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Simon in talks with Fox to bring Cheryl to US X Factor
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Cheryl might not be having a great time at the moment, but at least she knows she’s wanted.

Simon Cowell has lined up a $2.2million deal for the glamorous Geordie to be a judge on the American X Factor.

And he has already insisted to Fox executives: “She’s our girl!” Simon has held meetings with Fox chairman Peter Rice and President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly where he’s said that the Girls Aloud singer is his first choice. He told them: “I took more of a gamble taking Piers Morgan to the States. Cheryl will be loved immediately.

We’ve got to nail her.”

The TV and music mogul has already spoken in the US about how successful 26-year-old Cheryl could be in America.

He said: “She’d be great over here – Cheryl’s a star.”

But this is the first time Cowell, 50, has moved to tie her down to a deal to be a judge on the show, which starts in 2011. He fears she may get booked up.

Sources tell us Cowell has held several meetings and conference calls with Fox executives over recent weeks. And in the last two he has discussed who he wants to bring on board the judging panel.

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JLS: We’ll fight for Cheryl’s love
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JLS were interviewed by new! Magazine and they answered a few cheeky questions about Cheryl, personally I think they need to lay off, as if they weren’t annoying enough snubbing Cheryl for single of the year at this year’s BRITs.

“Would any of you fancy making a move on Cheryl Cole now?
All: Absolutely!

Would you fight for her love? Aston, we hear you have a soft spot…
Aston: Yes I do!

JB: Come on, who doesn’t? We would definitely fight for that love.

Oritsé: I’m a lover, not a fighter! ”


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Cheryl Meets Prince Charles’ Former Lawyer
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Cheryl has allegedly met with the former lawyer of Prince Charles to talk divorce proceedings from love rat hubby Ashley Cole.

Reports suggest the Parachute singer had an appointment with Fiona Shackleton, who represented Prince Charles throughout his divorce from Princess Diana and also fronted Paul McCartney’s legal battle during his split with Heather Mills.

It has been rumoured Cheryl sought the help of Shackleton in a bid to legally end her marriage to the Chelsea FC footballer as quickly as possible.

A source has said: “Cheryl is being told she should not drag this through the courts. Lawyers for Ashley could build a case that she wasn’t the perfect wife either.”

They added: “She has hardly seen him for months on end due to work and her mother Joan’s presence in the house has hardly been conducive to romance,”

The Girls Aloud star has been informed the couple’s assets are likely to divided equally as they have been married for less than four years.

Ashley is said to have cheated on Chezza with a number of women during their marriage with reports today suggesting the couple continuously fought over Cheryl’s friendship with Black Eyed Pea’s front man Will.I.Am.

Source: MTV

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Simon Cowell hints at Cheryl for US ‘X Factor’
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More US X Factor rumors!

Simon Cowell has reportedly suggested that he wants Cheryl to appear on the US version of The X Factor.

According to the Daily Star, Cowell has already assured the Girls Aloud singer that she has a place on the show.

“I’d love to have Cheryl on the show,” he said. “We have a great chemistry.”

Cowell reportedly winked when he was asked if she was guaranteed a place as a judge, adding: “Cheryl’s a natural star. People can’t help but warm to her.”

He also revealed that he is supporting Cole since her split from husband Ashley, but said: “Cheryl’s a tough cookie. She’ll be fine.”

Sources have claimed that Cole is planning to accept the offer and is now arranging for a divorce from her former husband.

“Simon thinks America will fall in love with Cheryl, just like Britain has,” an insider said. “She has a unique talent for winning everybody over. She gets involved emotionally with her acts, whereas the other judges don’t. She is incredibly passionate, genuine and caring and he knows he needs a judge like that on the line-up.”

The source continued: “Simon also loves that Cheryl isn’t afraid to stand up to him on the show. He knows their banter will be a massive hit with American audiences. Not only does he want her on American X Factor but he wants her to be sat on the much sought-after seat directly next to him. Cheryl has told Ashley. Now they are working out what to do.”

Meanwhile, Cowell also revealed that he has abandoned the idea of having five judges in the next series of The X Factor.

“There will be four judges on both the British and American X Factors,” he explained. “There won’t be a fifth judge this time.”

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Rufus Hound hopes to cheer up Cheryl
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Rufus Hound dedicated his Let’s Dance for Sport Relief victory to Cheryl Cole last night, telling TV Biz: “It might help to cheer her up.”

Eight million Saturday night viewers watched his take-off of the X Factor judge’s Fight For This Love.

The hilarious performance – in which he paraded in a long wig, peaked cap, black leotard and slashed harem pants – saw him beat Katy Brand to the title.

But he admitted Cheryl, still dealing with the fallout of husband Ashley’s affairs, did all the hard work in creating the routine. Read the rest of this entry

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Black Eyed Peas member has said he has a crush on Cheryl.

The rapper fancies his chances with the Girls Aloud singer after it was exposed that her husband/soccer star Ashley cheated on her.

“It’s great news. I’m texting her right now actually,” the News of the World quoted as saying.

He mentioned that Ashley could have done without cheating on his wife who is so beautiful.

He added: “What’s that about, Cheryl’s too nice to be cheated on. I don’t know what he’s doing.

“If she was someone out in the clubs then I would understand it. But she’s not. She’s the prettiest, hottest girl. She deserves better.” also hopes to perform with Cheryl during his band’s UK tour in May.

He said: “I’m going to go on stage during Cheryl’s set and sing my song Heartbreaker with her because she featured on the UK version of the song. I can’t wait.”

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Cheryl to move to the US
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Cheryl has decided to shift base to the US.

According to the reports, she made her decision after being assured by music mogul Simon Cowell that he will offer her a job on the American X Factor.

“She gets involved emotionally with her acts, whereas the other judges don’t. She is incredibly passionate, genuine and caring and he knows he needs a judge like that on the line-up,” said a source close to Cowell.

“Simon also loves that Cheryl isn’t afraid to stand up to him on the show. He knows their banter will be a massive hit with American audiences.

“Not only does he want her on American X Factor, he wants her to sit next to him,” the source added.

Cowell has been helping Cheryl launch her solo career in the US. He has also been counselling her through her marriage crisis.


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New B-Side! “Just Let Me Go”
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It’s pretty sweet! Get the Parachute CD Single now to get this track!

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