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Cheryl on the cover of Hello! Beauty & Lifestyle Special
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Check out a beautiful picture of Cheryl shot by Rankin for the front cover of Hello! Magazine’s beauty special. Click above to view the cover in full. I’ll be getting the inside scans soon!

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Cheryl: My Story available in the US and in new paperback cover
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You can new pre-order Cheryl’s official autobiography if you live in the US! Check out this new cover in an alternative shot by Rankin. This paperback version is also available in the UK, out April 11th. Click above to view the new cover in higher quality in the gallery.

Click here to pre-order in the US and here to order the new paperback in the UK.

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L’Oréal True Match Foundation commercial
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Check out the new commercial for True Match Foundation directed by Rankin. Effortlessly gorgeous!

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Site Update – Regarding recent hiatus
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Hey guys, I just wanted to make this update very quickly regarding the recent hiatus, lack of updates and such. I know this site has very much been the center point of resource for the whole of the fanbase, for the past 2 years and a half (almost 3 years now), I’ve had a few people coming to me saying the site has been slower than ever with updates. Well, I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past 6 weeks and been trying my best to update whenever I can and whenever I have the energy to but recently I have university reapplications to stress over and other personal problems, I just couldn’t bring myself to update as promptly as before anymore.

BUT, I just wanted to say that I’ll not be stopping the site, the site is still a huge passion of mine, to support Cheryl and to provide the best for the fans. The gallery is still going to be updated with the latest pictures, although the pace of the updates will depend on how busy I am. The mainsite however, will be going on a break for awhile, at least until the new layout is complete (the design is done and dusted, just needs to be coded) then updates will resume.

Thanks so much for the constant support on the site guys, I really appreciate it and I hope to bring back the updates as soon as possible. If you have anything you wanna ask me feel free to tweet me.


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L’Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray commercial
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Giving me Kardashian vibes, love the ending bit!

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Girls Aloud on BBC Breakfast
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Check out a prerecorded interview that was done on the same day as the press conference, more clips to come!

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07-11-12 Cheryl arriving at LAX
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Cheryl arrived at LAX after a week of getaway with the boyfriend including watching a game of basketball at the Staples Center. Click images below to view images in the gallery:

Candids > Candids from 2012 > 07-11-12 Cheryl arriving at LAX :

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Cheryl: Access all Areas Documentary to air November 20th
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This exclusive documentary for ITV2 follows pop sensation Cheryl Cole as she prepares for her first ever solo tour.

Taking in some of Britain’s biggest venues in ten cities and 11 days, the film joins Cheryl just 20 days before she takes to the stage for the first time.

Cheryl is seen as she rehearses in LA with her dancers and as they arrive back in London to see the stage set up for the first time. As the first night of the tour gets closer, the nerves start to show and Cheryl confesses her anxieties about performing.

As she lets the cameras in to share intimate moments during the preparation and behind-the-scenes of the tour, Cheryl tells the programme: “I have toured before, many times, with Girls Aloud. I’ve played the same arenas that I’ll be playing solo, but I’ve never done this alone, so it’s quite a strange feeling. All I want is to have the best show I can have. So it’s going to be big, very big.”

As Cheryl plans the tour with her choreographer, creative director and dancers, she explains that she is prepared to invest everything in it as a thank you to her fans for supporting her.

Cheryl is seen as she bonds with her team over their differing accents and as she out-runs the paparazzi at the airport.

When she lands back in London, she goes to see the stage for the first time and tells the cameras: “I’ve imaged it for a long time, but when you actually see it, it’s kind of breath-taking. It’s exciting.”

Rehearsing on the set, Cheryl is seen practising a swan-dive off a six foot platform into the arms of her dancers. There are tense scenes as she contemplates whether or not she can make the leap.

With just days to go before the first night of the tour, everyone in the team is exhausted and the cameras are there as dancer Tre attempts a backflip and injures his knee.

With his appearance in the tour in jeopardy, Cheryl tells the cameras about the last few days before a tour starts. She says: “It is insane, not fun, and the twelfth hour? Disastrous. There are moments where you want to sit in a corner and cry.”

The cameras follow Cheryl to Ireland for the first night of her tour. As she gets her opening outfit on and prepares to take to the stage, she explains the feelings that are running through her mind.

She says: “I am in a zone on my way to the stage. I can hear the audience screaming. Mel is shouting, ‘Are you ready?’ to which I say, ‘I don’t know.’

“I don’t know. I all of a sudden have forgotten every lyric, every dance move, if I even know the show at all at that stage. I’m that nervous. And even if my legs are going to hold up to stand up, I’ve gone to jelly. And then I’m there, and I’m in it and it feels so good. And normal, and I’m not scared.”

The programme shows the highlights from Cheryl’s first concert and her elation as it all goes well. After Ireland is complete, the team and Cheryl are back on the tour bus and head to the O2 in London.

Cheryl explains how excited but nervous she is to be performing at such a big venue in front of her friends and family. The cameras follow the star back stage and to her after-show party – where the paps are out in force.

The programme sees Cheryl at the launch of her autobiography and at a TV appearance to promote her tour. Plus, on stage in Manchester she presents Tre with a birthday cake and sings to him with the crowd.

And, Cheryl: Access All Areas, is with the singer at her very emotional home-coming performance in Newcastle.

Cheryl: Access All Areas is a Fresh One production for ITV2. The producer-directors are Paul Caslin and Sybil Dessau and the executive producer is David Wise.

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