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Celebrities react on Twitter to Cheryl dumping Ashley
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News of Cheryl Cole’s split with erstwhile husband Ashley came via an official announcement from Cheryl’s spokesman on Twitter – so it’s only natural a lot of reaction from fellow celebrities has come via the social networking website..

Now, with the whole world aware of the news, a host of celebrities are Tweeting their comments on the split – though it does seem many stars are reticent to comment for fear or jinxing their own relationships.

The braver faces on Twitter however have included the not exactly shy Courntney Love, who this afternoon posted: “yay Cheryl Cole i have to say it….GO GIRL!”

Sarah Cawood meanwhile posted her own hilarious response to the news with: “Has The Bint finally left that Numpty then? I haven’t seen a paper yet? Lock up your daughters, Cashley Cole on the rampage :-/”

Eamonn Holmes meanwhile was forced to defend criticism for talking about the Cheryl/Ashley split on his official Twitter page, saying archly: “Most of u say Cheryl/Ashley not newsworthy – why then is it going off the hit scale on the Sky News website ? Somebody seems interested.”

But it seems the blanket coverage of the break-up certainly hasn’t pleased one celeb particular.

Little Boots posted on her Twitter page earlier today: “Bored of hearing bout cheryl already.”

Well, Little Boots, you wish you were as relevant as Cheryl… someone’s bitter about not being talked about!

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Cheryl to appear on Jonathan Ross
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Jonathan Ross has lined up Cheryl to appear on his chatshow on March 12- according to reports.
Yesterday the singer announced she has separated from husband Ashley Cole after weeks of allegations that he has cheated with up to five women.

Now it seems the Girls Aloud singer may be ready to reveal all on primetime TV.

It’s thought she was booked for the show before the recent scandals about her love life.

Cheryl will also be keen to promote her music, including new single Parachute. However, she has been candid in the past with host Ross.

Back in 2008 she showed off her wedding ring to him after a first round of cheating revelations and joked: “I was tempted to put it [the ring] back on – in his head!”

Cole also told him: “There’s no such thing as a private life in this industry. I spoke openly about my marriage in the past and it’s come back to hit me in the face…I learnt from the past that you shouldn’t do that.”

Can’t wait to see what Chezza has to say, hopefully it will be a lighthearted interview and not too serious as Jonathan Ross isn’t exactly Dianne Swayer!

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Fire Engines called up to Cheryl’s house
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Fire engines have been rushed to Chery’s Surrey mansion. Just 3 initials: WTF?

UPDATE: Electrical faults, just minor problems.

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Cheryl confirms she and Ashley have ‘separated’
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Those over at Heatworld have been checking with Cheryl’s publicists by the minute and thanks to them, we can now reveal that a spokesperson has OFFICIALLY confirmed that the couple have gone their separate ways:

‘Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. We have no further comment to make.’

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VIDEO: Cheryl arriving back in the UK at Heathrow
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Check a video of Cheryl arriving back at Heathrow being swamped by the press, poor Cheryl…

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23-02-10 Cheryl arrives at Heathrow airport
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Cheryl has landed back in London after a delayed return from LA. Being swamped by paparazzi, Cheryl dons a big leather jacket, big sunglasses and hat as she heads to her waiting ride outside. Apparently Ashley left the country just before Cheryl landed, what a coward. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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Leona Lewis tells Cheryl how to break the US
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Leona Lewis has been giving Cheryl Cole tips on how to crack the States – but says X Factor head honcho Simon Cowell still gives her advice.

Leona, 24, who’s already sold millions of records and been nominated for three Grammy Awards, said the Girls Aloud star can make it in the US.

Talking to this week’s New! magazine, Leona gave this advice to Cheryl, who’s currently in Los Angeles working on her new single: “Just to try to make the best music you can. You’ve got to make great music and work hard.

“You can’t fake it over there. You have to be genuinely good and go for it.”

As for last year’s X Factor winner Joe McElderry she said: “I met Joe before the final. I wished him luck and he seemed sweet. But I’ve only just started myself and I’m still learning, so I’m not sure what advice I could give!”

I’m sorry but Leona is trying to give a veteran tips? You what now?

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22-02-10 Cheryl at LAX airport in LA
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Cheryl is spotted at LAX today in Los Angeles, heading back to the UK, the singer is looking visibly stressed in big sunglasses, a grey outfit and high heels.

Hope she has a safe and comfy journey back, obviously she’s looking not too happy to be heading home to deal with all the shinnigans. Click below to view images in the gallery:

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