beauty range. Kimberley deserves to take a holiday – she’s a workaholic! And Cheryl’s moving back to LA.’

Cheryl, 29, was recently spotted looking for a love nest over the pond for her and Tre.


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WATCH – Ten – The Hits Tour Live
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Click below to see more videos

Read the rest of this entry

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Charlotte Medlicott unseen shoots
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I’ve added a whole bunch of new, never-before-seen backstage photo shoots by Charlotte Medlicott, going back from 2011 aswell with Cheryl’s first Elnett shoot to last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Those Elnett pictures from 2011 brings back such good memories. Click images below to view images in their individual albums in the gallery:

Photo Shoots > 2011 & 2012 > Charlotte Medlicott :

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Cheryl for L’Oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash by Rankin
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Could literally never get sick of the Cheryl and Rankin collaboration, here’s the new photoshoot shot earlier this year for the new line of Glam Shine lipgloss by L’Oréal Paris. Click above to view images in full size.

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Ten Tour visuals preview
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Hopefully we’ll get all of them in full on the DVD! Loved them all.

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