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Nadine hasn’t fallen out with Cheryl
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Nadine Coyle has insisted that she offered Cheryl support after her separation from husband Ashley.

Speaking to the News of the World, Coyle admitted that she hadn’t seen her Girls Aloud bandmate when she was in Los Angeles but explained that they had just not had time to meet up.

“I sent Cheryl an email and I called her,” she said. “I was like, ‘Hi’. And she said, ‘I’m in LA’.

“I was working on the album and dashing around. She was working and doing her thing. She wasn’t here for very long so we didn’t get the chance to meet up with each other.”

Coyle also denied reports that she believes Cole is “milking” the split.

“I’ve always been close to Cheryl,” she explained. “We’re completely different people. We respect each other for what we’ve done and the different places we’ve come from in life. It’s offensive to say I think she’s milking a really difficult time in her life for success. I would like to know who’s saying we’ve fallen out because I know it’s not coming from me.”

Source: DigitalSpy

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Conflicting reports over Cheryl’s marriage
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Confusion is growing over the future of Cheryl’s marriage to footballer Ashley after conflicting reports appeared in the Sunday papers.

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that X Factor judge plans to begin divorce proceedings against Ashley this week, following revelations that he had cheated on her with at least four other women.

However the paper adds that Cheryl wants a quickie divorce – and is seeking nothing from her husband in return.

“Cheryl has turned a corner and is now ready to move on. But she doesn’t want a messy divorce – it must be as quick and as amicable as possible,” a friend told the paper.

“She’s not looking to profit and was never with him for his money. She doesn’t want a penny from him.”

However, the News Of The World says that Cheryl plans to have a six-month ‘cooling off’ period before deciding whether or not to divorce Ashley or give him another chance.

“Cheryl has decided to take a deep breath and wait before she makes a final decision,” a source said.

“Deep down, she knows the marriage should be over. But her love for Ashley hasn’t gone.

“She’s going to take a few months before she starts any formal proceedings. That will be after the World Cup and it gives Ashley a bit of a reprieve.”

The friend added that if Cheryl does divorce Ashley, she would be unlikely to call in a high-profile legal team.

“It would be done behind closed doors, between the two of them. Cheryl would never have some sort of big public battle.”

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Cheryl to file for divorce this week
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Cheryl is set to file for divorce from cheating husband Ashley this week.

The Girls Aloud and X Factor star ­believes there’s no way back and will push the button on divorce proceedings ­within days.

However, she doesn’t want a penny from the £82,000-a-week defender who cheated on her with five different ­women.

Last night a source close to the singer told the Sunday Mirror: “Cheryl has turned a corner and is now ready to move on. But she doesn’t want a messy divorce – it must be as quick and as amicable as ­possible.

“She’s not looking to profit and was never with him for his money. She doesn’t want a penny from him.”

On Friday Cheryl ­– who earns up to £6million a year from Girls Aloud, X ­Factor and sponsorship deals – made her first UK TV appearance since ­announcing her split with Ashley three weeks ago.

The singer, who was bedridden with bronchitis last week and forced to pull out of a planned appearance on Jonathan Ross, looked healthier than she has done in weeks as she performed her new single, Parachute, on BBC’s Sport Relief.

But the friend added: “Despite a brilliant performance, she’s still emotionally up and down behind closed doors.” Read the rest of this entry

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19-03-10 Cheryl at Sport Relief
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Last night Cheryl made her first public appearance since the announcement of the split between her and Ashley, and to be honest she put on a very good show, didn’t even show any slightest signs of being vurenable, good on Chezza! Cheryl performed Parachute last night and then closed the show by surprising Rufus Hound with a greet. View the videos from last night, both the performance and the mini chat at the end of the show below:

*HQs Added* Pictures from last night have also been added, HQs should be coming very son but meanwhile, Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Cheryl on Sport Relief tonight
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Cheryl is due to perform Parachute tonight on Sport Relief. Tune in to BBC1 at 7pm!

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Cheryl hopes to release new songs soon
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Cheryl has revealed that she has started recording new material.

Discussing her upcoming plans, the ‘Fight For This Love’ star said that work on the follow-up to last year’s 3 Words has already begun.

Cole told MTV News: “I’m actually recording some new material and going on tour with The Black Eyed Peas which is exciting and scary. Hopefully later on in the year I’ve got some new stuff to release.”

She continued: “I want it to be amazing, you know? I want people to be like, ‘Wow, I really, really enjoy this album’, so I’m not going to put anything out until I feel like that.”

Cole earlier stated that she would be interested in working with Gary Barlow.

YAY for new music! Angry Chezza songs!

Source: DigitalSpy

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Cheryl ‘wants to collaborate with Gary Barlow’
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Cheryl has revealed that she would love to work with Gary Barlow – but would give the rest of the Take That boys a miss.

The singer claims she’s a big Take That fan but has ruled out performing with a boy band.

She would, however, like to team up with the band’s main songwriter Gary Barlow.

“You have to hand it to Take That. They’re amazing entertainers with fantastic songs and great characters,” she said in a radio interview to be aired tonight.

“When they arrived on the scene, there was such hysteria.”

“They are doing so brilliantly the second time around.”

“I would love to work with Gary Barlow. I think he’s a fantastic lyricist but I’m not into singing with a boy band.”

Source: Metro

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17-03-10 Cheryl at Clyde One Radio
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Check out a clearly better, freshened up Cheryl doing an interview at Clyde One Radio. The interview can be listened to tomorrow I believe. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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