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Victoria Beckham has ‘so much sympathy’ for Cheryl
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Victoria Beckham poured out her sympathy for Cheryl. Which is a good thing, since Cheryl was recently reported subsisting on peppermint tea alone.

The petite pop star ditched her football star husband Ashley after a sex-texting scandal ripped their marriage in two.

‘I have so much sympathy for Cheryl. My heart goes out to her – both as a woman and as someone in the media spotlight,’ Beckham said at an Oscars bash thrown by Elton John to raise funds for his AIDS foundation. ‘I feel for her so much, it’s a horrible situation but she’s a fantastic, strong woman and she will be fine. David’s not a Premiership footballer now, so I can’t relate entirely. But I do sympathise.’

Cheryl could find a friend in the fellow UK wife of a footballer and star celebrity should she make the move out to Los Angeles.

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‘Everybody Hurts’ Alternative Video
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Check out a second version of the video for the Haiti charity single “Everybody Hurts” featuring Cheryl and other artists singing in a studio whereas the first version it was just footages of them recording the song. HQ screen captures are here

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Cheryl will return to America
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Cheryl is reportedly planning to return to America, as she recovers from her marriage breakdown.

Cheryl sang her hit single ‘Fight For This Love’ at the Danish version of the X Factor last week and reportedly told one of the judges that she can’t wait to go Stateside again.

Soulshock – real name Carsen Schack told The Sunday Mirror:

“I had a good chat to Cheryl for about an hour before the show.

“She didn’t want to talk about Ashley. She was speaking about LA and how she really wanted to get back there and start working on new songs.

“Cheryl is using her work as a real focus at the moment. She’s a very ­professional artist and there is nothing that will get in her way.”


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Cheryl to tell all on Piers Morgan?
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Cheryl is set to reveal the full story of her split with Ashley to Piers Morgan.

The X Factor judge is expected to a do one-hour ITV1 special in May where she will talk in detail for the first time about how the England defender cheated on her.

Cheryl had already agreed to do an interview with Morgan BEFORE her split with Ashley, after he pitched the idea to her when they met at the National TV Awards in January.

A source said: “She knows that Piers will handle it well. She feels safe in his hands.

“And she knows that if it is on TV, people can hear it from her direct in her own words.”

Cheryl will perform new single Parachute on Jonathan Ross’s BBC1 show on Friday, but will not be interviewed.


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Cheryl’s memoirs are ‘hot property’
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X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is allegedly at the centre of a bidding war for the rights to her autobiography. It has been reported that the Girls Aloud singer has attracted a number of publishers including Random House, Penguin and HarperCollins.

Sources have told the Daily Mail that Cole is to be offered over £5million for her memoirs and publishers could end up paying the highest amount for a celebrity autobiography.

A spokesperson for Cheryl insisted that the singer has “no plan” to write her life story.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old has revealed that she is ready “to party” following her split from Ashley

While appearing on the Danish X Factor Cheryl said that she was now going to concentrate on “having fun”.

She is reported in the Daily Mirror as saying: “Everything’s good. I’m okay. I’m rocking it.

“I’m enjoying myself. I’ve been looking forward to the show and hope everyone enjoys it.”

Talking to the Danish press, Cole said: “If there’s a party I’ll be there. That’s what it’s all about.”

…Give her a few years, then we’ll talk, meanwhile, assholes stop trying to make money out of her misery!


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Cheryl isn’t motivated by money
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The Girls Aloud beauty – who has been left devastated by allegations her soccer star husband Ashley Cole cheated on her again – admits she enjoys having no financial worries but it isn’t the driving force behind her decisions.

She said: “I’m the least money motivated person that you’d come across. I never had a thing growing up as a child. We were, you could say, poor, we didn’t have any money. But it’s never something that I have been driven by. It’s obviously something that’s nice and it’s a bonus to have, and amazing that I can have nice things and I don’t have to worry like other people, but it’s not what drives me.”

“I just absolutely love what I do and I love music and I’m passionate about my job. And that’s it really, that’s what keeps me going.”

Despite speculation Simon Cowell is keen to have Cheryl join him on the judging panel when he launches ‘The X Factor in the US, the 26-year-old singer says she has no intention to move Stateside.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I have no plans to move. “If the day comes when I break America I will give it 150 per cent. But until that happens I’m just going to focus on each day as it comes.”


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06-03-10 Cheryl arriving back at Heathrow
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Check out Cheryl arriving back at Heathrow earlier this morning after promoting her record in Denmark. Wonder why she’s covering her mouth like that? Click below to view images in the gallery:

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05-03-10 Cheryl on The X Factor Denmark
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Cheryl appeared on the Denmark version of The X Factor, putting on a very brave performance of Fight for this Love and a mini interview about her music and the contestants on the show. Check out the video above and HQ images of the performance and mini interview in the gallery:



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